10 NFL Players Tom Brady Hates

10 NFL Players Tom Brady Hates

Tom Brady has made his mark over the course of the last 20-plus years in the NFL. He has certainly earned the hatred of many fans and players, especially in the AFC East.

In honor of him moving to the NFC South, let us look back over his career and see who are the players that Tom Brady hates the most.

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10. Lee Flowers

Flowers injured Brady in a critical AFC Championship game that opened the door for Drew Bledsoe to come riding in and send the Patriots to the Super Bowl. Brady hates his backups and definitely hates the fact he had to ride Bledsoe’s coattails to his first Super Bowl.

9. Shaq Mason

His left guard from Super Bowl LII and the victim of a brutal Brandon Graham bull-rush that effectively ended the Patriot’s season. Brady cannot stand incompetence, and Mason was the definition of incompetent on this play.

Rather than blocking Graham, Mason plays paddy-cake with him as Graham puts a hit on Brady (something else dear ole Tommy hates) and forces him to cough up the ball. Mason’s failure on this play ended Brady’s 2017 where he was having an epic run and all he needed was another Super Bowl ring to cap it off. Shaq Mason failed Brady and Tom does not tolerate failure.

8. Nate Clements

Can you tell me who has intercepted Brady the most over his career? Darrelle Revis? Stephon Gillmore? Antonio Cromartie? Nope. Nate Clements with four picks.

Clements was a standout for the Bills and part of a dominant, but streaky Bills defense in the early ’00s. At the start of his career, Brady struggled against the Bills and Clements was a large part of that. In addition, Clements gave us this gem of a hit on Tom Brady.


Can watch that hit all day.

7. Eli Manning


The man who beat Tom Brady twice when it mattered most. The mouth-breather in chief stepped up to hand Brady two Super Bowl losses and steal two Super Bowl MVPs from him as well. Despite Brady being a far-superior quarterback to Manning, their stories are forever defined by their meeting in two Super Bowls.

Manning bested Brady in dramatic fashion twice and gets to forever be known as “Two-Time Super Bowl Champ” Eli Manning. That has to chap Tom Brady something fierce. Brady has built his image around being a winner. Someone who takes on all obstacles and conquers them all. The fact that Manning beat Brady not once, but twice has to chap the great one oh so much.

6. David Tyree

As an add-on to the previous hatred of Eli Manning, David Tyree occupies a spot in Brady’s Book of Hate directly adjacent to Eli Manning. Tyree never did anything memorable in the regular season or ever again really, but Super Bowl XLII was the pinnacle of his career.

He hauled in two other passes before the fateful and immortal helmet catch, including a five-yard touchdown. But Brady hates him for one reason and one reason only, his ridiculous and improbable helmet catch that kept the Giants’ game-winning drive alive.

5. Kyle Williams

Call me a homer, but Kyle Williams has hit Tom Brady more than any other defensive player. Over the course of their long careers, Kyle has registered 24 QB hits on Brady and 7.0 sacks. When you watched the Bills and Patriots play, you can bet #95 was going to unleash havoc in the Patriots backfield on many plays. Tom Brady hates nothing more than getting hit, just watch him whine to the refs anytime someone breathes on him.

So obviously, he would hate the man who has hit him more than anyone else. Not too mention, getting hauled down by 300 pounds of Louisiana defensive tackle leaves an impression for sure.

Additional shoutout here to the man who sacked Brady more times than anyone else, Aaron Schobel with 12.0.

4. David Patten

Over his four years with the Patriots, Patten had the worst catch rate of any Brady-era receiver with more than 100 targets. Yes, he was worse than receiving sensations such as Aaron Dobson and Brandon Lloyd.

Patten was often given as an example of Brady never having any receiving support and most likely fed into Brady’s frustrations later in his career in New England. Brady must have hated not being the star of the league as he threw to lackluster players like Patten.

3. Nick Foles

Bring in the Big Nick energy! Similarly to Manning, Foles robbed Brady of Super Bowl glory beating him on the biggest stage in pro sports. Also, he did so while looking like a better quarterback and receiver than Brady at every turn.

Who can forget that while Foles hauled in the “Philly Special” for a momentum-swinging touchdown, Brady could not haul in this little floater in the open field? Brady hates Big Nick cause he can’t be Big Nick.

2. Bernard Pollard

At the start of the 2008 NFL Season, the Patriots and Brady looked ready to steamroll the NFL. Week 1 came around and Pollard steamrolled Brady’s knee and the Patriots’ chances of another Super Bowl. It also led to the narrative that the Patriots did not need Brady as Matt Cassell led the Pats to an 11-5 season.

Brady hates this man for robbing him of a season and making his backup look good. Brady hates his backups.

1. Jimmy Garroppolo

Out of all the players on this list, there may be no one that Brady hates more than Jimmy G. It starts with the fact that Brady hates all his backups and he especially hates any backup who appears to be a threat to him. Brady went as far as to go above Belichik’s head to Robert Kraft to force a trade of Jimmy G.

Factor in that Jimmy G took a 49ers team to the Super Bowl in his first full season with the team, and that he stole Brady’s “Sexiest QB” corner and you have all the reasons necessary for Brady to hate Jimmy G.

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