Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: How to Draft with Early QB

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: How to Draft with Early QB
Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: How to Draft with Early QB

When it comes to a fantasy football draft, there are several strategies that you can use. For example, you can draft running backs in each of the first two rounds. At the same time, others might prefer to only draft wide receivers in the first couple of rounds. However, there is another option available that involves taking a quarterback early on in the draft. For this article, we are going to be discussing the Early QB fantasy draft strategy.


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This is going to be a guide for fantasy football owners that want to secure an elite quarterback in the first couple of rounds while also being able to create a solid overall team in the process. For the sake of convenience, let’s assume that you have the sixth overall pick in a 12-person fantasy league. This is the definitive guide to the Early QB fantasy draft strategy approach.

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Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: How to Draft with Early QB

Round 1

Even though this is an “Early QB” guide, that does not mean that you should select a quarterback in the first round. Despite the growing replaceability of running backs in the actual NFL, fantasy football holds elite running backs sacred. It is vital to have an RB1 that will receive a ton of touches while also showcasing elite skills. However, with the sixth pick, Christian McCaffrey and Dalvin Cook will not be available so you’ll have to look elsewhere. On the bright side, Nick Chubb should still be available and he is poised for a huge season behind that elite Cleveland offensive line

You could also target Alvin Kamara. I’ll admit that Kamara might be unavailable but I have seen him slide a bit in my mock draft research. Kamara is a PPR monster who has recorded at least 81 receptions in each of his first four seasons. However, there is a bit of concern regarding the QB battle in New Orleans. Last season, Kamara’s numbers took a noticeable dip when Taysom Hill was the starting quarterback so history might repeat itself if he wins the starting job. However, if Jameis Winston is announced the starting quarterback, then Kamara is the easy option in this spot. Even if it is an Early QB draft, Kamara is just too good.

Other Options in Round 1

A few other players you could target in this round for me would be Ezekiel Elliott and Jonathan Taylor.

Jonathan Taylor has upside after becoming an elite running back over the last few weeks of the 2020 season. Along with the large volume of touches, he is also 226 pounds so he should be able to score at least 12 touchdowns with enough red zone touches. The only concern regarding Taylor is the health status of quarterback Carson Wentz and offensive lineman Quenton Nelson. There are rumors that both of them might be active for week one but Taylor should struggle if they are not.

Ezekiel Elliott had a down year in 2020 but he was playing alongside a backup quarterback so it is understandable. With Dak Prescott back, Elliott should return to his usual level of production. However, Dallas’ offensive line has had serious durability issues over the past few seasons which is a bit concerning. Regardless, expect Elliott to perform like a first-round fantasy running back. Even when using an Early QB strategy, it is important to still get a running back early in your fantasy football draft.

Player Position
Nick Chubb RB
Alvin Kamara RB
Jonathan Taylor RB
Ezekiel Elliott RB

Round 2

With our second pick, it is time to select an elite quarterback. In my opinion, Josh Allen is the best fantasy quarterback left on the market. Last season, Allen was a top-two fantasy quarterback and he has had no durability concerns up to this point which makes him an extremely reliable option. Plus, Buffalo supplied him with another weapon in Emmanuel Sanders so Allen might put up better-passing numbers in 2021. Allen has also recorded at least eight rushing touchdowns in each of his first three NFL seasons. As a result, he should be a consistent monster for our fantasy team using this Early QB draft strategy.

Other Options in Round 2

Although Josh Allen might be the best fantasy quarterback in my eyes, Patrick Mahomes is still the best overall quarterback in the league so selecting him instead is a valid option. Mahomes has the same offensive system as last season and the same elite weapons so another MVP season would not be shocking whatsoever. However, the only issue with Mahomes is the fact that he has only played every game in a season once so he might miss a game or two down the stretch if Kansas City cruises to home-field advantage once again in the AFC. 

If we wanted to wait a bit longer before selecting a quarterback, then there are other options available. DeAndre Hopkins and D.K. Metcalf are two of the best fantasy wide receivers in the league and they should be poised for similar levels of success in 2021. Both of them have elite quarterbacks and are easily the best wide receivers on their respective depth charts. As a result, I expect to see some huge numbers from each of them. Picking Metcalf or Hopkins skews you slightly away from the Early QB fantasy draft strategy though.

Player Position
Josh Allen QB
Patrick Mahomes QB
DeAndre Hopkins WR
D.K. Metcalf WR

Round 3

Do you know what is better than having one quality fantasy football running back? Having two quality fantasy football running backs. As a result, it is time to lock down the running back position. One guy who seems a bit undervalued in Miles Sanders so we should buy low on him this season. Sanders is easily the best running back in Philadelphia and he should do well with a mobile quarterback beside him. Sanders will be a workhorse as a runner and as a receiver which should grant him more value in PPR leagues.

Other Options in Round 3

Two wide receivers to target in this round are Keenan Allen and Terry McLaurin who should continue to be reliable options at the wide receiver position. Allen is an elite route runner and he has an elite quarterback throwing him the ball. At the same time, McLaurin has a quarterback who is willing to take shots downfield. Therefore, it would be shocking not to see both of them finish the regular season as top-10 wide receivers.

If you were unable to select Josh Allen, then you should take Kyler Murray with this pick. Last season, Murray recording 3,971 passing yards and 26 passing touchdowns. In addition, he had 819 rushing yards and 11 rushing touchdowns. Due to his rushing ability, Murray was the most productive fantasy football quarterback in 2020. While the rushing touchdowns should regress a bit, he will still be an elite fantasy option. Scoop him up to anchor your Early QB fantasy draft strategy.

Player Position
Miles Sanders RB
Keenan Allen WR
Terry McLaurin WR
Kyler Murray QB

Round 4

Elite fantasy football tight ends are extremely tough to come by. After the first few off the draft board, it turns into a complete crapshoot. With Travis Kelce, George Kittle, and Darren Waller likely off the board, it is time to select the fourth-best option. Mark Andrews has been a top-five option in each of the last two seasons so we should select him here. Plus, Rashod Bateman’s absence should secure Mark Andrews consistent red zone targets

Other Options in Round 4

Other top players to target in this round are Adam Thielen, Amari Cooper, and Chris Godwin who have been extremely solid whenever their respective quarterbacks have stayed healthy. Thielen is always a threat to surpass 1,200 receiving yards but he also recorded a career-high 14 touchdowns last season. While that number should take a dip, I expect Thielen to record 1,100 receiving yards and ten touchdowns in 2021. 

Despite the absence of Dak Prescott for the majority of last season, Amari Cooper still managed to record 1,114 receiving yards and five touchdowns so he could be seriously undervalued in 2021 now that he has his original starting quarterback back. Cooper is an elite route runner and I expect him to see a ton of one-on-one coverage. As a result, he should put up some amazing numbers.

After having 1,333 receiving yards in 2019, Chris Godwin‘s production fell down to earth a bit in 2020. Luckily, Godwin still recorded 840 receiving yards and seven touchdowns last season in just 12 games. Now, he remains a part of an offense that was able to return virtually every coach and player. Therefore, one can expect to see big things from Godwin in 2021. The only concern left is his durability but the upside is worth it.

Player Position
Mark Andrews TE
Adam Thielen WR
Amari Cooper WR
Chris Godwin WR

Round 5

With most of our key positions secured, it is finally time to take care of our hole at wide receiver. We should target a player who has shown flashes in the past but dealt with underwhelming quarterback play. We should select Robert Woods with this pick. While people might criticize Matthew Stafford for being an overrated quarterback, he is still significantly better than Jared Goff. The passing game could be undervalued with Stafford and Coach McVay working together. 

Other Options in Round 5

After an extremely quiet start to the 2020 season, Diontae Johnson quickly emerged as a serious threat in Pittsburgh’s offense. In the final eight games of the season, Johnson recorded 613 receiving yards and four receiving touchdowns. While maintaining that pace is extremely difficult, Pittsburgh clearly trusted him more as the season went on which bodes well for his opportunities in 2021.

If you took wide receivers early on, then you need a running back and Chase Edmonds will fill that void. While Edmonds might seem like a bit of a gamble, he has a ton of value in PPR-leagues due to his elite pass-catching ability and he has tremendous quickness which should result in big plays. Plus, Kenyan Drake is no longer in Arizona so his only competition is James Conner who is extremely injury prone. If Conner is unable to make a dent in Edmonds’ production, then this could be an absolute steal.

Any time that you can draft a top-ten fantasy wide receiver from last season in the fifth round, you are getting tremendous value so Tyler Lockett makes sense in this spot. In 2020, Lockett had 100 receptions, 1,054 receiving yards, and ten receiving touchdowns as he feasted in Seattle’s offense. I expect him to surpass 1,000 receiving yards once again this season.

Player Position
Robert Woods WR
Diontae Johnson WR
Chase Edmonds RB
Tyler Lockett WR

Round 6

Even though we just selected a wide receiver, it is time to select another one. There is a wide receiver available with a ton of value and his name is Brandon Aiyuk. Aiyuk had 748 receiving yards and seven total touchdowns last season in just 12 games so he should put up some crazy numbers if he is able to remain on the field. Plus, San Francisco had backup quarterbacks playing last season so some stability behind center should pay dividends. Aiyuk is a big-time breakout candidate and could anchor your Early QB team.

Other Options in Round 6

A few other players you could target in this round would be D.J. Moore, Odell Beckham Jr., and Chase Claypool who have the talent to easily shatter their preseason projections. D.J. Moore has the ability to become an elite wide receiver overnight with some decent quarterback play. The problem with that is the fact that Sam Darnold is his projected starting quarterback. As a result, I expect Moore to have some monster games but the lack of consistency behind center definitely hurts.

Unlike Moore, Beckham Jr. has a reliable option behind center in Baker Mayfield who seemed to really come into his own last season. However, Beckham Jr.’s issues are centered around his inability to stay on the field over the past couple of seasons. He has missed at least four games in three of his last four seasons so it is understandable why fantasy owners might stay away from him at all costs. However, that is where the value lies. OBJ would easily be a top-ten wide receiver if he was able to stay healthy. Therefore, I believe that he is worth the gamble.

Even though Pittsburgh’s offense fell apart down the stretch in 2020, Chase Claypool proved to be a serious matchup problem for opposing defenses and I expect him to be a red zone monster in 2021. It is rare to see a rookie wide receiver record 11 total touchdowns so fantasy owners are rightfully optimistic that he has another gear to unlock. As long as Ben Roethlisberger is not totally washed behind center, Chase Claypool should be a fantasy gem.

Player Position
Brandon Aiyuk WR
D.J. Moore WR
Odell Beckham Jr. WR
Chase Claypool WR

Round 7

For the third-straight round, I believe that it is wise for us to take a wide receiver. At this stage in the draft, it could make sense to select another running back but there are not too many reliable options available so I would rather turn my attention towards Tee Higgins. In his rookie season, Higgins became a serious weapon within Cincinnati’s offense as he recorded 908 receiving yards and six touchdowns. However, his numbers are even more impressive when you remember that Joe Burrow only played in ten games due to a knee injury. With Burrow back behind center, Higgins could be ready for a breakout season. His elite-upside rewards you for taking a QB early. Value will carry your fantasy draft to victory if you use this strategy.

Other Options in Round 7

If you really felt the need to go with a running back in this spot, then Michael Carter is probably your best bet. Without a truly reliable option left on the board, selecting a rookie running back that is easily the most talented option on New York’s depth chart makes sense. Carter has been taking first-team reps in practice which suggests that he will receive touches as soon as the season starts which should give him the opportunity to win the full-time starting job at any point. 

If Tee Higgins is off the board, then I recommend taking Courtland Sutton in this spot. After recording 1,112 receiving yards and six receiving touchdowns in 2019, Sutton’s 2020 season was cut extremely short due to an ACL injury. Now, he is fully healthy and is flying under the radar in most fantasy football drafts. According to reports, the Broncos are expecting big things from Sutton in 2021 so selecting him in this spot has its upside.

If you are looking for a running back but are skeptical about taking a rookie, then I recommend selecting Leonard Fournette. Although he is a co-starter on the depth chart, Fournette proved that he was the best running back during the Super Bowl run. I would not be surprised to see him getting the majority of the touches in 2021. With a touchdown in three of the four playoff games, he should easily clear ten rushing touchdowns with enough red zone work. That touchdown upside could be the key to success for your Early QB draft.

Player Position
Tee Higgins WR
Michael Carter RB
Courtland Sutton WR
Leonard Fournette RB

Round 8

Now that we have taken care of our hole at wide receiver, it is time to fix our running back depth a bit by selecting Michael Carter with our eighth pick. Even though I already laid out the positives surrounding him in the previous round’s breakdown, it is not surprising to see him still available in the eighth round due to the negative stigma surrounding rookie running backs. The upside is obviously there but some fantasy owners might get scared off since he is not officially the starting running back at this point in time. However, as the third running back on our team, I believe that he is worth the risk at this point in your fantasy draft. Early QB means you need to scoop up some strong flex options later and Carter is a great addition.

Other Options in Round 8

If you were unable to lock up a couple of quality wide receivers earlier on in the draft, then I recommend selecting Robby Anderson with this pick. Anderson quietly had a solid 2020 campaign as he recorded 95 receptions along with 1,096 receiving yards. In addition, he has a ton of chemistry with new quarterback Sam Darnold due to their time together in New York so I expect Anderson to put together another solid season in 2021.

If you wanted to take a serious gamble that could pay serious dividends, then selecting Antonio Brown makes sense in this spot. Brown had tons of legal issues to deal with last season which seem to be in the rearview mirror so he should be able to contribute in Tampa Bay’s offense barring injury. Plus, Tom Brady played through a serious knee injury in 2020 which negatively impacted his accuracy downfield. As a result, a healthy quarterback behind the center should allow Brown to be on the receiving end of more accurate deep balls.

After having a fantastic rookie season in 2019, Deebo Samuel had an underwhelming 2020 campaign due to injuries as he recorded 391 receiving yards in just seven games. Luckily, Samuel is healthy once again and he should have received a decent amount of targets since Kendrick Bourne is no longer on the team. While durability concerns might persist, he has too much upside to simply ignore in the eighth round of your early QB draft.

Player Position
Michael Carter  RB
Robby Anderson WR
Antonio Brown WR
Deebo Samuel WR

Round 9

Now that we have three running backs, it is time for us to secure another wide receiver who could be extremely undervalued in this spot. Therefore, I think that we should select Michael Pittman Jr. Despite being a bit inconsistent during his rookie season, Pittman Jr. still showed serious potential in his 13 games of action so I can see a rise in production during his sophomore campaign. T.Y. Hilton has been the main weapon in Indianapolis’ passing game for a long time but he is now 31-years-old so I expect Hilton to continue declining which should open up more opportunities for Pittman Jr. This stage in the Early QB fantasy draft strategy is where you can win you league.

Other Options in Round 9

If you are still in need of a tight end, there is one option that jumps off the page for me and it is Robert Tonyan. After coming out of absolutely nowhere last season, Tonyan finished the 2020 campaign as a top-three fantasy football tight end so I expect him to continue putting up quality numbers in this system. He still has one of the best quarterbacks ever and he is still a matchup nightmare. Especially in the red zone so I do not expect to see any regression.

While most starting running backs are off the board, there are a couple of potential starting running backs available in the ninth round that are worth targeting. The first one on my list is Devin Singletary who was the starting running back in Buffalo last season. While there is a bit of a depth chart battle, Singletary is still a lot more durable than Moss so I would not be surprised to see him receive a larger snap percentage as the season goes on.

If you want to take a serious gamble in this spot, then I recommend drafting Laviska Shenault Jr. Despite being outperformed by a couple of rookie wide receivers, Shenault Jr. quietly had himself a solid 2020 campaign as he recorded 600 receiving yards and five touchdowns. However, the Jaguars increased his workload as the season progressed so he could put up some impressive numbers with more opportunities. With a new coaching staff in place, perhaps that wishful thinking will turn into a reality.

Player Position
Michael Pittman Jr. WR
Robert Tonyan TE
Devin Singletary RB
Laviska Shenault Jr. WR

Round 10

While we already have three running backs that should perform well in 2021, it is always worth finding a fourth due to the unpredictability of injuries in the NFL. With Phillip Lindsay still on the board, I believe that we need to select him. After spending the past few seasons in Denver, Lindsay finds himself on another bottom feeder as he signed with Houston in the offseason. According to initial reports, he is a co-starting running back along with Mark Ingram so he should receive his fair share of touches during the early portion of the regular season.

Other Options in Round 10

If you personally like to select a defense relatively early instead of selecting one in the later rounds, then I recommend choosing the Washington Football Team. Although a “matchup-proof” defense does not truly exist, Washington has one of the best defensive lines in the league and an underrated secondary so I expect it to strike fear into opposing offenses on a regular basis. While the first-place schedule is brutal at times, it still plays in the NFC East so there are several opportunities against its weak division rivals. 

With most of the quality running backs gone, it could be panic time if you waited a bit too long to secure some running back depth. However, Latavius Murray should still be on the board so I would select him as a potential handcuff. With Kamara as the clear number one on the depth chart, Murray should receive light work. However, Murray showed some flashes last season whenever Taysom Hill was behind center so he could maintain value if Hill is named the starting quarterback for week one. Plus, Kamara has missed at least one game in each of the last three seasons so Murray might get a spot start at some point.

One of the more underrated offseason moves was Washington’s acquisition of wide receiver Curtis Samuel. Last season, Samuel quietly had 1,051 total yards and five total touchdowns so he could put up some big numbers with a gunslinger like Ryan Fitzpatrick behind center. Plus, he should be given some favorable matchups due to Terry McLaurin’s presence on the roster.

Player Position
Phillip Lindsay RB
Washington Football Team D
Latavius Murray RB
Curtis Samuel WR

Round 11

So far in the draft, we have done a great job at securing quality depth at the running back and wide receiver positions so I like the idea of securing an elite defense with this pick. With Pittsburgh and Washington unavailable, I believe that we should select Tampa Bay’s defense. After winning the Super Bowl, Tampa Bay accomplished a rare feat by bringing back the majority of its roster so I expect the Buccaneers to look sharp on both sides of the ball in 2021. Plus, Tampa Bay allowed the fewest yards per carry last season so I expect it to make opposing offenses one-dimensional once again. 

Other Options in Round 11

If you are in a PPR-league, then selecting a pass-catching expert out of the backfield is key. Nyheim Hines makes sense in this spot. While Taylor will receive most of the work, Hines still has value on third downs and Indianapolis likes to target him frequently whenever he is matched up on opposing linebackers so I expect Hines to maintain some value. After recording over 800 total yards last season, I expect Hines to finish with around 700 total yards in 2021.

Even though Houston will most likely have the worst record in the league this season, somebody still has to put up some numbers in the backfield and Mark Ingram could be that guy. Despite being in a timeshare with Phillip Lindsay and David Johnson, Ingram is the biggest running back on the depth chart by far so he should receive virtually all of the short-yardage work. While Ingram’s best years are behind him, he still might have a bit left in the gas tank.

In PPR formats, selecting a running back that excels at pass-catching definitely makes sense which is why I am interested in J.D. McKissic. There are not many running backs in the league capable of recording 80 receptions and 589 receiving yards in a single season but McKissic accomplished that feat last season so selecting him in this spot has its merits.

Player Position
Tampa Bay D
Nyheim Hines RB
Mark Ingram RB
J.D. McKissic RB

Round 12

At this stage in the draft, it is time to start taking some gambles on players that could pop at some point during the regular season. Tre’Quan Smith is a perfect example of the type of player that I am referring to. While Smith entered the offseason as the WR2 on New Orleans’ depth chart, he quickly became the WR1 due to Michael Thomasankle surgery. As a result, Smith should receive the bulk of targets in the passing game early on before Thomas is able to return. Plus, there are some reports that the Saints might trade Thomas which should provide Smith with a consistent target share.

Other Options in Round 12

Kickers matter too and there is nobody better than Justin Tucker. It is rare territory to avoid sweating out long field goals but Tucker is as automatic as kickers come so taking him early is understandable. Plus, Baltimore’s offense only scored touchdowns on 59.09% of red zone appearances last season so there should be a lot of field attempts once again in 2021.

If you wanted to wait a bit longer when it came to selecting a defense, then this is a perfect spot to select Buffalo’s defense. While all of the media attention went towards the prolific offense, Buffalo’s defense last season was extremely underrated and I expect it to feast once again in 2021. With the addition of Gregory Rousseau to an already stacked defensive line, the Bills should be able to pressure opposing quarterbacks with ease all season long. Plus, each of their three division rivals has underwhelming offenses which should lead to some favorable matchups.

Even though the New York Jets will most likely be a below average football team, somebody still needs to get targets in the passing game and Corey Davis should be that guy. After signing him in the offseason, Davis is the number one wide receiver on the depth chart so perhaps he can build some chemistry with rookie quarterback Zach Wilson. Last season, Davis had 984 receiving yards and five touchdowns so he has the potential to be a serious fantasy steal.

Player Position
Tre’Quan Smith WR
Justin Tucker K
Buffalo D
Corey Davis WR

Round 13

With our 13th pick, it might be time to select a player that might possess a decent amount of trade value after the first couple of weeks in the regular season. The first player that comes to mind is Justin Fields. Despite being listed as Chicago’s backup quarterback at this point in time, Fields looked amazing in his preseason debut and it might be difficult for the coaching staff to prevent him from starting in the regular season at some point. Fields possess a ton of upside. This is due to his elite rushing ability and Chicago might open up the playbook a bit more if Dalton struggles early on in the regular season. In reality, the last couple of rounds in a fantasy football draft are about taking chances, and flipping Fields for a wide receiver or a running back midseason is worth a shot. Adding a late young QB can really bolster your early selection and lock your win up.

Other Options in Round 13

If you are still missing a tight end for some reason, then Irv Smith Jr. should be your selection in the 13th round. After being forced to sit behind Kyle Rudolph in the past, Irv Smith Jr. is finally free to receive a significantly larger snap percentage in 2021 which should yield a ton of production. Smith Jr. has a ton of speed for opposing linebackers to deal with and I expect Cousins to target him a lot in the red zone.

While New England’s defense was an average unit in 2020, it is fair to expect much better play in 2021 due to the return of starting linebacker Dont’a Hightower. Hightower was one of the players who opted not to play last season due to the coronavirus and he was severely missed. However, with him back in the lineup, expect New England to frustrate opposing offenses on a regular basis.

If you are looking for a wide receiver still on the board with a ton of upside, then I recommend selecting Marvin Jones. After spending the last few seasons in Detroit, he signed with Jacksonville during the offseason so perhaps he can put together some impressive numbers in an Urban Meyer system. Plus, quarterback Trevor Lawrence had a lot of success targeting him in the first preseason game which could translate into more regular-season opportunities. Finding flex value late is important for success with an Early QB approach. Jones can be that guy with this Early QB fantasy draft strategy.

Player Position
Justin Fields QB
Irv Smith Jr. TE
New England D
Marvin Jones WR

Round 14

With our 14th pick, I believe that we should select a kicker. While some fantasy owners like to wait until the last round, drafting one a bit earlier has merit if you can secure a reliable option. Matt Prater is the type of reliable kicker that I would target in this spot. Prater still possesses one of the strongest legs in the entire league and he has a much better offense to work with since he signed with Arizona during the offseason. Arizona was able to move the ball downfield with ease last season as it recorded 23.8 first downs per game which ranked fourth in the league. As a result, I expect to see the Cardinals in field goal range quite frequently in 2021. It may feel weird taking a kicker so early, but with your QB locked up early you can get a great kicker early.

Other Options in Round 14

If you wanted to take a flyer at this portion of the Early QB draft, I see no issue with that. Kenneth Gainwell should be a name at the top of your list. Despite being a backup on Philadelphia’s depth chart, Gainwell was a monster in college during the 2019 season as he recorded 1,459 rushing yards and 13 rushing touchdowns in just 14 games. In addition, he was valuable in the passing game as he recorded 610 receiving yards and three receiving touchdowns. In my opinion, Gainwell is simply too talented to never see the field. Plus, Sanders missed four games last season so Gainwell might become the temporary starter if several injuries alter the depth chart.

In PPR formats, Tarik Cohen always possesses value due to his elite quickness and pass-catching ability. In 2018 and 2019, Cohen recorded at least 71 receptions so he is one of the best receiving backs in the entire league. However, he only played in three games last season due to a torn ACL. Cohen’s availability for the start of the regular season remains up in the air. However, Cohen might be worth a flyer due to his upside in the passing game.

After a lackluster rookie season due to injuries, there is some optimism regarding wide receiver Bryan Edwards for his sophomore campaign. Edwards has been making quite the impression in training camp and he should see a lot of opportunities during the regular season now that Nelson Agholor is no longer on the roster. Selecting him is definitely a gamble but a calculated one in the 14th round of your Early QB draft.

Player Position
Matt Prater K
Kenneth Gainwell RB
Tarik Cohen RB
Bryan Edwards WR

Round 15

With the last pick in the draft, we can go in a variety of directions. However, since we already have our defense and our kicker, I believe that we should aim for value. We can do this by selecting a wide receiver that seems to be selected well after his ADP in my mock draft experience. This wide receiver’s name is Gabriel Davis. Last season, Davis recorded 599 receiving yards and seven receiving touchdowns as he showcased his value within this offense. With the addition of Emmanuel Sanders into the fold, some people expect him to take a bit of a step back in 2021. However, Sanders has missed at least four games in four of his last five seasons so I expect him to miss some time in the regular season. Davis is a strong sophomore receiver who can take your Early QB team to the top.

Other Options in Round 15

Rookie wide receiver Rondale Moore is definitely a risky proposition. He has some elite shiftiness and I can see Coach Kingsbury finding ways to get him involved in the offense. As a freshman at Purdue, Moore recorded 1,258 receiving yards and 12 receiving touchdowns in 13 games. Plus, he had 21 carries for 213 rushing yards and two rushing touchdowns. As a result, he is a threat to generate big plays whenever he has the ball. So I expect Arizona’s coaching staff to find creative ways to get the ball in his hands.

If you are only willing to select kickers in the final round of a fantasy football draft, then Rodrigo Blankenship should be your pick. In his rookie season, Blankenship finished as a top-five fantasy kicker because Indianapolis attempted 2.3 field goals per game which rank tied for fourth in the league. As a result, I expect him to receive a ton of opportunities in plus territory once again in 2021.

While injuries have derailed the last few seasons, DeSean Jackson is still a serious deep threat at this stage in his career. Now, he finds himself in Los Angeles where he will have Matthew Stafford‘s elite arm strength throwing him the ball. While Jackson will still be fighting for targets with Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp, he might be worth a flyer due to the touchdown-upside. A nice way to wrap up your Early QB fantasy draft and wrap up a nice strategy exercise.

Player Position
Gabriel Davis WR
Rondale Moore WR
Rodrigo Blankenship K
DeSean Jackson WR


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