Neymar JR Plays Online Casino

Brazil crashed out of the World Cup in Qatar earlier than expected, but Neymar has taken a step to lick his wounds by signing a juicy new sponsorship deal with a gambling company. The company that managed to sign Neymar to a 4-year contract is called Blaze and is one of the largest in sports and casino in South America.

For anyone who follows Neymar on social media knows that he often plays at non GamStop betting sites, but that he also played some live poker in Las Vegas and was previously sponsored by PokerStars.

The step towards what he will now do for Blaze is therefore not that far.

Neymar’s Role at Blaze

He will of course represent the gaming company at various events, but his main task will only be playing casino games and above all Live Casino in his home in front of all his followers on Neymar jr’s Twitch channel.

Twitch started in 2011 and what it means is that the user plays something on his computer, mobile or tablet and the followers see both everything that happens on his screen as well as the player’s reactions to what is happening.

This is already big online and there are tons of Twitch players making big careers, and for Neymar it’s now going to be a side career.

Neymar has just over 2 million followers on Twitch and that number has increased by almost 100,000 since the contract was signed a month ago. There are enough people to make this collaboration a success.

However, breaking records in Twitch as a whole will be difficult as there are players in video games with hundreds of millions of viewers.This is especially big in Brazil and Neymar has already used it in video games, but now it’s time for casino games.

The contract was signed on December 25, 2022, and he made his first casino Twitch for viewers on Saturday, January 21.

Reactions to the Collaboration

There are often voices raised on social media when famous people collaborate with betting companies so this happening when Neymar does it is very reasonable.

Many are worried that several of his younger followers will develop a taste for playing for money online at online casinos.

Blaze has a gaming license from Curacao so it is not as strong as the non GamStop casinos.

It doesn’t have the same safety net for those who gamble irresponsibly, but it’s still stable enough to keep players under 18 from playing.

Blaze still chose to go out with the message that they take responsible gambling very seriously and have put special measures in place to ensure that only players of legal age can access a gaming account.

Other Famous Game Colloboration With Non GamStop Casinos

Zlatan is a given example. He took it a step further and became a partner in the gambling company with a Swedish gambling license, Bethard. C Ronaldo is another of the greats who, like Neymar, collaborated with Poker Stars.

In general, however, it is much more common for football clubs to enter into collaborations with betting sites than for the individual players to do so, and it is paid extra attention when it comes to one of the biggest, Neymar.

In the Premier League, for example, 18 of the clubs cooperate with betting companies, in La Liga there are 17 teams and the same number in the French league. This makes betting sites the largest sponsor income in football by far.

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