NFL Week 12


Podcast Recap

Sean and Ryan recap the Week 11 action and break down their Week 12 NFL picks. Sean tries to make sense of the Eagles ass kicking while Ryan mocks him. Sean takes solace in the fact that his log CAROLINA -7 and COLTS +200 both hit. The guys celebrate football on Thanksgiving and hope that John Madden shows up, and of course the #LOCKDOGTEASE.

Eagles Fan Reacts

Matt Schaub Jersey Burned


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NFL Week Twelve Odds

*All times Pacific. 

Philadelphia Eagles at Detroit Lions

Kickoff: Thursday, Nov 26th 9:30am
Spread: DET PK
MoneyLine: PHI -110 | DET -110
Total: 46

Carolina Panthers at Dallas Cowboys

Kickoff: Sunday, Nov 26th 1:30pm
Spread: DAL +1
MoneyLine: CAR -115 | DAL -105
Total: 46.5

Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers

Kickoff: Sunday, Nov 26th 5:30pm
 GB -8.5
MoneyLine: CHI +360 | GB -460
Total: 47

New Orleans Saints at Houston Texans

Kickoff: Sunday, Nov 29th 10:00am
 HOU -3
MoneyLine: NO | HOU
Total: 47.5

Minnesota Vikings at Atlanta Falcons

Kickoff: Sunday, Nov 29th 10:00am
Spread: ATL -1.5
MoneyLine: MIN | ATL
Total: 46

St Louis Ram at Cincinnati Bengals

Kickoff: Sunday, Nov 29th 10:00am
Spread: CIN -9
MoneyLine: STL | CIN
Total: 42

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Indianapolis Colts

Kickoff: Sunday, Nov 29th 10:00am
Spread: IND -3
MoneyLine: TB | IND
Total: 46.5

New York Giants at Washington Redskins

Kickoff: Sunday, Nov 29th 10:00am
 WAS +2.5

Oakland Raiders at Tennessee Titans

Kickoff: Sunday, Nov 29th 10:00am
Spread: TEN +1.5
MoneyLine: OAK | TEN
Total: 44

Buffalo Bills at Kansas City Chiefs

Kickoff: Sunday, Nov 29th 10:00am
Spread: KC -4
MoneyLine: BUF | KC
Total: 41

Miami Dolphins at New York Jets

Kickoff: Sunday, Nov 29th 10:00am
Spread: NYJ -3.5
MoneyLine: MIA | NYJ
Total: 42.5

San Diego Chargers and Jacksonville Jaguars

Kickoff: Sunday, Nov 29th 10:00am
Spread: JAX -4
MoneyLine: SD | JAX
Total: 46.5

Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers

Kickoff: Sunday, Nov 29th 1:05pm
Spread: SF +10
MoneyLine: ARZ | SF
Total: 44.5

Pittsburgh Steelers at Seattle Seahawks

Kickoff: Sunday, Nov 29th 1:25pm
Spread: SEA -3.5
MoneyLine: ARZ | SF
Total: 45.5

New England Patriots at Denver Broncos

Kickoff: Sunday, Nov 29th 5:30pm
Spread: DEN +3
MoneyLine: NE | DEN
Total: 44

Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns

Kickoff: Monday, Nov 30th 5:30pm
Spread: CLE -3
MoneyLine: BAL | CLE
Total: 41.5
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