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US Open Tennis Picks + Running Away From Pimps in Monaco | Bout That Action (Ep. 4)

US Open Tennis Picks + Running Away From Pimps in France | Bout That Action (Ep.4)

US Open Preview

Yes, we are betting on tennis. The boys review and reflect on their NBA playoffs Round 1 picks and make both their Round 1 and Futures selections for the US Open tennis tournament. Mark recalls a scary altercation in Monaco’s red-light district, Kyle shares some of his experiences as a pro tennis ball boy, and the two recall their best drunk injuries.

Kyle Whatnall (@kylewhatnall) and Mark Glass are recent college grads who now work in the business of sports. Every Tuesday they'll share never-before-told stories from behind the scenes of professional sports - fights, parties, pranks, you name it. But wait there's more! Kyle and Mark will use their insider info to optimize your degenerate gambling picks and earn you cold hard cash (that you'll inevitably lose in future bets because you have a problem). SUBSCRIBE ON APPLE | SPOTIFY


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