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Wagering Like a Pro: How To Win The 2022 Triple Crown Betting

For horses, winning the Triple Crown Series, which consists of the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes, is regarded as the most prestigious accomplishment. The sought-after crown, despite its popularity, has only been achieved by a few.

The Preakness Stakes and Kentucky Derby are the first and second jewels of the Triple Crown, respectively. After winning the Preakness Stakes and Kentucky Derby, only 23 horses will advance to the Belmont Stakes, finishing second. The Triple Crown is the most highly recognized horse race globally. The possibility exists, as well, that it will be a long time before a horse emerges triumphant from this particular competition.

This can be difficult for bettors, especially if a horse wins two consecutive races. There’s always a possibility that it might not win the last race, which is the Belmont Stakes. Hence, the following are some pointers on how to place a wager on the Triple Crown in 2022 and come out on top of the betting pool.

What Are the Triple Crown Races and How Do They Work?

Three races that comprise the American Triple Crown are conducted on three distinct race tracks over three different distances. These races are all within five weeks of one another, making it one of the most challenging series to win for both horse and rider. 

Standard features tie all three races together: they are all held on dirt surfaces and are restricted to three-year-old thoroughbreds only.

The Kentucky Derby

Despite the relatively large safety limit of 20 runners, the Kentucky Derby is the first, most prestigious, most competitive, and most valuable of the Triple Crown races. As of 2019, the purse for the race is $3 million.

Runners must acquire points in a series of races known collectively as the Road to the Kentucky Derby before being considered for the race. It has an estimated 150,000 spectators and takes place every first Saturday in May.

The event is 1 ¼ mile long and is known colloquially as the Run for the Roses. The opening race in the series always raises the possibility of seeing another Triple Crown winner.

The Preakness Stakes 

After the Kentucky Derby, the roadshow continues with the Preakness Stakes, held at Baltimore, Maryland. This time, the runners will be expected to cover a shorter distance of 1 3/16 miles to compete for a $1.5 million purse.

The Preakness retains its status as the center part of the Triple Crown series, keeping the possibility of another Triple Crown winner alive, at least until the event is run.

The Belmont Stakes

The $1.5 million Belmont Stakes, which takes place three weeks after the Preakness Stakes, brings the Triple Crown to a close in an exciting show.

The 1 ½ mile distance on “Big Sandy,” the most expansive and profound dirt track in the country, puts a severe strain on these thoroughbreds. Many Kentucky Derby-Preakness double winners have seen their Triple Crown dream crash down at the final race.

Known appropriately as the Test of the Champion, the Belmont Stakes takes place at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York.

Odds on How To Win the Triple Crown in 2022

There is nothing quite like the Triple Crown Series. These races are designed to offer tremendous odds for the bettors. Because of this, there are numerous Triple Crown betting odds to choose from whenever the series is on.

Bettors in horse racing maintain a laser-like concentration on this trio of races established for the top three-year-old runners. It’s no wonder why it’s a sought-after event in the world of horse racing wagering.

Betting on the Triple Crown of Horse Racing

As with any individual stakes race or series of races, there is no scientific technique to predict the outcome of the events to assure wagering success in these situations. However, there are a few factors to bear in mind when betting on the Triple Crown races to offer oneself the best opportunity to score a victory or two, such as

Carefully Choose Your Race Trends

Like the ones described above, any betting trends you discover should only be used as a rough guide. Just because something has happened in the past with Triple Crown horses does not imply that it will happen again. The probability, while still there, is low.

The use of Exactas and Trifectas and boxing bets in the Preakness Stakes on fresh horses and the top two horses from the Kentucky Derby could be a good strategy. In contrast, Bettors should concentrate on fresh horses for the Win pool in the Belmont, as the payoffs could be enormous.

Take Advantage of Speed Ratings

A favorable gate position in the Kentucky Derby, along with a great early speed, are crucial elements. At the same time, an early rate can also be vital in the Belmont Stakes for runners that go to the front and command the pace, which is typically produced in the last leg.

Don’t Let the Situation Affect You

The Triple Crown races are enormous events, and big attention is paid to what people are wearing, what they are drinking, what they are signing, and which celebrities are in attendance as is given to the horses. Still, while all of this makes for great television, you shouldn’t abandon your general wagering principles at this point in the racing season.

If you believe your horse is capable of winning, you must place your faith in it and your abilities. Ignore the hype, the trends, the betting markets, the unnecessary entertainment, and people in your immediate vicinity who may try to dissuade you from making your bet. If you have a wager in mind that has been thoroughly studied and thought out, place your bet on it.


While each of the three Triple Crown events is a beautiful sight in its own right, as a series, they do an outstanding job of promoting the sport throughout North America and internationally. However, when it comes to wagering, it’s essential to realize that all of the standard rules apply, and the fundamental concepts remain the same as always.

Keep your selections simple and follow the same rules you would for any other race. Remember that the most important considerations when wagering is the likelihood of your horse winning and whether it represents good value in the betting market.