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20 Sneaky Great Players In Madden 20

20 Sneaky Great Players In Madden 20

Madden simulation betting is consuming many degenerates free time right now … and for good reason! It fills the sports void better than marble racing or turtle racing.

Actually playing Madden 20 will give you an edge. You get to know the teams in a different way besides just watching the sims. This article has 20 players to use that will give you a leg up.

Now, throw everything you know about players in real life because, well obviously, this is a video game. You will see a pattern in this list, and that is that Madden 20 favors tight ends and slot receivers.

Although this is the most realistic football video game to date, the gameplan of teams will not be quite as realistic. With Madden MAYhem starting THIS WEEK, these are the players are criminally underrated by newbs. Look for them in prop bets!

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1. Alshon Jeffery (PHI WR)

There’s a reason that I list Alshon here. His 85 overall rating may come off as a surprise to some after his poor performance last season. Turn a blind eye to his 42 reception, 490 yards and four touchdown season and trust me. Jeffery will be the first priority in a Philadelphia offense that passes quite often.

2. Rob Gronkowski (TB TE)

That’s right, Gronk is back! Although there won’t be the same chemistry between him and Brady, you best believe he will still be a key factor in the offense. As I mentioned earlier, Madden loves tight ends. Expect Gronk to return to his old form.

3 – Robert Woods (LAR WR)

Despite quarterback-play holding the Rams back last year, Goff isn’t quite as incompetent in his video game persona. Robert Woods is a speedster and and the top receiver in terms of production for the Rams in Madden. You can expect the CPU to involve Woods in the offense heavily.

4 – Benjamin Watson (NE TE)

Although his overall rating is fairly accurate, Watson is favored in the pass game at the tight end spot. He’s almost guaranteed at least one touchdown a ball game. Expect him to be utilized often in this Patriots offense.

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5 – Leonard Fournette (JAX RB)

His 83 overall rating is completely disrespectful. Fournette is still a beast with not only quickness but also the ability to break tackles. He will see a TON of touches in both running the ball and the passing game. Jacksonville’s offense is very run-heavy on Madden 20 much like their gameplan is in real life.

20 Sneaky Great Players In Madden 20

6 – DeSean Jackson (PHI WR)

I place DeSean on this list more or less because you can’t forget about him. He may have only had nine catches for 159 yards and two touchdowns last year. However, he will be in the lineup on Madden games, and he will also see his share of targets in a Philadelphia offense that tends to turn to the passing game quite often.

7 – Jared Cook (NO TE)

We all know that Cook has a ton of potential, although I’m not sure he deserves his high overall rating. However, you can expect him to be commonly-used number two receiver in the Brees passing attack. New Orleans doesn’t favor Thomas near as much in this game, and Jared is the one that sees the biggest boost.

8 – Philip Rivers (IND QB)

This is another instance where you have to ignore his awful last season. Madden gives Philip the benefit of the doubt. You won’t see him throw near as many interceptions. He’s still a gunslinger who will throw a few picks, but don’t expect him to be nearly as terrible as in the 2019-20 season.

9 – Sammy Watkins (KC WR)

Kansas City’s Madden offense is high-powered, much like their real life counterparts. However, Tyreek Hill isn’t the breadwinning receiver, it’s Sammy Watkins. He seems to get more throws tossed his direction, and I’m sure he’s happy about that too.

10 – Tua Tagovailoa (MIA QB)

We should see the anticipated debut of Tua once Madden MAYhem kicks off. I mention him instead of Joe Burrow in this spot because he’s stepping into a better situation. The Dolphins offense in Madden has been missing the something, and Tagovailoa may just be that thing.

20 Sneaky Great Players In Madden 20

11 – Justin Tucker (BAL K)

You may be asking yourself why there’s a kicker on this list. He’s the highest-rated kicker in Madden 20, and you can expect him to be clutch for Baltimore when needed. Some kickers don’t have the leg for much more than 45 yards in this game, but Tucker has the leg to knock down a 50+ yard field goal consistently.

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12 – David Njoku (CLE TE)

This is another tight end on this list who sees a ton of action in the Madden world. Njoku was the lowest priority in a passing attack with OBJ and Jarvis Landry in real life, but he will be a staple in the attack on the video game. He’s a quick cutter, and linebackers have trouble keeping him in check if he is utilized correctly.

13 – Willie Snead IV (BAL WR)

This guy, for whatever reason, is usually Lamar Jackson’s go-to receiver in Madden 20. Jackson’s passing game is much better than in real life, and that is scary because he improved last season. Snead may only be a 78 overall, but he is super quick. He has a high catch-in-traffic rating and he can go up and get the ball against anyone.

14 – Evan Engram (NYG TE)

The Giants aren’t the most solid offensively, but Engram’s high overall and his athleticism makes him a very good player in the video game world.

15 – Sam Darnold (NYJ QB)

Don’t ignore Sam, or I’ll be telling you I told you so. Madden, for reasons known only to Electronic Arts, absolutely loves Darnold. You would think he’d be terrible with his 74 overall rating, but he plays well above this. The Jets are a good sleeper team to keep an eye on in Madden MAYhem .

20 Sneaky Great Players In Madden 20

16 – Darren Waller (LV TE)

Although Derek Carr misses wide-open targets often, Waller is still a beast on here. He’s the only wide-out for the Raiders that can consistently catch the ball. He can have some great games when Carr is on the money with his throws and is a candidate for a multiple touchdown game.

17 – Kenyan Drake (ARI RB)

He’s as hit-or-miss in the video game world as he is in real life. However, he has the potential for a huge game when he’s on. Running backs who are useful in the passing game will see a lot of action both ways, and Drake fits this description. This is one of the few backs on the game who could come out of no where with a huge game.

18 – Calvin Ridley (ATL WR)

This speedster is trouble for teams defensively on Madden. Atlanta’s gameplan on this game is very similar to real life. They love to air the ball out. Ridley’s explosive speed and outstanding hands makes him a hell of a target for the Falcons. Ryan will look to Ridley almost as much as Julio Jones.

19 – Sony Michel (NE RB)

I haven’t mentioned a ton of running backs and that’s because this video game focuses more on the pass. However, the Patriots have a good offensive line and Sony Michel will almost always see more touches than James White. Expect Michel to be a key part of New England’s offensive attack.

20 – Aaron Donald (LAR DE)

You don’t have to double-check. Aaron Donald is 99 overall rating, despite not being nearly as dominant this previous year. Donald had 11 fewer tackles and 7.5 fewer sacks than in 2018. He’s overrated in Madden, but you can expect him to be in the backfield a ton for the Rams.

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