How to Use New Betting App BettorEdge

How to Use New Betting App BettorEdge
How to Use New Betting App BettorEdge

For many of us, it can be frustrating to find a way to place bets on sporting events. Thankfully BettorEdge is here to help you play the betting markets and cash on positions of all kinds across every sport. BettorEdge is here to be the betting app that can provide you access to the hottest action and give you access to a stock exchange for sports betting. This unique format really differentiates it from other sites. On BettorEdge you can watch the markets and watch how different betting positions move leading up to the contest. Be sure to use code SGP when you sign up as well for a free $10 Bet!

How to Use New Betting App BettorEdge

What is BettorEdge?

How to Use New Betting App BettorEdge

BettorEdge allows for “[a] seamless peer-to-peer betting community powered by live data and centered on the bettor experience!” In just a few quick and easy steps you can get in on the action. Once you have created and verified your account it is time to get in on some of the hottest action available in the widest variety of states. This betting app really allows you some great opportunities to cash in on a wide variety of bets. Additionally, BettorEdge does not take a vig when you play their markets and you can make moves in real-time as games progress. BettorEdge is not an app you download from the app store, you go to to get started. If you’re on iOS you can install it as a web app and you can view the site on your computer as well, but it is mobile optimized.

Creating Orders

All the places you can play the BettorEdge gambling app.
All the places you can play the BettorEdge betting app.

BettorEdge allows you to purchase positions across the major sports with either real money or “Edge Coin” (free play option) depending upon where you live. Unlike many sportsbooks, BettorEdge does not directly take bets from you. You make purchases of positions and bets based on the market forces. To get in on the action, you go to the “Marketplace” by selecting that tab at the bottom of your screen.

The BettorEdge gambling app dashboard/homepage.
The BettorEdge betting app dashboard/homepage. Marketplace is the second tab from the left.

When you get into the Marketplace, you will be greeted with features such as the top bets and positions of the day, upcoming events, and much more. From the Marketplace page, you can get in on positions across multiple sports. Most contests have the money line, spread, and over/under available to play. From the Marketplace you can create orders for various positions, view your existing orders, and switch between real money and Edge Coins.

Marketplace on BettorEdge gambling app.
Marketplace on BettorEdge betting app.

The Marketplace is the core of what makes BettorEdge so unique. As opposed to being a traditional betting app, BettorEdge functions more as an exchange where you can play the market. Traditional gamblers and new-school stock market types will all be fans of this app.


Buying a position on the BettorEdge gambling app.
Buying a position on the BettorEdge betting app.

As you can see above, once you select a contest that you want to get in on, you are given a variety of options. For my first position, I went with the under in the Texas vs Texas Tech basketball game. After selecting that position, I am then able to assign a quantity of Edge Coins to apply to my position. Hopefully, that game is low scoring and I cash this position.

Competitions on BettorEdge

Half the fun of anything involving sports is competing with friends. BettorEdge allows you to create and join competitions with folks from all over. These competitions can be private or open to the public and are fully customizable. You can mix and match sports, lines, and just about everything imaginable.

Competitions on the BettorEdge.
Competitions on the BettorEdge.

The pictures above show you the wide range of options available under the “Competitions” tab on BettorEdge. This highly customizable mode lets you compete against Degen Nation to prove who exactly is the sharpest of sharps. As you can see, it allows you the options to cross sports, mix money line and spread bets, and decide on what the “payouts” will be for the winners.

The Verdict on BettorEdge

BettorEdge is so much more than your standard betting app. It provides a level of customization and access that you cannot find at any sportsbook. Additionally, BettorEdge not taking a cut of your winnings is sweet as well. The stock market meets sports betting format is fun, adaptable, and accessible. Instead of driving hours just to make sure your location services register you in a state where gambling is legal, BettorEdge is accessible in most of the United States. Because it is not a sportsbook, but a betting exchange it is legal just about everywhere. So what are you waiting on? Head on over to BettorEdge and sign-up using Promo Code SGP to get started.

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