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Golf Betting: PGA Championship One and Done

Golf Betting: PGA Championship One and Done

Golf Betting: PGA Championship One and Done

Alright, degens it’s major time! This week is The PGA Championship at Kiawah Island. Let’s talk about the great PGA one and done. Are you are new to golf betting and hear us and everyone else talks about it and has no clue what it is? Let me explain it to you.

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Golf Betting with the One and Done

The easiest way to make you understand it is, it’s similar to your NFL Eliminator/Survivor pools. Each week starting at the beginning of the golf season you pick a golfer for the week. Once you pick the golfer you cannot use him again for the rest of the year. The end goal is to accumulate the most money during the season. Scoring is idiot-proof whatever he wins goes to your season total. One and Done has a ton of different versions of payouts so we won’t get into the weeds on that here.

There are a bunch of different strategies just like the eliminator pools. There is a finite number of tournaments a year so the nice thing is you can just use good golfers. That’s typically the best strategy use the guys who are good haha. No need for dumpster diving like DFS every week. No need to get cute and outsmart yourself into a missed cut. You don’t want to take the chalk every week either. You need to be able to leverage the field, especially in large tournaments, just like a large field GPP.

PGA Championship Picks

So for this week’s pick let’s use the PME Open availability. It is definitely the most popular of the OAD tournaments of which I am currently sitting almost DFL. I suck at OAD for whatever reason, I mush the hell out of whoever I pick. I can pick winners consistently on my betting card so apparently, I need a few shots and not just one shot. So take my pick advice with that disclaimer.

Rahm 33% Available– Look I know he’s not been playing great but it’s a good leverage spot due to availability and him not being popular. The guy is a stud Rory just did it why can’t Rahm.

Hovland 47% Available– The uber chalk of the week but for good reason plays well on this surface, scores his ass off and his around the green game has really improved it could be his coming-out party.

Spieth 49% Available– Been playing his ass off and scrambling is going to be very important this week with all the missed greens. Who else would want to try to get up and down or chipping in for birdie?

Go read my co-hosts Steve’s articles for course info and our betting strategies. We have a ton of content for you this week with 3 pods so go listen and join our golf community and let’s go break them books!


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