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USFL Preseason Update | The USFL Gambling Podcast (Ep. 5)

USFL Preseason Update | The USFL Gambling Podcast (Ep. 5)

Podcast Recap

The USFL Gambling Podcast (@USFLGambling) on the Sports Gambling Podcast Network reacts to the most recent USFL rumblings. Pick Dundee aka (@TheColbyD) welcomes on the Host of The Fantasy Football podcast Rod Villagomez (@rjvillagomez) as the two dive into the USFL and what they are going to expect from the new league. Will the USFL bring back special teams? What will the new USFL overtime rules be? Will the USFL be innovating with technology? Is Mike Riley the best coach in the USFL? What made the USFL so great the first time around? Plus what do we think of the USFL pay scales? We talk it all and more on this episode of The USFL Gambling Podcast.

The USFL Gambling Podcast is America’s number one USFL podcast! Hosted by Colby Dant, Patty C & NC Nick the same trio that brought you “The College Football Experience” podcast. The trio not only serves fresh hot winners to your doorstep but the guys have a rich history and love for the United States Football League.

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