NBA First FG Props – February 4

First FG Props February 4 - FG Props February 4 - NBA First FG Props - First FG bets Some people like to sweat out a bet for 48 hard minutes – others like immediate satisfaction. Count us as being in the latter, which is why we like to get down with NBA first FG props. And we’ve decided to pass that knowledge on to you with our first FG bets for February 4. Go here for NBA Championship odds.

Of course, there are plenty out there taking blind guesses at this stuff. It’s easy to pick the most popular player or look at what happened in the last game. However, we spent the time pouring through the analytics to make sure that we give you the best odds to stay in the green on these first FG props for February 4.

Come check out what we have cooked up for this slate of games.

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NBA First FG Props – February 4

Phoenix Suns vs. Washington Wizards

Tipoff – 3:30 pm EST
Capital One Arena – Washington, DC
Broadcast – NBA TV

These two teams have pretty much the same exact numbers when it comes to the first bucket. The Suns have a 46.94% average compared to the Wizards at 47.92%. That 0.98% is not enough to really decide who comes out of here with the first score. However, the Suns have won way more tips. They’re 3rd in the league at 71.4%. The Wizards, on the other hand, are 27th in the league at 35.4%. With the tip winner getting roughly two-thirds of the first scores, we have to lean to the Suns here.


Three of the last four guys to score on the Wizards first have been big men. In addition, Jusuf Nurkic has three of the last seven first scores for the Suns. Given that, I think the big man gets in the paint and scores early for Phoenix and at a nice number here.

First FG Bet for February 4: Jusuf Nurkic (+450)

Houston Rockets vs. Minnesota Timberwolves

Tipoff – 7:00 pm EST
Target Center – Minneapolis, Minnesota
Broadcast – NBA League Pass

There’s almost no difference between these two teams when it comes to the early game statistics. The Rockets have a meager 0.9% advantage when it comes to both the tip and the first buckets. However, if we’re trying to find a gap, the Timberwolves have not been good on the early scores as of late. They’re 2-4 in both categories in their last six games. The Rockets are only a touch better, but enough for me to like them here.

In the last few games, the Rockets have a handful of guys getting early looks. The big men have been a big part of the action, but so has Jalen Green. In the last three games, he’s taken a third of the early shots for the Rockets. While not a ton of them have fallen, I think this is a good spot to exploit that number.

First FG Bet for February 4: Jalen Green (+800)


If you’d like even more info to help make your first FG bets for February 4, check out the NBA Gambling Podcast. They’re dropping episodes five days a week to make you the smartest guy/gal at the bar. 

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