First To Third: Cubs Trending Up & Cano’s Injury

First To Third: Cubs Trending Up & Cano's Injury

The Cubbies Are Coming

After starting the season a bit underwhelming, The Chicago Cubs are finally right again, granted they are still 21-16 ( good for fourth in the NL Central, but the up-start Brewers aren’t likely to hold that lead all season) and there is no better cure than The Chicago White Sox to get a team right, but Chicago has all of the sudden won five out of their last six. Like I said, I’m not buying Milwaukee or Pittsburgh but I am high on St. Louis. In the end, it will very likely be a battle between The Cubs and Cardinals and I like The Cubs roster a lot more. Don’t forget, they are always likely to be buyers at the trade deadline.

Chicago Cubs To Win National League (+350)


2. 100 Wins And Out?

Three American League teams are projected to finish the season with over 100 wins, something that has never been done before, The Astros, Red Sox, and Yankees. The even more wild part of this is there’s a very real chance a 100 win team will play in a wild-card game for the first time as well. After that, The National League does not have a team currently on track to win 100 games.

Notable On Pace Projected Wins: AL

Yankees 100

Red Sox: 100

Indians: 91

Astros: 100

Notable On Pace Projected Wins: NL

Nationals: 92

Braves: 82

Phillies: 81

Cubs: 91

Cardinals: 87

DBacks: 84

Dodgers: 82

*Courtesy of FanGraphs

3. Seattle’s Bad Luck

Every year seems to be the same story for The Mariners, as after a hot start, the injury bug has struck their best player, second baseman Robinson Cano breaking his hand over the weekend. Cano may not ever really make good on the investment Seattle made in him with his contract by the end of it, but there’s no doubt he’s still a top-five second baseman.

They do have an in-house replacement at second with Dee Gordon, however, Seattle has said he is staying put in the outfield. The absence will be felt much more in the batting lineup, however, as Cano and Cruz have been a feared 1-2 punch for a long time. Jean Segura has finally taken the next step in his game as well this year which will help, but Seattle is no-doubt going to suffer without his bat in the lineup. Seattle at best was always fighting for a wild card looking up at Houston and LAA, but I’m selling them having any chance now that Cano could be out for significant time.

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