What Are Jackpot Slots?

You can play slots non GamStop for several different reasons. Most people play for fun and for the chance to win money for a trip or similar, but there is another reason to play and that is to find one of the jackpots that are out there in the market.

There are several players who annually win a jackpot and thus become financially independent. Before you try your luck, it’s good to know how jackpots work and, above all, which slots you should play to give yourself the chance.
Here we go through everything you need to know about online jackpots before you go hunting.

Which Non GamStop Casino Games Offer The Biggest Jackpots?

There are many slots that offer jackpots, but the sum of these pots varies greatly. Depending on which slot you choose, the sum can vary between a few thousand Euros up to tens and even hundreds of millions.

You have a greater chance of winning on the slots that award a lower amount of their jackpots, but right now we are going to talk about the games that award the highest winnings.

It varies how high the sum of most jackpot games is, but you can look at what the average winnings are to see which ones most often award the highest jackpot. When you do this, you land on three slots that have huge average winnings.
There are two major game manufacturers responsible for the games with the three largest sums and these are NetEnt and Microgaming.

NetEnt stands for Mega Fortune Dreams, which awards an average profit of approx. 40 million. Minimum bet €2 and maximum bet per spin €800.

NetEnt also stands for Hall of Gods, which distributes an average profit of just over 50 million. Minimum bet €2 and maximum bet per spin €500.

Microgaming currently has the game with the highest average payout. Mega Moolah of just over 60 million. Minimum bet € 2.50 and maximum bet per spin € 62.50

Note that NetEnt also has an older Mega Fortune jackpot slot that is available at most gaming companies. Minimum bet € 2.50 and maximum bet per spin € 500.

The more modern variant called Mega Fortune Dreams is more exclusive and only available at the major non GamStop casinos.

What Different Types of Jackpots Are There?

The reason why you can’t say exactly how much the various jackpots payout at non GamStop casinos is because they are progressive. This means that they are constantly growing.

At what rate they grow depends on how many people play the game and for what stakes, since about 5% of the stakes on the game go to the pot. All slots are not progressive, but instead have a fixed sum which is usually not as large as the progressive ones.

These are the different jackpot variants available and this is how they work:

Progressive Jackpots
There are three different types of progressive jackpots: Global jackpots, local jackpots and daily jackpots.

Global Jackpot
These are the jackpots with the highest winning amount. The sum of this jackpot increases every time someone plays it.

A small percentage of players’ bet from each spin goes directly into the pot. The jackpot is usually shared between several different betting companies that offer the specific game, which causes the jackpot to increase rapidly.
What the sum is when you play, you can clearly see next to or above the playing field and you can also see how it quickly ticks upwards. In theory, there is no limit to how big the sum can ultimately be before someone wins it. When this happens, that someone wins, the player picks up everything that all players have chipped into the pot from different betting companies.

The jackpot does not then go down to €0 and start over, but every major jackpot game has a minimum guarantee that the jackpot starts at after it has been distributed so that there will still be a reason for the players to play the jackpot slot.

Examples of global jackpots are the aforementioned Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune Dreams and Hall of Gods.
Keep in mind that you rarely win any bigger wins beyond the jackpots that these games are simply about. Either you will probably burn through your bankroll for that session in the end or you will win one of the jackpots.

Local Jackpot

A local progressive jackpot works in much the same way as the global one. The difference is that the pot is not built up from players at lots of different betting companies, but only from betting companies that belong to the same company.

A company may well only have one gaming company on the market, but it is also common for it to have two or more. Since the pot is built up from fewer betting companies and thus fewer players, the pot is also often lower than the global ones. They are normally a few hundred thousand €, but it is distributed much more often so it is still attractive to many.

It may be worth checking around a couple of betting companies before you start playing at a local jackpot slot as the jackpots can differ quite a bit between the betting companies.

An example of a local jackpot is Divine Fortune from NetEnt.
Minimum bet € 2 and maximum bet per spin € 1,000

Daily Jackpot

It is the game manufacturer Red Tiger Gaming that has recently brought this concept to some of its slots. This means that there is a time limit on when the jackpot will be paid out.

You often see what the amount is next to the game plan and there you also see how much time is left until it will be guaranteed to be won by a player.

It’s an interesting variant that makes it interesting if you run on one of these slots and see that there are only minutes left. Then it might be worth giving it a chance and start playing.

The sum of these jackpots is normally around € 10,000, but it is a progressive jackpot so the sum depends on how many people play on it and what stakes they use.


It is therefore possible that life changes for all players who sit down and play one of the progressive jackpots that distribute the millions. However, it is important to know that the chance of winning just one of these jackpots is incredibly small. What is very positive about the progressives is that you don’t have to risk very much when you play them. A couple of Euros per round can usually be enough to give yourself a chance.

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