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NFL Mock Draft 2021 Final – Sean Green


NFL Mock Draft 2021 Final – Sean Green

The final countdown is on to the NFL Draft and it feels like we’re getting some clarity on the landing spots of some important pieces. I do think the initial news we heard about Mac Jones to the 49ers is correct and I feel like a Jimmy Garoppolo to the New England Patriots trade is not off the table. It also seems like the odds are shifting to Kyle Pitts going to the Atlanta Falcons, although Matt Ryan look’s cooked I think the Falcons give him one year before really exploring other options at QB.

The draft is also updated to reflect the Chiefs trading their pick away for OL Orlando Brown.

Make sure to check out our live NFL Draft Simulcast streaming at the same time as the first round of the NFL Draft 5 pm PST on April 29th on our YouTube channel.

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NFL Mock Draft 2021 First Round


Trevor LawrenceQBClemson
What else is there to say that hasn't been said about Trevor Lawrence going to the Jags? I understand their decision, but to me he's just a poor man's Stone Labanowitz.

Zach WilsonQBBYU
The last time we had Joe Theismann on the podcast, he had Zach Wilson as his number two QB. His draft stock has been on the rise for months and fortunately we got down on Wilson #2 pick at -150 because this is now a lock.

via MIA
Mac JonesQBAlabama
To me it's pretty clear it's Mac Jones here, as much as people in the media don't like the idea he seems to have all the traits that Kyle Shanahan wants in a QB.

Kyle PittsTEFlorida
Certainly this is a spot for a trade up for QB, however if ATL stays here it seems they're going to try and get what they can out of the Matt Ryan and give him the ultimate offensive weapon in Kyle Pitts.

Ja'Marr ChaseWRLSU
Everyone wants the Bengals to draft an OL to protect Joe Burrow and prevent him from blowing out another ACL, however the local connected guys in CIN tell me it's actually a WR. The Chase and Burrow reunion certainly will be fun to watch.

via PHI
Jaylen WaddleWRAlabama
Miami has been all over the place in this draft, but assuming they pick at six here they're going to go offensive weapon. There is a ton of smoke that Waddle is the first WR taken and that they Dolphins have their eye on him.

Micah ParsonsLBPSU
Don't see Lions going WR here and a physical defensive beast is exactly the tone the new look Lions are trying to set. Going LB Top 10 definitely seems like a move both Dan Campbell and Chris Spielman will agree on.

Penei SewellOTOregon
Another possible trade spot for teams looking to snag a QB. Carolina can use a lot of help, why not start out with a LT. I think there is a chance Slater goes ahead of him, but I think if he was here for the Panthers they take him.

Justin FieldsQBOhio State
Elway could really put his foot down and force the Broncos not to take a QB, but Fields is too good for them to pass up. Fields has some mechanical flaws in his release, but could be a fun upgrade in DEN over Lock.

Patrick Surtain IICBAlabama
The best CB on the board the Cowboys would have to be crazy to not take Surtain II here. There is a chance though they trade up to make a move for Pitts, but at 10 they should really take their medicine and help their dog shit defense.

Rashawn SlaterOLNorthwestern
This is tough choice between Slater and DeVonta Smith, but in this mock I'll have the Giants addressing a glaring need at OL. In reality they should take Trey Lance, because Daniel Jones isn't a franchise QB, but we'll let them live in their fantasy world for another year.

via MIA via SF
DeVonta SmithWRAlabama
If you heard the latest amped up press conference Nick Sirianni described the traits he was looking for which really aligned to the traits of DeVonta Smith. Quick, explosive and tought to take down in open space. The Eagles will be running more of a true west coast scheme and DeVonta Smith fits that perfectly.

Alijah Vera-TuckerOTUSC
The San Diego Super Chargers (in Decker voice) have their QB for the future. Now they just need their OL of the future, drafting a local product here makes a ton of sense.

Kwity PayeEDGEMichigan
Mike Zimmer was legit pissed at how bad his defense was last year, and for good reason they were horrible. Paye will help the Vikings generate much needed pass rush and take the heat off their young secondary.

Zaven CollinsEDGETulsa
The Patriots like most years are a real wildcard in the draft. Zaven Collins feels like the classic "too cute" draft pick by Belichick.

Jaycee HornCBSouth Carolina
Arizona really needs an upgrade at the CB position and they'll be thrilled if they're able to get Jaycee Horn here without having to move up. I wouldn't be surprised if some teams and scouts have him as the number one CB this year.

Jeremiah Owusu-KoramoahLBNotre Dame
Las Vegas Raiders are always all over the place on the draft board. They need help in a lot of places, but a versatile LB like JOK can certainly help when going up against these AFC West offenses (except DEN).

Jamin DavisLBKentucky
Jamin Davis is skyrocketing up draft boards and with good reason. He's a physical beast of a LB who can also cover, great pick here by the Dolphins.

Trey LanceQBNorth Dakota State
All my sources are saying WFT loves Trey Lance and will do whatever it takes to get him. They're probably going to have to move up, but really seems like WAS is where Lance ends up.

Caleb FarleyCBVirginia Tech
The Bears could use some real secondary help and Caleb Farley helps plug some holes. He has two back surgeries, which will scare off some teams and why he's not higher up in the first round.

Jaelan Phillips EDGEMiami
If you just went off of size and tape, Phillips would be a top ten pick. Unfortunately there are some real red flags, he has a history of concussions and stopped playing football for a time during college.

Teven JenkinsOTOklahoma State
Titans have lost a lot of OL over the past couple years and they'll need to replenish as much of their offense relies around pounding the rock with Derrick Henry.

via SEA
Greg Newsome IICBNorthwestern
Jets need to get better in their defensive secondary and Newsome could be a nice addition. He's comped to Darius Slay and is only 20 years old. To win in the NFL you need to pass and defend the pass and the Jets addressed both in this first round.

Najee HarrisRBAlabama
The Steelers rushing offense was horrible and they certianly seem open minded to the idea of a bell cow back. Harris can help take pressure off of Big Ben and seems like a natural fit for the Steelers.

via LAR
Christian BarmoreDLAlabama
Barmore has been a 5 star prospect since he came out the womb. Urban Meyer has to appreicate the potential of Barrmore as he looks to rebuild the franchise.

Gregory RousseauEDGEMiami
The Cleveland Browns are looking to add to their already strong defensive line. I'm not super high on the Clowney signing, but going DL here will certainly give their defense a bump.

Rashod BatemanWRMinnesota
The Baltimore Ravens need a WR that isn't tiny and Rashod Bateman is that WR. 6' 2" 210 lbs with a big catch radius to help Lamar Jackson in the passing game.

Trevon MoehrigSTCU
The New Orleans Saints are a real wildcard and could go any position, but I think the need to upgrade an aging secondary is paramount. Trevon Moehrig is the consensus number one safety and a steal here for the Saints.

Elijah MooreWRMississippi
The Green Bay Packers stop trying to piss Aaron Rodgers off and they finally draft a WR in the first round. Who knows though Kellen Mond is still on the board!

Jayson OwehEDGEPSU
The Bills really needed a better pass rush in the AFC Championship game and Oweh is a beast. I know people aren't high on DL this draft, but Oweh could actually be the best pass rusher in the class.

via KC
Jalen MayfieldOTMichigan
I was going to have the Chiefs draft an OT here, but since they Ravens just traded their LT away they'll be the ones needing OL help. Jalen Mayfield looks to be the bets on the board.

Joe TryonEDGEWashington
Being Super Bowl Champions the Bucs don't have any glaring need, but building on their strength by continuing to upgrade their DL makes a ton of sense.


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Sean Green is co-host of The Sports Gambling Podcast. When he isn't giving out his free NFL picks, he works as a stand up comedian, writer and producer. He's currently the head writer and supervising producer on "Ridiculousness" but has also written for Crashletes (Nickelodeon), SFTHF (Full Screen) and Guy Code (MTV Digital). Sean also hosts his own late night sports talk show "Sean's Sports Show".


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