Edmonton Oilers vs Los Angeles Kings – Mobile Betting Markets and Odds Preview

Many people bet on ice hockey because the sport offers many options you can’t find anywhere else. Naturally, all leading online bookmakers offer NFL betting, and some will even allow their clients to bet on this sport from their mobile devices.

Speaking of mobile betting, most of the attention given to the 1xBet mobile app is about its sportsbook and the fact that it offers all sorts of options. People who like to bet on ice hockey and choose the NHL will have access to a lot of options, including the Los Angeles Kings vs Edmonton Oilers match. The latter will be the second game between the two and will take place in just a few days from now.

NHL betting fans from different parts of the world will probably want to know more about this match, so it’s time to look at the betting markets and see which ones are worth it. Keep in mind that LA Kings have the lead after winning the first clash, so their opponents will have to step up their game.


The first market that you will find for the Los Angeles Kings vs Edmonton Oilers match is often called Winner. However, you can find it as 1×2, FT winner, To Win, and all sorts of other variations. Choosing his option means you want to bet on the team that will win the game. 

If we take a look at the odds at 1xBet that are available to desktop and mobile users, we can see that Edmonton Oilers are the big favorite. Despite the fact the squad lost the first match, the odds of winning the second one are in its favor. 

Double Chance

Although this betting market is usually popular among people who want to bet on soccer, 1xBet and other leading NHL betting websites allow clients to use it for this sport. If you choose it, you place a bet that one of the teams will win or the game will end in a draw, or that either team wins. Choosing the latter means losing only if the match ends in a draw.

Considering that Edmonton Oilers are the favorites, it shouldn’t be surprising that the Double Chance odds where for this team aren’t that good. However, this is not the case for those who choose the latter because placing a “2x” bet will give you access to odds of 2.00.

Will There be Overtime

Overtime is popular in Ice Hockey, especially in NHL games between two really good teams. 1xBet realizes this, which is why people who choose to bet on the Edmonton Oilers vs Los Angeles Kings match on their desktop or mobile device can bet on whether there will be Overtime.

What’s interesting is that the odds for “Yes” are much higher (4.00) than those for “No” (1.2). In other words, the bookie thinks it is unlikely to see overtime in this match.

Next Goal

If you’re looking for several interesting NHL betting markets for the Edmonton Oilers vs Los Angeles Kings match, the Next Goal options are for you. Operators like the one described above will let their clients pick from all sorts of options. For example, they can bet that Team 1 will score goal 1 (1.64) or that Team 2 will score the first goal (2.26). Those who like taking risks can also bet that there won’t be a first goal (31.00) or that we won’t see a 6th goal in the match (2.21).

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