NFL Best Ball Superflex Draft 10.0 (Ep. 1612)

NFL Best Ball Superflex Draft
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NFL Best Ball Superflex Draft 10.0

The guys (@GamblingPodcast) kick of SGPN’s Draft Week with a NFL Best ball superflex draft. Plus they hit on the Eagles Derrick Henry trade rumors, the Vikings trading up for Will Levis and all the other latest NFL news.

Best Ball 10.0 has come quick and comes with some NFL Draft news. Things to watch out for are some trades which seemed lackluster last year.

(3:45) Texans Decision

There is a decent chance that the Texans will allow someone to move up into their two slot as they have some sort of freedom with two different first-round picks this year.

(5:11) Derrick Henry and the Eagles

Henry’s name has floated around recently and it is likely he gets traded on draft night from the Titans. The Eagles are somehow a considerable landing spot for him but they also have a solid chance of drafting Bijan Robinson. However, the Eagles could be looking to sure-up an already solid defensive line by taking Nolan Smith or they could trade back and take one of the top receivers.

(18:26) NFC Super Bowl Predictions

Somehow, the 49ers are the most likely NFC team to win the Super Bowl. With Sam Darnold looking like the starter, you should find any way you can to fade this team. With the odds looking like this, the Eagles are most likely undervalued and could be a good time to take a swing on them early.

(23:27) Lions Gambling Suspension

A number of Lions players including young star Jameson Williams were pinched for gambling on football. Of those who got 6 games, they were suspended for betting in the team’s facilities. NFL players are allowed to bet on college football, but not on team premises. For those suspended indefinitely, it is likely they were betting on NFL games.

(27:45) 49ers QB situation

The 49ers are in trouble with Sam Darnold starting. Brock Purdy has already claimed that he doesn’t expect to play this season. Trey Lance is up in the air and has a such a small sample size that the 49ers should not give up on him just yet.

(32:19) Draft Starts

The only other competitor of the draft took an interesting approach as he realized that Sean and Kramer could only take so many quarterbacks while he stacked up on guys like Christian McCaffrey and Justin Jefferson. Amon Ra’s value has a slight uptick as he won’t have Jameson Williams stealing targets in the first 6 weeks.

(41:40) Lineups:

QBs: Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, Daniel Jones,
RBs: Saquon Barkley, Bijan Robinson, Nick Chubb, Travis Etienne
WRs: Tyreek Hill, Stefon Diggs, Jaylen Waddle, Chris Olave, DK Metcalf, Calvin Ridley, Christian Kirk, Terry Mclaurin, Michael Pittman, Tyler Lockett
TEs: Travis Kelce, Kyle Pitts

QBs: Jalen Hurts, Justin Fields, Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert
RBs: Miles Sanders, Aaron Jones, Najee Harris, Rhamondre Stevenson, Dalvin Cook
WRs: AJ Brown, Davante Adams, Devonta Smith, Tee Higgins, Amon Ra St Brown, Mike Williams, Keenan Allen, Garret Wilson, DeAndre Hopkins, DJ Moore
TEs: Dallas Goedert

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