SGPN Super Bowl Props Contest: How To Enter And Some Top Picks

SGPN Super Bowl Props Contest: How To Enter And Some Top Picks

The Super Bowl is less than a week away, and the Sports Gambling Podcast Network has content flying out left and right to help you get the best betting experience possible. However, they aren’t just slinging free picks left and right, from the party prop sheet to exotic props, to exotic props exclusively on KUTT. They are also hosting the SGPN Super Bowl Props Contest, where YOU could win $1000!

How much does this $1000 contest cost, you ask? It’s 100% free, much like all of the SGPN’s content! Find out where to enter, how to enter, and some of my top suggestions below! Here’s to hoping you win some cash and have some fun in the process!


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SGPN Super Bowl Props Contest: How To Enter And Some Top Picks

Where And How To Enter The Props Contest

Finding where to enter is simple. If you have the SGPN app, all you have to do is open it and go to the “Contest” section. If you don’t have the app, shame on you. However, you can still enter! Just head over to All you have to do for your free entry is subscribe to the Sports Gambling Podcast on YouTube and comment on a video. That’s it!

Once you’ve provided your name, e-mail, and a screenshot showing you’re subscribed, you get the link to the Super Bowl contest. Once you’re at the contest the simplicity continues! You just have to pick a side on 58 Super Bowl props.

It’s as simple as that. Pick heads or tails, over or under, yes or no, and then wait to see if you’re picked more correct picks than anybody else.

The last thing is to guess the total score of the game. This is used for tie-breaking purposes. When you tie Munaf “The Machine,” host of the Propcast, you’ll have to guess closer to the total score of the game in order to win the $1,000! Now that you know how to enter, let’s take a look at some of the best props.

The photo below is taken from the actual contest. It’s a very easy and user-friendly interface.

SGPN Super Bowl Props Contest: How To Enter And Some Top Picks

Length Of National Anthem

We’ll start the SGPN Super Bowl Props Contest suggestions with the first prop on the sheet. The length of the National Anthem to be over or under 90.5 seconds. This is a much shorter offering than last year’s, but there’s a reason for that. Stapleton sings a slower, drawn-out Anthem, while Reba doesn’t.

In fact, she’s recorded times as low as 65 seconds in 1997. More recently, in 2017, she finished at 78 seconds. She’s drawn it out before, too, but normally stays under 90.5 seconds.

Therefore, I think you have to take the under. Sure, it’s the Super Bowl, and the last 10 Super Bowls have gone over 90.5 seconds. However, Reba’s a traditionalist and will keep it that way. Take the under!

Will Taylor Swift Be Shown On TV In the First Quarter?

If the last couple of months watching Kansas City Chiefs football has taught us anything, it’s that the cameras love showing Taylor Swift. Whether she’s celebrating, reacting, or just talking with people in the suite, TSwift gets looked at plenty.

Therefore, how can you answer know on this one? From kickoff to 0:00, 1st Quarter, she’ll likely be shown more than once. For me, this is the easiest thing to answer on the SGPN Super Bowl Props Contest. It’s a resounding yes!

Games Longest FG 47.5 Yards

Let’s talk about an actual football prop for the SGPN Super Bowl Prop contest. There are two surrounding field goals. You’ll have to pick whether there will be a missed field goal. You’ll also have to pick if the game’s longest field goal is over or under 47.5 yards.

When thinking about this, first, I think about the defenses. The Chiefs and the 49ers both have a strong defense, meaning I think there will be some field goals in the game. Their defense will allow some yardage but hold strong when it counts and force a field goal.

Then I think about the kickers that are kicking the ball. Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker has made five field goals over 50 yards this year. That’s 15% of his kicks, ranging over 49.5 yards. 49ers kicker Jake Moody has only made two over 50. However, that’s still 10% of his kicks.

I feel confident thinking that at least one field goal is 48 or more yards. It will likely be by Harrison Butker as well.

Free Super Bowl 58 Contest

Travis Kelce Over/Under 6.5 Receptions

These are the types of props most people are used to. Don’t worry. There are plenty of them in the SGPN Super Bowl prop contest. Despite having a bit of an up-and-down season, most people are going to take the over on this one. However, should they?

Looking at Hall of Fame Bets, Kelce has only hit over 6.5 receptions in 39% of the season and 22% in the last 10 games. Still, he’s hit it in two of the last three games in the playoffs. Through three playoff games, Kelce has 23 catches and is looking like prime-Kelce.

Mahomes and the Chiefs will want to get him going early and often. The 49ers are 16th against tight ends as far as yardage goes and can be vulnerable over the middle. I trust taking over on Travis Kelce’s reception number more than I do his receiving yards and more than taking him to score a touchdown.

Will Christian McCaffrey Score A Touchdown?

Yes, in the SGPN Super Bowl Props Contest, you’ll get to see which of the stars among CMC, Aiyuk, Kittle, Kelce, Rice, and Pacheco will score a touchdown or not. We’ll take a look at Christian McCaffrey.

He’s the 49ers’ most featured weapon on offense and has scored both rushing and receiving touchdowns this year. Will he get one in the Super Bowl?

Taking McCaffrey’s anytime touchdown has hit in an amazing 83% of games this year. He’s also scored two touchdowns in each of the playoff games. Christian McCaffrey has 25 touchdowns this year, and there are only three games he’s played the full game in that he hasn’t scored. It seems like a given.

However, the Chiefs defense is tough. They are the third-ranked team at not allowing an anytime touchdown to running backs. In fact, they haven’t let a running back score a touchdown on the ground or in the air since Joe Mixon on 12/31.

Austin Ekeler, James Cook, Raheem Mostert, and Gus Edwards all failed to score a touchdown against this defense. Although, as good as Ekeler, Cook, Mostert, and Edwards are, they aren’t CMC. They also don’t play in Kyle Shanahan’s offense.

It’s always hard guessing which superstars will show up in the big games and score a touchdown. However, CMC seems like the safest play, whether it’s against a strong defense or not.

He scored against Baltimore, another really strong defense. He’ll score against the Chiefs.

What Are You Waiting For?

Halftime props, Gatorade colors, the final play of the game, player yards and receptions, and even the Super Bowl MVP await you in the SGPN Super Bowl Prop contest. So what are you waiting for? In a couple of easy clicks, you’ll be ready to enter. Again, just go to and get entered today!

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