Game Of Throws: The Best Streaming QB Option For Week Five

Game Of Throws: The Best Streaming QB Option For Week Four

The Rules:

This is a win/loss format column with the goal of 250 yards passing + rushing and two touchdowns. Every time a quarterback selected finishes the NFL fantasy week in the top twelve or accumulates 250 yards passing/rushing and two touchdowns, it will be graded as a win. Anything short of that, you guessed it-a loss. 

Using ESPN standard scoring / PPR leagues, the quarterback of the week must be 30% or less owned.

Week Two Game Of Throws Selection

Ryan Tannehill, QB, Miami Dolphins,  $5,200 Draft Kings, 20  % owned in ESPN fantasy leagues

After another win in the Game Of Throws series last week with Joe Flacco, this one is even more gross, but sometimes that’s the name of the game in streaming quarterbacks. Ryan Tannehill goes up against Cincinnati in week four, and even though he’s on the road it’s actually a great plus matchup. Look, I know Miami aren’t the Falcons when it comes to offense, but The Bengals have allowed 36 points, 31 points, 23 points and 23 points so far this season and Tannehill, outside of one clunker last week against a rejuvenated Patriots offense has actually been very stream worthy.

Tannehill has put up 250+ yards just once this season, but he had 230 and 2 week one, and at least two touchdowns every other week this year. He may not get 250 through the air, but an added touchdown or some rushing yards will vault him into the top 12 quarterbacks this week at an extremely cheap price either in daily fantasy, season long, or the prop market. Side Note: Every quarterback listed on Game Of Throws beside the one loss of Alex Smith has gone over their prop yardage in every win this season.

Game Of Throws Season Record:


Week One: Andy Dalton 

Week Two: Alex Smith

Week Three: Ryan Fitzpatrick

Week Four: Joe Flacco

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