NBA First FG Props – December 18

First FG Props December 18 - FG Props December 18- NBA First FG Props - First FG bets Some people like to sweat out a bet for 48 hard minutes – others like immediate satisfaction. Count us as being in the latter, which is why we like to get down with NBA first FG props. And we’ve decided to pass that knowledge on to you with our first FG bets for December 18. Go here for NBA Championship odds.

Of course, there are plenty out there taking blind guesses at this stuff. It’s easy to pick the most popular player or look at what happened in the last game. However, we spent the time pouring through the analytics to make sure that we give you the best odds to stay in the green on these first FG props for December 18.

Come check out what we have cooked up for this slate of games.

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NBA First FG Props – December 18

Detroit Pistons vs. Atlanta Hawks

Tipoff – 7:30 pm EST
State Farm Arena – Atlanta, Georgia
Broadcast – NBA League Pass

The Pistons have been above average on the year in the beginning of the year stats. In both tip average and first bucket percentage, they’ve posted a 53.9%. That gives them a huge edge on the Hawks, who are a bottom three team in terms of tips. Additionally, Clint Capela, who is taking the tip on Monday, is getting just 33% of the tips. Those facts mean you have to lean to a Pistons player.

The Pistons have had six different players score the first bucket in their last six successes. That might make it hard to determine who to ride with. However, Marvin Bagley has been getting a lot of the early action in the last two games. With Clint Capela banged up in the middle, it could be even easier for him to get that bucket. Plus, he scored the first field goal the last time these two squared off.

First FG Bet for December 18: Marvin Bagley III (+475)

Brooklyn Nets vs. Utah Jazz

Tipoff – 9:00 pm EST
Delta Center – Salt Lake City, Utah
Broadcast – NBA League Pass

The Nets are not sporting great numbers when it comes to the early game data. They have a 44% average on both the tip and the first buckets. While that might not seem great, it’s far better than the Jazz. The Jazz currently rank dead last in the NBA in first field goals with a 30.8% average. Their tips are slightly better, but are still south of 40% on the year.

The Nets have a handful of players with multiple first buckets. Mikal Bridges is the top with four on the year, but shortly behind is Nic Claxton. He’s not only got three on the year, but he also is seeing a lot of putback opportunities in the early part of the game. That should help him here against the Jazz, who have a banged up front-court.

First FG Bet for December 18: Nic Claxton (+500)

Washington Wizards vs. Sacramento Kings

Tipoff – 10:00 pm EST
Golden 1 Center – Sacramento, California
Broadcast – NBA League Pass

Domantas Sabonis is one of the worst guys in the league when it comes to the tip. He’s grabbing the first possession at just a 33.3% clip. Despite that fact, the Kings are still getting the first bucket at 54.2% rate. That’s a testament to their high percentage shots and their good defense. To make me like them even more here, Sabonis will be up against one of the few jumpers with a lower percentage than him – Daniel Gafford at 31.8%.

If you’re looking for a King, it may seem chalky, but the answer here is De’Aaron Fox. He has 38.5% of all Kings first buckets on the year. In addition, the Wizards have decent interior defensive stats on the year, so there’s no reason not to lean to a guard here.

First FG Bet for December 18: De’Aaron Fox (+600)


If you’d like even more info to help make your first FG bets for December 18, check out the NBA Gambling Podcast. They’re dropping episodes five days a week to make you the smartest guy/gal at the bar. 

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