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Best Sportsbook Bonus Available

Best Sportsbook Bonus Available

Best Sportsbook Bonus Available

We are entering a hot time in the sportsbook calendar. Championship Weekend is around the corner and the Super Bowl will soon be here! With sports gambling becoming legal in more and more states there are even more opportunities coming up every day to play and win big. But where can you get the best bang for your buck and cash in with a sportsbook bonus when you sign up? As always, the Sports Gambling Podcast has you covered on where to cash and win big.


Right now through SGPN, you can get up to a $500 risk-free bet if you live in an eligible state. WynnBET brings you stellar in-game betting, futures, and a casino as well. With all the clout and resources of an actual Vegas casino, WynnBET is an ever-expanding leader. Look for them to begin to dominate the market and become the place to get in on the action. Add in a $500 risk-free bet when you sign up through SGPN? That is what we call a win-win by Wynn.

WynnBET also will offer many opportunities for odds boosts and other bonus offers periodically. With more prizes, including a chance to win a stay at the Wynn in Vegas every day, available and special promotions galore, it is hard to pass up the opportunities for a sportsbook bonus when you sign up at WynnBET.


FanDuel has some availability in states and some chances to play in their online casino as well. They may offer a larger signup bonus, but there are hoops to jump through. Additionally, without the backing of a larger Vegas casino, there are not as many chances for bigger prizes. Lastly, FanDuel had some issues earlier this year and mostly remains focused on their DFS side of things. There is a good sportsbook bonus for when you sign up, but there are some drawbacks to FanDuel as well.


DraftKings is the other big name in online daily fantasy and they too offer a sportsbook bonus when you sign up. They offer a nice promo offer of up to a $1,000 bonus when you sign up. However, that is only valid for 20% of your initial deposit. In order to fully capitalize on this offer, you have to make a $5,000 deposit. DraftKings provides a nice bonus when you sign up, but does not have the odds boosts and additional prizes that other providers, like WynnBET offer. DraftKings is similar to FanDuel in that they are primarily a DFS provider that has made a foray into the sportsbook game.


Although not a true sportsbook, the new app BettorEdge provides some great opportunities for some bonus action as well. If you signup using code SGP you can get a free $10 bonus bet. BettorEdge is not a traditional sportsbook but acts more like a stock market letting you play the odds. Additionally, you can organize contests with friends and issue challenges to anyone you can think of. Check out more about BettorEdge here and get in on the hottest new action on the market.


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