Last-Minute Betting Guide For Super Bowl Sunday

Last-Minute Betting Guide For Super Bowl Sunday

The wait is over, and the day is here. The two weeks between the Championship games and the Super Bowl seem the longest for football fans and hardcore gamblers. Well, the wait is over, and Super Bowl Sunday is here. It’s time to get in your final pre-game bets with our last-minute Super Bowl betting guide with the best props and bets for Super Bowl Sunday!

Perhaps you’ve got your bets in, but you want some more. Maybe you waited until now to see about injury news. Either way, we have you covered. We’ll look at the game, some top props, and even some novelty props. So sit back, relax, enjoy the game, and get ready to win some Super Bowl bets!

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Last-Minute Betting Guide For Super Bowl Sunday

Get The Party Started

Before we start getting into the last-minute Super Bowl betting guide for Sunday, maybe you’re prepping for your party! We have all the items to help you throw the best party. From Super Bowl squares to a props contest sheet, you’re set up to have the best party with a little competition.

On top of that, get some last-minute cocktail advice from Old-Fashioned Football! Their Friday night show ended with the best cocktails for the Super Bowl. They’re also going to release a whiskey to pair with each quarter on Super Bowl Sunday, so give them a follow to share what you’re drinking as well!

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Printable Props Contest Sheet
Old-Fashioned Football Picks, Props & SB Cocktails

Pre-Game Picks

Let’s start with bets before the game even starts. The most common one is the length of the National Anthem. You can find several different numbers for this, but the most common one I’m seeing is down to 90.5. This number may have dropped or is going to drop because there are a lot of bets coming on the under.

Historical data shows us she normally hits the under. She’s been as quick as 66 seconds. However, in 1999, at a Dallas Cowboys game, she went for exactly 90.5 seconds. Will the Super Bowl nerves cause her to sing it a little quicker?

My lean is to take the under if it’s at 90.5. If you are seeing it drop to the 86.5 range, I’d stay away from it. However, Reba is a traditionalist, and I don’t expect there to be too many improv moments. Under 90.5 seconds seems safe.

You can also bet on the coin toss. There are those that always go heads and those that believe tails never fails. You can also bet which team wins. The 49ers are calling it. I like taking them to win the coin toss, and whether you make heads or tails, it really is a coin flip.

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Exotic/Novelty Props

The next bets on the Super Bowl betting guide are exotic and novelty prop bets. One of the best parts of the Super Bowl is that there is no shortage of bets to make. Maybe you don’t want to place money on the actual game outcome. That’s okay because the books are offering a ton of different bets for you.

DraftKings, depending on what state you’re in, even has a “For The Swifties” section. These are prop-type bets, all based on Taylor Swift songs. Good news, you can sign up for Draft Kings using prop code SGP, bet five bucks, and get two hundred in bonus bets instantly. Those will be great to lay down on some prop bets. My favorite “For The Swifties” bet is Anti Hero: Brock Purdy 250+  passing yards and 2+ pass touchdowns at +200.

Another exotic prop that you don’t get offered in every game that I love is, “Will there be an Octopus? Yes at +1400.” If you aren’t aware, an octopus is when a player scores a touchdown and then the two-point conversion right after. It’s a long shot, of course, but at 14/1 odds, I can’t help but sprinkle a little bit on it.

The other really popular novelty prop is the color of Gatorade to be dumped on the winning coach. I’m stuck between purple and orange. Luckily, they’re both plus money, so you can bet them both, and as long as it’s one of them, you’ll win. Current odds show purple at +275, Orange at +350, Red/Pink at +350, Yellow/Green at +425, and Blue at +450.

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Betting Guide To Super Bowl Player Props

One of the ways you can use both gambling knowledge and fantasy football knowledge is by betting on player props. This section of our last-minute Super Bowl betting guide will help you pick some of the best props. Whether it’s quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, and even defenders, player props are a great way to get down on some action. You can even take that action to Underdog Fantasy!

For the Chiefs, I’m fading Rashee Rice. He was injured in practice earlier in the week leading up to the Super Bowl. Andy Reid said Rice was stepped on, and they’re labeling it as an ankle injury. While it’s not expected to be serious, and he will play, what if it’s reaggravated? Either way, his receiving prop of 67.5 yards makes me nervous, and I like the under. He’s only hit over this mark 32% of the time this season, injury or not.

For the 49ers, despite facing a really strong defense, I like George Kittle’s receiving props. Kittle is a veteran who’s been to the Super Bowl before. He’s a high-motor player who will help lift his team both on the field and on the sidelines if they get behind. He’s gone over 50.5 receiving yards 61% of the time this season, so I like him to hit the over. 

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Super Bowl Game Picks

Finally, you tell yourself. This last-minute Super Bowl betting guide has a game pick for me. Maybe you want to stay away from the flashy novelty props and exotic props. Player props don’t interest you because you’re old-fashioned.

Or, perhaps your book doesn’t have them. That’s okay because you can bet on the game even if the bet is with your buddy sitting next to you, although we recommend KUTT with promo code SGPN so you don’t have to track him down in the fourth quarter.

So, which team should you bet? That is the question. This is the question that sports betting analysts, predictors, and even casual fans will argue up until the end of the game. Even though some podcast hosts and analysts won’t make the pick and will only give leans, that’s not how we work at SGPN.

You could bet the 49ers. In 2020, some could say the Chiefs offense was better, though their defense wasn’t. The 49ers controlled that game up until the fourth quarter. This is a better 49ers offense, and if they gain a lead like that again, Christian McCaffrey should be able to help them keep it.

The 49ers can hurt you in a multitude of ways through McCaffrey, Deebo, Aiyuk, Kittle, Purdy, and a strong defense. They are well-balanced and well-coached and have a real shot at this.

You could bet the Chiefs. The Chiefs didn’t look like the same team from last year during the regular season. However, they hushed everybody as they beat the Dolphins in KC before going on the road to Buffalo and Baltimore and getting wins. The defense is the best they’ve had in years, and Patrick Mahomes is the best current quarterback.

Whether you like the Brady comparisons or not, you can’t argue he’s the best right now. Andy Reid is also a top-tier coach, and it’s hard to fade either of them.

You can’t bet them both, though. As much as I want the 49ers to win, I don’t have a good feeling about it. I faded the Chiefs against Buffalo, saying Mahomes couldn’t face the crowd and adversity to beat them in his first road playoff game.

I faded them against Baltimore, saying Baltimore’s defense was going to make him uncomfortable. How can I bring myself to fade him again? I can’t. Chiefs +2 is my pick.

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