Super Bowl 58 Gatorade Color Bets and Picks: Gatorade Bath Betting Trends

Super Bowl 58 Color Bets and Picks: Gatorade Bath Betting Trends

Before we talk about the Super Bowl 58 Color Bets and Picks, let’s talk history. The New York Giants began this famous tradition in the 1980’s, It started on October 28th, 1984. Bill Parcells had Gatorade poured on him 17 times in 1986, most notably after winning Super Bowl XXI.  Teams do not do this weekly, but it is now a Super Bowl tradition we have all come to expect. Since 2021, we have seen the Gatorade bath 23 times.

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Super Bowl 58 Color Bets and Picks: Gatorade Bath Betting Trends

Super Bowl Parties are a lot of fun, and they bring a great mix of fans. Not every fan has the same knowledge of the game, some partiers won’t have any interest. As a great host, you will always look for ways to bring the group together.

These exotic props can be a lot of fun for everyone. Even the people who are just here for the commercials can have some fun. Let’s look at the history, some trends, and my pick for the Gatorade Bath!

Super Bowl Colors by Teams Since Super Bowl 35:

2001 – Baltimore Ravens: Yellow
2002 – New England Patriots: None
2003 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Purple
2004 – New England Patriots: None
2005 – New England Patriots: Clear
2006 – Pittsburgh Steelers: Clear
2007 – Indianapolis Colts: Clear
2008 – New York Giants: Clear
2009 – Pittsburgh Steelers: Yellow
2010 – New Orleans Saints: Orange
2011 – Green Bay Packers: Orange
2012 – New York Giants: Purple
2013 – Baltimore Ravens: None
2014 – Seattle Seahawks: Orange
2015 – New England Patriots: Blue
2016 – Denver Broncos: Orange
2017 – New England Patriots: None
2018 – Philadelphia Eagles: Yellow
2019 – New England Patriots: Blue
2020 – Kansas City Chiefs: Orange
2021 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Blue
2022 – Los Angeles Rams: Blue
2023 – Kansas City Chiefs: Purple

Most Used Gatorade Color:

Orange – 5
Blue – 4
Clear – 4
Yellow – 3
Purple – 3
None – 4

Trends Per Color


Bill Belichick is not available, and he accounts for 75% of the time this has happened. The other was John Harbaugh. The last time we saw no Gatorade bath was 7 Super Bowls ago, Bill Belichick. Andy Reid has always gotten the Gatorade Treatment, and this is Shanahan’s first Super Bowl as a head Coach


This color was the dark horse winner last year. This was the first purple Gatorade bath in 10 years when Tom Coughlin of the New York Giants wore it. It was worn 9 years before that, so it doesn’t look like this one will repeat any time soon.


The original flavor was also the start of this trend in 2001. But yellow has only been used 3 times. Twice in the last 15 years, we have seen the O.G. of Gatorade used. Mike Tomlin 15 years ago and 6 years ago, we saw Doug Pederson wear it after the Philly Special.


For whatever reason, clear was used in four straight seasons. It has not been since in 16 Super Bowls and would be a surprise pick. We all know the Super Bowl is a show, and the same appearance as water just doesn’t do it. I am sure some marketing person from Gatorade and or the NFL has some say in this.


Blue is the second most popular choice and has been used in three of the last five Super Bowls. Not seen since Sean McVay wore it two seasons ago. But, Blue went on a stretch of 3 out of 4 Super Bowls with Kansas City breaking that trend.


Orange is the most used choice and was used by Kansas City back when they won Super Bowl 54. This is up there with one of the most popular. It is the 5th most-sold flavor. The top five Gatorade flavor sales are Cool Blue, Tropical Punch, Lemon-Lime, Glacier Freeze, and Orange

What are the Rules?

This has nothing to do with the color of the Gatorade you see the players drinking. Both teams will be drinking water and Gatorade, and there is only one that matters. The Gatorade that is poured on the winning coach and is broadcasted is the winner.

What are the Odds:

Purple +200
Red +250
Blue +251
Yellow/Green/Line + 300
Orange + 400
Clear +900
No Liquid +2000

My Pick: Orange

I am not finding any trends that say to pick a complementary color, nor am I seeing a pattern. But my favorite picks are blue and orange here. I am taking the +400 odds and one of my favorite flavors. Enjoy the game, and let it ride!

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