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EPL Quick Picks Show + Matchday 34 | Bout That Action (Ep.44)

EPL Quick Picks Show + Matchday 34 | Bout That Action (Ep.44)

English Premier League Matchday 34 Preview:

Kyle and Mark recap their picks from Matchday 33, which was highlighted by a +300 underdog win after the guys picked Everton to upset Arsenal. Next, Mark and Kyle dive into their best bets for EPL Matchday 34 this weekend, which is headlined by a matchup between Manchester United and Liverpool.

Kyle Whatnall (@kylewhatnall) and Mark Glass are recent college grads who now work in the business of sports. Every Tuesday they'll share never-before-told stories from behind the scenes of professional sports - fights, parties, pranks, you name it. But wait there's more! Kyle and Mark will use their insider info to optimize your degenerate gambling picks and earn you cold hard cash (that you'll inevitably lose in future bets because you have a problem). SUBSCRIBE ON APPLE | SPOTIFY

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