Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet: Auction Draft
Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet: Auction

*UPDATED August 31, 2021*

You my friend are a brave fantasy football player indeed. A standard snake draft? Psh, boring. Dynasty draft? Child’s play. Devy draft? Checkers. You, my degenerate fantasy playing friend, need an actual challenge. You need to get involved in an auction draft. Auction drafts are the true test of a fantasy player’s skills, grit, and endurance. We here at SGPN applaud your enthusiasm and want to provide you with the best auction draft cheat sheet out there so here is our 2021 version!

SGPN Fantasy Football Auction Draft Cheat Sheet PDF Format

SGPN Fantasy Football Auction Draft Cheat Sheet Excel Format

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An auction draft is a true test of your mettle and fantasy football knowledge. It requires you to know your strategy and appropriately balance your budget. It is no longer enough to wait on a player as anyone can get in on any player put up for bid. For more on basic Auction strategy, here is a piece from 4for4 on Auction drafts. These drafts are not for the faint of heart either, with such an in-depth format you better set aside hours for it. However, it will be one of the most fun drafts that you ever participate in.

SGPN Fantasy Football Auction Draft Cheat Sheet PDF Format

SGPN Fantasy Football Auction Draft Cheat Sheet Excel Format

How to use the Cheat Sheet

The SGPN Cheat Sheets are quick references that you can print out the PDF version of the cheat sheet for quick reference. Additionally, we have provided an excel version that you can easily edit and modify. Each cheat sheet contains the top 160 players split into tiers, excluding kickers and defenses. The SGPN auction draft cheat sheet is based upon a $200 budget and features several unique features. Most notably, we label players we consider good values in green and give a price point we are willing to go to. For players we feel are a bad value, we have marked them in red and given the actual price point we like them at.

If you want a more in-depth tool that includes defenses and kickers, we recommend our SGPN Mega Reference Sheet. It is an excel sheet containing full rankings for each position, including defenses and kickers. Additionally, it is in a simple excel format that is easily editable for your own usage. Be sure to check back regularly as news breaks throughout training camp and we update our draft cheat sheets for Standard, PPR, Half-Point, and SuperFlex scoring formats.


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