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NBA Betting Picks for Today on Locker Room | NBA Gambling Podcast (Ep. 119)

NBA Betting Picks Today

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NBA Picks for Today Podcast Recap

Ryan ‘Rich Fat Baby’ McKee, Zach ‘Swiss Bank’ Broner, Munaf ‘The Machine’ Manji, and more of the SGPN #DegensOnly Crew get together live on the Locker Room app. Their group chat centers around NBA betting picks for today (Friday, January 29, 2021). They preview every game on the 10-game Friday night slate and throw out their best bets for each matchup. Also, the guys highlight certain gambling trends. Be sure to watch for more that are emerging. After all, the NBA season is essentially one-quarter of the way through.

Please note, this discussion about NBA picks for today started at 12pm EST on Friday. That means, much of the news, lines, injury updates and quarantine notices might change. Before placing any bets, make sure you check NBA injury reports. For example, during this recording, everyone is under the assumption that Kevin Durant is playing tonight against the Oklahoma City Thunder (he’s not). Also, they thought Kawhi Leonard and Paul George weren’t not going to play due to quarantine (now they are).

Here are some helpful links that pertain to NBA picks for today. Please check out Munaf’s NBA Mini Series Betting Trends and Stats. Also, Will Moorman’s DFS picks for Friday’s DraftKings slate.

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