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Printable NFL 2021 Draft Party Props Sheet

Printable NFL 2021 Draft Party Props Sheet

If you are clicking on this link, you have gone full degen. You want nothing more than to challenge your friends with this Printable NFL 2021 Draft Party Props Sheet. Last year was virtual insanity as future rookies used all manner of Internet conferencing tools to celebrate their names being called. This year, at least 13 NFL potentials will be in Cleveland in the flesh to accept their handshake from the commissioner.

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That of course, still leaves a fair amount of draftees still waiting at home for their phone call. With that, we can, and will, bet on some out-there scenarios to go along with the straight forward bets. It’s always more fun to have a little something riding on the draft and that’s where we come in. So, wherever you are enjoying this draft with your friends be it virtual or otherwise, we hope you enjoy these props.

Printable NFL Draft 2021 Party Props Sheet for Round 1

Download the printer-friendly PDF version here:

Pop open a few bottles of Coors Light and grab your draft snack of choice. Then, get ready to root for Trevor Lawrence to give his cat an uncomfortably long and affectionate hug. Or, high five your significant other who won’t understand why you care that Jaylen Waddell is lighting up his victory stogie. It’s finally draft time, let’s have some fun.

How to Run an NFL Draft Round 1 Prop Pool

  1. Send the PDF to all your friends.
  2. Set an entry fee per submission and collect the money via Venmo or Cash app or Paypal or Dogecoin or whatever.
  3. Make sure everyone understands they have to circle one choice for each answer, plus add the tiebreaker guess at the bottom.
  4. Cut off the submissions BEFORE Roger Goodell reads, “With the first pick of the NFL Draft, the Jaguars select Trevor Lawrence.”
  5. Follow @GamblingPodcast on Twitter for live updates during the game for results. That way, you can get drunk and not worry about paying attention to every moment of the draft.
  6. After Round 1 ends, add up the correct answers and award the winners.

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