Top 25 Sandwich Rankings From Our Top Sandwich Scout

I should note that all these sandwiches should be served with pickles on it or on the side. If they do not give you pickles, then they are hacks who deserved to be punched several times in the face.

1. Italian Cold Cut

It’s hard to fade the Cold Cut even if you are somehow at a shitty sandwich place. Plus it’s easy to make at home. Consistently it the key in having the Cold Cut my top-rated sandwich.

2. Pulled Pork BBQ

Talk about an underrated sandwich. Done well, it may be the best in the league.

3. Steak & Cheese

Look, a good steak and cheese are hard to beat. Unfortunately, sometimes this sandwich can miss if you have some hacks making it. I prefer provolone cheese with it.

4. French Dip

This is the UCF of sandwiches because it came out of nowhere and has au jus on the side to dip your sandwich in. It’s rewriting the rules of the sandwich.

5. Reuben

When done well, it’s almost flawless, but talk about one that can miss if amateurs are making it. That alone holds it back from being a top seed.

6. Chicken Cutlet

This is often hard to find, but it’s a bomb ass sandwich plus it’s fun to say. Repeat “chicken cutlet” allowed five times fast and perhaps you’ll giggle and set out to find one.

7. Prosciutto

Look the Italians are fucking amazing on all accounts when it comes to food. I could eat this sandwich every day and be completely happy with life.

8. Club

Look, it’s got everything you really want on a sandwich. A combination of meats, lettuce, tomato, etc. Can’t go wrong with the Club. Preferably on rye with dijon mustard.

9. Turkey

Look it’s not sexy but it’s consistent and always there for you. This is the Cal Ripken Jr. of sandwiches. Just shows up to work every day and never misses a day.

10. Patty Melt

This is a long slept-on sandwich. It’s basically a burger cooked with onions and served on pumpernickel bread. Love a good Patty Melt.

11. BLAT

Wait, what? Yep. I’m showing my true California colors now. I love the OG BLT, but whoever thought of adding avocado to it needs to be involved in the space program because they’re a fucking genius.

12. Hot Pastrami

Look it’s basically a Reuben sandwich and at times you can be fooled that it is. However, when done well it’s fantastic. It’s the tranny of sandwiches for sure though.

13. Ham & Cheese

This is a basic classic, much like the turkey. Only I find turkey just a bit more consistent than ham.

14. Prime Rib

Perhaps this needs to be ranked higher but I haven’t had one in a bit so stay tuned to the rankings. Once again, served with au jus really, it adds a nice little bonus.

15. Tuna Melt

Look tuna is a 50/50 when you are out in the world. If you are at a classy joint, then it’s a safe bet that it’ll do you right. It’s a big gamble if you are at a random place you know nothing about.

16. Cuban

I’ve never been to Cuba, but somewhere along the way these communists made a pretty fucking good sandwich. This is the Fabio of sandwiches and I have no fucking idea what that means. Some call it a Havana sandwich, but this shit is delicious by any name.

17. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Always a slept on classic. I love this sandwich, preferably with a bowl of tomato soup.

18. Chicken Parm

It’s not an everyday sandwich, but when done well, it’s pretty fucking bomb.

19. Tri-Tip

Perhaps this should be higher but I feel like it’s hard to find and similar to the pulled pork sandwich.

20. BLT

Regular BLT is always a classic. They are the Green Bay Packers of the sandwich world. They’re impossible to hate.

21. Roast Beef

Haven’t had one in a minute, which is why it’s so far back, but I have fond memories of my roast beef sandwich days.

22. Salami

Not sure this is available out in the world. Maybe if you find a bomb ass Italian joint. This is a bomb ass sandwich.

23. Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

If the BLT is the Green Bay Packers, then the PB&J is the Chicago Bears. You can’t hate either unless you are a die-hard of one of the other.

24.  Chicken Salad

The salad sandwich world is unique. I think chicken salad beats egg salad, but consistency is always a problem in the sandwich salad world.

25. Chicken Cordon Bleu

Haven’t had one of these in forever, but like a fine ass ex-girlfriend that was great with the sex, you’ll always have great memories. Look, I don’t know what I’m talking about but the sandwich is a fucking good one.

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