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Fantasy Football Auction Cheat Sheet – Printable

Fantasy Football Auction Cheat Sheet - Printable

Auction Drafts are the true test of your fantasy football knowledge and mettle. When the nominations start flying and the bids start running up, can you keep your cool and cash-in on value plays? Before heading into an auction draft, you need an auction draft cheat sheet. Do your homework and be prepared.

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As part of our series on Fantasy Football drafts, here is our Auction Draft Cheat Sheet available in PDF or Excel Format for your degen convenience. Our Auction Draft Cheat Sheet is built off of a $200 budget and using information from FantasyPros.

Players highlighted in green are players who are a good value and we provide a price you should be willing to bid up to for these players. Players highlighted in red are players who are a poor value at their current price, but we give you a price that we think they are a value at.


If you’d like a Google Sheets version, click here. You can download it as a Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) or .csv file and customize it for your draft needs. You can also create a copy for your own Google Drive and edit it there.

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SGPN Auction Draft Cheat Sheet Specific Notes

Lamar Jackson and Receiving Targets

If you go with Lamar Jackson early and successfully pick him up, then be sure to target one of his top targets. Marquise Brown has a suggested price of $15 but remains a value up to $18. However, if you have Lamar and Hollywood, do not be afraid to go up to $22 for  Hollywood. The same thing goes for Mark Andrews, he has a listed $17 value, but be willing to go up to $19. He is the dominant target in Baltimore so feel comfortable going up to $22 if you have Andrews and Lamar.

The Christian McCaffrey Cheat Code

You can feel safe going in heavily on Run CMC at his $65 price tag. Even with such a high suggested price, you may really want to go get the man who has finished the past two seasons as the #1 overall scorer. That is a reasonable plan. If you do that, immediately target some mid-tier value receivers.

Players like Jarvis Landry ($18), Stefon Diggs ($21), and DJ Chark ($17) are going to be your best friends. These receivers have a big upside and bargain price tags. If you want to nominate them early you can also throw off your opponents as they are expecting big-ticket players to go off the board early. Working from the middle out, or even from the low-end value picks to the top can unsettle your opponents. Win the mental battle and you will win your league.

General Auction Draft Thoughts

Golden Rule

Be patient and let the auction come to you. In auction drafts, there will be more crazy things happen. People have the ability to go and get guys that they like at any point in the draft. Be mindful of a bidding war on players and do not allow someone to run your budget down too early for a player who is not worth it. Prepare your auction draft cheat sheet and be ready to have some fun.

Have a Plan

There are two basic approaches to an auction draft and both are plans that can work and create good opportunities for your team. Sit down and give yourself a loose budget that you want to spend on each position on your roster. This is not a hard and fast number, but be ready to adjust your budget up or down depending upon how the draft goes.

Will you be a stars and scrubs drafter? Spend big money early on the top-tier guys and then sit back and snipe value picks later. Or will you take a more balanced approach? Passing on the top-tier and big-money picks early, but dominating the next tier with more money to throw around later.

Quarterback Value

As with any fantasy football draft, you can definitely wait on a quarterback, but should always plan on contingencies. If you want to target quarterbacks further down the list, QB12 and lower, a good strategy is to scoop up two of them at a low cost. Pairing Matt Stafford with Teddy Bridgewater, or Ryan Fitzpatrick with Daniel Jones, gives you some good upside with both quarterbacks and provides insurance as well.

Check out our FREE Fantasy Football Draft Kit!

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