NFL Mock Draft 2021 Final – Ryan Kramer

NFL Mock Draft 2021 Final - Ryan Kramer
NFL Mock Draft 2021 Final – Ryan Kramer

What’s up Kramer Gang, its Mock Draft SZN! Remember when mock was just that word your mother used when you had a killer comeback, I do. It makes me happy and sad, all at the same time, that we all invest so much time in pretending to draft, pretending to get inside the mind of the NFL “brain.” I get it, predicting the future is fun, but knowing the future is even more fun. Sit back, strap in and prepare your mind for the journey through the 1st round of the NFL Draft as told by yours truly, Ryan ‘Real Money’ Kramer AKA Draftradamus.

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In addition, not that I was directly asked but yes I blame 100% of David Gettleman’s mistakes on Pat Shurmur and others no longer with the organization. Currently, David Gettleman is just a figurehead doing nothing more than the bidding of the current Head Coach / Czar of the #AllRise Culture Joe Judge. Furthermore, I expect big things from this year’s NFL Draft after CRUSHING the Free Agency period. Lastly, I expect David Gettleman to be moved into a less operational role within the organization at some point later in this league year.

In advance of accepting the most accurate mock drafter – 2021 (in the voice of the great Freddie Mitchell), I would like to thank all the great people SGPN for helping to fuel the rocket ship every damn day.

Let It Ride


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2021 NFL Mock Draft


Trevor LawrenceQBClemson
Rule #1 a retired set for life college coach only comes out of retirement for the perfect situation. NFL Head Coach Salary, check. #1 pick to draft the "best" QB prospect in some time, check. Living in the same state as Tim Tebow, CHECK MATE. This pick has been settled since they locked up the pick in the fall, the only question is do they dare keep Minshew around to show Trevor how to be a true alpha.

Zach WilsonQBBYU
Similar to the first pick, this one has been locked up for a while, like Joe Theisman told us on the Sports Gambling Podcast, "This kid is something special. Hopefully he can avoid 'jetting'

via MIA
Mac JonesQBAlabama
This storyline has dominated the offseason and I dont think you trade up unless you have a guy in mind, so I dont buy the its down to Lance and Jones. Mac Jones just showed the world he can run a dynamic offense with the right tools around him, tools similar to what SF has in physical dynamic pass catchers and ball carriers. This starts the Jimmy G to NE talk and creates a comical ammount of hate towards the 49ers

Ja'Marr ChaseWRLSU
Im certainly getting softer on my no trades in the top 10 stance but...I think they could deal Julio and have the chance to insta-repladce him with Jamar Chase...I dont think they think Matt Ryan is done quite yet.

Penei SewellOTOregon
Stogey Joe is coming off a fun year that ended with a knee injury...with Chase off the board this is a no brainer, PROTECT the franchise.

via PHI
Jaylen WaddleWRAlabama
Waddle is locked in as the #2 WR and MIA sure has a hell of a decision with this pick. With Pitts slipping the decision will be tough but stylistically Waddle is a great fit, DYNAMIC after the catch and someone who can really be a confidence builder for the sophmore signal caller.

Kyle PittsTEFlorida
Biting knee caps is the name of the game and Tight End is the posistion. What better way to deploy a multiple offense then with a dual TE situation that looks like Pitts + Hockenson. Plays to the few strengths of Jared Goff and would allow them to improve their offense while staying on brand for knee cap chewing.

Rashawn SlaterOLNorthwestern
I think Carolina taking a QB is a smoke screen to trade. I know that the only way you get to see what you have in Darnold is to improve the O-line. This pick is a no brainer and unless they trade back I would be shocked if they do anything else.

Micah ParsonsLBPSU
This pick will certainly be called stupid as many will think this is where Elway pulls the trigger on another QB. Im not so sure. He is on record saying he wants to see Drew Locke healthy. I think the weapons are there and while it could be tempting to go QB or OL I think they realize that the defense is still the engine that makes this machine go (especially under a defensive minded HC). Parsons fall ends and the Broncos get a relative steal thanks to Parson's opting out.

Patrick Surtain IICBAlabama
Cowboys have to take the best CB available as need meets best player available. I mean how often does the 1st CB come off the board 10th. No way Jerry screws this up, no way at all.

Alijah Vera-TuckerOTUSC
Im now VERY convinced that Gettleman/Judge will trade down here pick up more picks and still get an OL. If they hold position its down to OL, Devonta Smith or Horn/Surtain. Crazy but it seems like people who are plugged in to the organization are starting to message that the pick could be a defensive pick (after trading down). They have the weapons, they just need the line to be stable...gotta be the pick.

via MIA via SF
Jaycee HornCBSouth Carolina
Just spent the last 30 min watching Horn tape...Eagles need this dude, WAY more than they need a WR. I have never gotten the narrative that they go WR here. Raeger is a promising you player who didnt out perform Justin Jefferson but no Rookie really has, EVER. Much like the Cowboys they know they need a as many DBs as possible to slow down Danny Dimes and the GGGGGGGGMen

DeVonta SmithWRAlabama
Every year the Chargers seem to be on the right end of a fortuitous slip of a big name prospect. This year its Heisman winner Devonta Smith. Sure EVERYONE things its CB or OL but why not go all in with a rookie QB and give him one more weapon. Low key I LOVE THIS PICK.

Kwity PayeEDGEMichigan
Will the Vikings get to laugh at the Eagles again, probably not but Zimmer needs to improve the defense, 1st edge rusher coming off the board at 14 is just what is needed. Perhaps this ends up being Phillips or Ojulri but I think Kwity is their guy.

Zaven CollinsEDGETulsa
Collins has been reported by multi sources as someone Bellicheck and the Pats fancy has he seems to fit the versatile scheme Bill like to run. Assuming the havent already traded up for their QB, I think they continue on the mission they started in free agency.

Christian BarmoreDLAlabama
Im going to zig a bit here, most have the Cardninals adding more offensive talent which Kingsburry is an Air Raid guy so it makes sense. But they could really use some re-enforcments on the DL spefically a guy who can just eat space. Barmore immediately elevates this defense and what they can do up front endless. This could be a better way to replace what they lost on the back end of the D.

Christian DarrisawOTVirginia Tech
Will Gruden be able to pass on a QB if Fields and Lance are there? He has to, replace your LT with an absolute bully. If Gruden is really trying to change culture Darrisaw helps solidfy the Oline and fix the Trent Brown mistake.

Jaelan Phillips EDGEMiami
This one is a dice throw, lots of red flags but the dude opted in, showed out and dare I say reminds me (for very different reasons) of JPP who just knows how to use his physical gifts to envoke havoc in the back field. Hate the U love this kid.

Trey LanceQBNorth Dakota State
The Washington Fing Football team gets there guy with out trading up. He gets to learn the game under Ivy League great and back door god, Ryan Fitzmagic. I hate to say it but the Football Team is the class of the NFC Least right now.

Caleb FarleyCBVirginia Tech
They let Kyle Fuller walk for NO REASON, now they replace him with the next great CB from my alma mater Virginia Tech. Assuming the medical looks good, pound for pound the best cover corner in the draft. Yes they just passed on Justin Fields

Teven JenkinsOTOklahoma State
This seems as automatic as Trevor Lawrence #1, Colts will take a Olineman. They just traded for a QB who they feel has tremendous upside but who has a glaring flaw of holding on to the ball. Upgrade the line in what appears to be a very deep and solid class of lineman

Azeez OjulariEDGEGeorgia
Titans NEED a pass rush, Ojulari feels like the guy who sneaks into the top 10 and blows everyone's mind, but Mike Vrabel defense plugs in a day 1 starter on the edge.

via SEA
Jamin DavisLBKentucky
Another name you are hearing shoot up draft boards, but in our draft he is still available for the J E T S Jets Jets Jets to grab a sideline to sideline guy who posses defense altering abilities. To me Jets have to go LB or DB here (Moehrig could be the pick)

Najee HarrisRBAlabama
And here we have it, the worst kept secret, Steelers need to help Big Ben and they just could run the ball to save their lives or season last year. Bring the , Hey he could be the next Derrick Henry dude from Bama. Dont sleep on his ability to catch the rock.

via LAR
Trevon MoehrigSTCU
Jags and Jets in similar spots, gotta get better in a lot of places, love Moehrig to step in and upgrade the defense immediatly

Greg Newsome IICBNorthwestern
CBs falling down the board, GREAT pick for the Browns as any DFS player will tell you , they couldnt stop anyone last year. Newsome is an exciting talent who I've seen listed as the #1 CB on a couple boards.

Jeremiah Owusu-KoramoahLBNotre Dame
Ravens probably should go WR but that organization has eaten for years keeping the defense loaded with front 7 players...They do the smarter thing and invest in the defense vs grabbing a short speedy WR.

Justin FieldsQBOhio State
Slip ends with Sean Payton who sees a rich mans Taysom Hill in Justin Fields

Rashod BatemanWRMinnesota
Packers finally do it, giving Bateman a PERFECT landing spot in Big10 country with a QB named Aaron Rodgers and a guy named DaVante Adams to learn from.

Gregory RousseauEDGEMiami
Bills were close last year, and when your close and you have confidence in your ability to score you do one thing in the draft. Load up on pass rushers, Rousseau comes with question marks including opting out but some have said he is a top 10 talent. Bills get an absolute steal here.

via KC
Alex LeatherwoodOTAlabama
Hard to see the Ravens not backfilling their OL after trading one for this pick. Perhaps they grab the kid out of Notre Dame, but Leatherwood just looks like he belongs on the Ravens Oline

Jayson OwehEDGEPenn State
If your defensive line is good, make it stronger...they are locked and loaded everywhere else (unless you think Brady's Cliff year is next year)


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