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Buccaneers (DB-OL-RB)

I predict that the Colts are taking Quenton Nelson off the board right before Tampa Bay is called to the podium. Although the Bucs do need to tighten up the leaky offensive line, the defense was horrid and they ranked dead last in DVOA. The rush aspect was bad, sitting at 19th but the pass defense was laughable and was the 2nd worse in the NFL last year. The drop off in offensive lineman to the next man holds a huge disparity in talent to the other two positions that are available in linebackers and defensive backs in this year’s draft.
7 Total Picks
Round 1: 7
Round 2: 38
Round 4: 102
Round 5: 144
Round 6: 180/202
Round 7: 255

They lock up their defensive back of the future hoping they can mold him into something that can turn their numbers around as they sit in the basement of the ranks. Tamba Bay selects Derwin James or Denzel Ward.

Panthers (OL-WR-RB)

Carolina’s offensive line as a total was fine when run blocking, but when they were forced to pass protect they truly struggled ranking 25th overall. If you look into the numbers, they were average to good in the run, average at the point of attack, but it was the second level where they dropped to 30th. That lets you know that the blockers would engage and the gains were small, but they weren’t getting to the second level with their blocks opening holes for longer runs. Thier Guards ranking in the high teens, the tackles almost touching the 30 ranks. Both shall be a priority this draft.

8 Total Picks
Round 1: 24
Round 2: 55
Round 3: 85 / 88
Round 5: 161
Round 6: 197
Round 7: 234 / 242

They need help on the offensive line and if available Kolton Miller Or Isaiah Wynn would serve as a huge boost to the guys protecting Cam Newton, and we know how he needs to be guarded.

Falcons (DL-CB)

The Falcons know where they lack talent and depth on the defensive line last season wad an issue, and that positioned them in them in the 19-22 range vs. the run and pass. If you look to 2016, the team was around the same 26th.
7 Total Picks
Round 1: 26
Round 2: 58
Round 3: 90
Round 4: 126
Round 6: 200
Round 7: 244 / 256

The Falcons look to peat some put some talent up front and draft Taven Bryan out of Florida. The early career JJ Watt comparisons for his 6′ 4 295-pound stature and playing style tacked onto an outstanding combine has him projected somewhere in this are to a team in need of a versatile defensive lineman.

Saints (TE-LB-EDGE)

The Saints never mind attempting to get New toys for Drew Brees to experiment with, and they accomplished that this offseason with the acquisition of Cameron Meredith. The guys on the outside might some ok, but what does Brees love to have at his disposal? A great pass-catching tight end with red zone IQ, Benjamin Watson fits some of those attributes, but he’s two years from eating free at Luby’s he’s so old.

Round 1: 27
Round 3: 91
Round 4: 127
Round 5: 147 / 164
Round 6: 189 / 201
Round 7: 245

According to many, there is only one tight end deserving of a spot in the first round and that’s Mike Gesicki. There has been gossip coming out that he is overrated and his route running is not going to translate well to the next level. His body frame of 6’5 247 makes him an elite target in the red zone if the can get him to sharpen his break in and out of cuts and understanding of pro-style defenses. He is a converted basketball so the talent is raw and well truly need to be developed. If they are scared off by the latest news on the tight end, another good pass-catching tight end available in this year’s draft is Hayden Hurst out of South Carolina. I think the Saints throw a curveball and Draft Hurst due to the inabilities of Gesicki. 

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