Death, taxes, and UFC every Saturday night – three things in life you can pretty much depend on. Add to that the combat crew here at SGPN’s UFC picks – all killer, no filler – nothing but winning picks below. If the UFC is running a show, we’ve got all your UFC predictions for you right here.

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You wouldn’t step into the octagon and square off against a seasoned fighter without rigorous training would you? So why would you go up against sportsbooks that are bigger, meaner, and tougher than you without having the best cornermen around?!? The SGPN MMA Gambling crew is here to ride or die with you. From the opening tap to the closing tap-out, we are sweating the bets with you.

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This Weekend’s UFC Best Bets and Picks

SGPN Knows UFC and MMA

SGPN has been immersed in the MMA and UFC game for years gone by and will be for years to come. With some of the brightest and best on our staff, it would be foolish to ride with big gambling who only show up when there’s a big fight. Why wouldn’t you ride with the guys who are scouring the regionals for the next big thing? These guys know fighters and what it takes to pick winners.

And unlike other experts who get “so good” they have to go behind a paywall, we would never do that. Our team is dedicated to delivering the best UFC, and MMA picks in the business for FREE. Why? Because we are degens like you.

So check out our picks for this week’s fight, and hit the gym with the MMA Gambling Podcast in your ears, and get ready to LET IT RIDE!