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The guys crown the winners of Degen Madness, announce Madden MAYhem their simulated Madden Tournament and of give out their best NFL draft prop bets.

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Speaker 0 (0s): This NFL draft props addition to the sports game. My podcast is presented by MyBookie dot. Agee Vegas may be closed, but the casino and MyBookie is open 24 seven use the promo code SGP and get up to $1,000 in bonus bets. promo code SGP to play when and get paid at MyBookie. We’re also brought to you by ACE per head ACEs, the leader in paper head providers and they make it super easy to start your own sports book. Plus A’s is offering up to six weeks free over days for that’s ACE for G the.

Sure. In listening to the sports gambling podcast, exclusively on S.G.P..

Speaker 1 (53s): good penetration, man. Get your fucking shot.

Speaker 2 (1m 15s): Welcome

Speaker 0 (1m 16s): everyone to the sports. Gambling podcast same Sean stack in the money green with my partner and picks Ryan. Real money. Kramer, what’s happening? Kramer? Sean, you know what’s happening? I don’t know if you can see this. No one else can see this, but I have a notepad in front of him. I see him and it’s gotten names, numbers and over under is on per each I’m doing deep dives to fuck because the best part about draft season Sean yes, is you just shop numbers and they screw up the mat repeatedly. There’s like two things under the same thing and they’re not the same price.

Well and especially, and we’ll get into it. We’re doing the NFL draft props million dollar challenge. Kramer and I intolerant challenge Kramer and I have kidded ourselves 1 million virtual my bookie bucks to spend over at MyBookie. Dot. AGU is a shitload of NFL draft props. We’re going to give you a 12 favorite. Give me a dollar amount to each totaling up to $1 million. I have to double check the math on mine, but it looks pretty good. But before we even get to that Kramer, yes,

Speaker 3 (2m 20s): we have two huge announcements. First one, a lot of austerity measures taking place in this great country but not here at the sports. Gambling podcast congratulations to the winners of Degen. Madness who is that? Everyone. Everyone. Well everyone cause they got enjoy all that awesome free content. All that. Betty content that we created, our live commentary, the a one shiny moment that I edited together, which I was really proud of myself. Nice workshop, great video.

Check that out in the social media, Instagram, sports Gaylin podcast Twitter I came and podcast let’s get to it and let’s start announcing the winners. We have six people, uh, bringing up the rear, each receiving $41 and 67 cents. Because of the way we split things up and the bottom half of the prize pool. So Joe Betancourt, Andre Aquaman, Brad Tyler, Sean Ward, Sydney heart Parker, Jim Gibbs, you guys all get $41 67 cents and a free item from the SGP merge store.

But now we move on to the big three in third place. Matthew Kershaw, congratulations. You won $250 and a free a merchant. Him, John Ward. Congratulations. You won $500 second place there, and big ups to Brad. Big cash Parker taken home the first annual ever DJ madness bracket challenge presented by barking dog partners. A whopping $2,000 to gain a few or one of the lucky people or skilled people here cause it is, it’s not a game of luck grind.

It’s a game of scale. If you were one of the

Speaker 0 (4m 10s): people you just called your name, drop us a line to claim your reward. It was a uh, was it awesome? Tournament of course San Diego state ended up outlasting how Ohio state, Ohio state Cinderella run ended up covering the number in the final. It’s almost like we had some part in this, the team that we loved Tabak one year because they want us lots of money call our gals.

They have since that run really been a team that wins games but doesn’t cover at football much like the basketball team did. Indeed Jen Madden is covering only one out of four games. That’s impressive to win the DJ and madness title going one and three against the spread. And of course just dominating performance by odd point total, which just it just put even in a body bag. And that was really, I know a lot of guys were riding that, so my bookie hemorrhaging money, but God, God bless them for, uh, for setting that up and uh, yeah, it was awesome.

I of course, uh, time to congratulate myself. 15th place, Kramer, 420 points. I of course had San Diego state and let me, uh, I gotta scroll down pretty far to find you tied for 568th place. Ryan, real money. Kramer. Any Kramer? What happened here? I went for it. And who did you, who did you have? When did it all, I forget. Uh, I had D I w I wanna say I had Dayton in there and maybe, uh, I don’t know.

I’d have to, I’d have to pull up my bracket. You know what, we have a nice search feature, so I can do that. Sean and I pull it up. I see,

Speaker 4 (5m 59s): I see a very, very disgusting. It’s, it’s taking forever to load, but when I do, it’s very disgusting. I had date and taking down can zag. And my final for Seton hall, Gonzaga, Dayton, Oregon, none of that came to fruition. In fact, Sean, I only had two out of two out of eight in the elite eight so, well I was, you’re welcome. It was really impressive. And the point totals, it went up as uh, as you went on the tournament and I only got 15th because I had San Diego state.

Correct. And I, I guess I had Kansas in my final four, but the other side of the bracket, the packs in region, it was a freaking bloodbath. The only thing I got correct was Ohio state winning their first game. Dayton beating the buy and Creighton beating a Memphis. That was the only thing I got correct. Everything else was completely wrong. I got all that side of the elite eight completely wrong. So it was a wild tournament. It was a a, I mean, it was just a shitload of fun.

Honestly. I had a lot of fun. I had way more fun than I ever could have imagined. Uh, I spent way too much time creating this incredibly amazing product. But I will say it got me very excited for for doing a football version and it made me know, Ryan, for as little folks that get general fucks to give is I have for basketball or most non football or rugby or soccer sports

Speaker 5 (7m 29s): uh,

Speaker 4 (7m 30s): it’s going to be so much better as I’m watching. You know what I do now? My day is, I throw some, I throw some Sims on in the background as I’m working and I started watching and I’m seeing what’s weird, what works, what doesn’t. And I got to say, I’m going to be very excited to be talking about football shown.

Speaker 3 (7m 48s): Well, you came to the right place, Ryan, real money Kramer, because we’re proud to announce fresh off the heels of Degen. Madness comes Madden may M that’s right. Kramer. Uh, could as the craving for the name. We’re putting the mayhem in may with an awesome Madden simulated tournament. We’re going to work on a bracket system over a MyBookie died, a G MyBookie dot. H G shout out to them. Use that promo code S.G.P.

Pig up to $1,000 in bonus bets and even gets better for the preview game of Madden mayhem MyBookie daddy G is doing a $20 risk-free bet. That’s right. This Saturday we will be calling the green Bay Packers versus the Kansas city chiefs in honor of the first ever super bowl. They’re running it back this time with modern rosters and if that wasn’t big enough, you’re getting a $20 risk free bet.

MyBookie dad ag promo code S G P G get get

Speaker 4 (8m 56s): settled at Madden mayhem bracket info coming. I think the first year a game of the tournament will be April 30th but you don’t want to wait that long. This Saturday, 4:00 PM East one o’clock Pacific first game we will be announcing Packers versus chiefs Kramer. You are you as a fellow broadcast or are you nervous transitioning? Hell like we’ve gotten a good flow. Basketball. Any any worries about switching to football? I will say so. A couple of things. One other thing to note. The only other actual date we know.

Yeah. Other than we know it’s going to start the 30th we think, and we know there’s going to be a preview game Saturday 1:00 PM Pacific, 4:00 PM East coast were free play. There will also be a selection show. The committee yours truly real money, uh, stacking and a database database. Probably not. We’ll see. He’s gotta, he’s gotta. We gotta check his temperature before he’s allowed back. Um, what do you think if we ask, if we asked the fans, would they want the third man in the booth?

Do we need our very own bugger? Yeah, I think, and maybe we have them do some sideline reporting. Is A’s a multi-tool player? Call base. Anyway, coming back to what I was going to say as I’m, I’m, I’ve already, I’ve already watched a handful of these simulations. I may have started to dabble in watching a other platforms, simulations. It doesn’t help you. If you look at your Degen madness record, it doesn’t seem to help you with your handicap. Can I tell you not to promote a competitor’s site, but there’s a competitor’s site out there doing like full length football games.

Not accelerated at all, like three hour SIM games. It’s just too much. So the version we’re going to be running, we’re were, from what I gather in my testing so far, Sean, we’re seeing about our 20 to our 40 very reasonable based on the type of game it is. It seems reasonable. I do think we’re going to have to do a little bit more talking. I think the way we we, we kind of formulated Degen madness. It was meant to be short, consumable, very bite size, so I think there’s going to be a little bit more time.

The cadence of football is different, right? You have a play, you have some replay maybe got you. Then have the next play. There’s a lot more relative downtime. Sean. Yeah, he’s one of those guys who will get penetration, so not sure if you’re aware, but we’ve recorded hundreds of podcasts. Yeah, I have a feeling the football version is going to be a lot less. Colby voice crack screaming and a lot more talking football, talking football. Yeah.

I can’t either man. I, and I think the, the thing that’s going to kill me, the worst or the most giants absolutely suck. I found a guy, very realistic rosters. I found a guy who has rosters that actually include the trades cause I guess Madden stops updating to make you buy the next year’s version, like a bunch of jackasses. But uh, so

Speaker 0 (11m 54s): I found a guy who’s doing the updates and he claims that he’s going to have the draft updates as they happen going out. So that to me is way more appealing to you. You know, feel free to reach out at Kramer centric on Twitter if you think I’m an asshole. But seems way more fun to let the giants get a couple more draft picks to bolster the team before I let Dan get slightly going up. Are they going to factor in that? Um, they, they will have no training camp, no TA’s. So a lot of these rookie players will be worthless for you. The giants.

Meanwhile, the Eagle’s running back, Carson Wentz running back, Doug Peterson. Miles Sanders is quite good in the game. Yeah, well that’s realistic. He had an awesome second half of the year. That guy is, I can’t wait till we start to end top 10 a fantasy football because that guy is, he is skyrocketing to the top of my completely unbiased list and shout out to the uh, Twitter user who contacted us saying he tried to turn on uh, his friends to the show. They fired up last year’s NFC East pod and uh, I guess three out of the four guys were Cowboys fans and condolences bro.

And they’re like, what? Why you hate the Cowboys? Cause I’m an Eagles fan. What do you want me to say? Worst of luck to you. That’s what, that’s where if you’re a Cowboys fan and you’ll listen to the podcast shout out. But I think even as a Cowboys fan, you have to appreciate broadcasters who keep it real. I could, I could pretend like, Oh, I’m completely unbiased. I don’t have an opinion. I have a lot of opinions. I am Kubo and I know what to pick games against the spread. You didn’t finish the announcement. One of the things that we’re bringing to these Madden Sims is perfectly unbiased, objective broadcasting and bill fuck outta here.

We’re having action on the games. In fact, I think we should almost make it a requirement that we’re just on different sides of every game. Yeah. That, that creates great action. Well, I mean, especially great action for me. I’m still up a four units. We should, we should determine a way to, to determine who gets to pick the side. Hmm. Okay. Maybe we do a coin toss in the studio to determine who gets first pick and then we just alternate. Well, I don’t know. We’ll figure it out, but uh, yeah, I’m, I’m excited for that.

And if, if that wasn’t enough football content, the simulated football content, we have a ton of real NFL draft contracts. God, I forgot we’re talking about this. We’re gonna. We’re going to start breaking down these props here in a second or 12 favorite using $1 million budget. But before we do, we also put out a draft, a party prep sheet. So if you’re going to be at home watching the draft, it’s going to be a two small screen experience because we’re going to be hosting our own live draft show Thursday night.

Simulcasts with the real draft reactions in real time will be given our own commentary to the NFL draft will be, it’s going to be streamed a video as well. And we’re going to be taking zoom calls from a fan’s contributors of different teams. When their team gets on the clock, they’ll come check in and give their 2 cents. Who do they want? Who do they not want? I do react live to the pic and then we’ll, we’ll kind of move it along. So wait, we’re going to do reactions though, right? No. Yeah. I mean reactions are, are a huge part of it.

Do we have every team spoken for? No, you don’t. And maybe we don’t have every team, but if you have a, a weird team like the Tennessee Titans and you want to represent him, hit us up at gambling. Podcast we are you suggesting that real Tennessee Titans fans are exist out there? I don’t know. We’ve never heard from any Titans fans. They’ve never reached out, uh, you know, in the wind total podcasts or anything like that. So if you have a, if you’re a die hard fan and you have a really strong take on the draft, hit us up at gambling podcast we do have some more slots we could probably fail.

But again, it’s some of the fan favorites of the S.G.P. Pen world checking in on their team and giving their 2 cents. So it’s going to be, uh, it’s gonna just be a three hour mega pod and we’ll release it. If you can’t watch the live video or don’t, you know, have the ability to watch the video later. We’ll also release it as an audio podcast. So Friday, look forward to a extra long a Colby, Dan, uh, you know, and, and major breakdown length of podcast. And don’t worry, we will to ensure that you can sync your second screen experience, we will make sure we boo when Roger Goodell first comes out, Oh, to, to, to be viewable by the audience.

That’s great because I, uh, thank you for reminding me Kramer. I’m going to create a list of soundbites I need to have ready and Roger Goodell, Roger Goodell getting booed will be pretty awesome. So it’s going to be a fun thing to have while you’re watching the draft road up on your phone. Uh, and we’ll be streaming on all our platforms. YouTube uh, Twitch probably Periscope, Facebook Twitch people might get angry if we streamed something that’s not a video game. Oh, you’re right. But uh, that doesn’t look like virtual reality.

So tune in Thursday night and again, Saturday we got the Madden kickoff preview game, $20 risk-free bet of course, courtesy of MyBookie dad ag promo-code, S, G P and again Madden mayhem exclusive to my bookie dad a G are broadcasting of these Sims exclusive to And the only way you can bet on these games is over there. So perfect time to sign up there, Kramer. Let’s do it. Let’s start talking. NFL draft props there’s a crazy amount.

Uh, they have a lot broken down of like team position over unders. It seems like when I was looking, they have almost every team offense or defense, first player selected. There’s a ton. I’ll let you go first. What did you pick? How much you, what was the price? What? Give us your thoughts. Well, I think

Speaker 4 (17m 51s): to start I’m going to go right to a actual player props CD lamb. Okay. The number is 12 and a half. The price is plus one 40 on the over. I’ve been going back and forth on this. I do think Oakland does the wrong thing. San Francisco ends up with CD Lynn at the lamb with a 13 spot. I think Judy goes ahead of them. Um, I think the world disagrees with my take that lamb is the best receiver and I think we’re gonna see lamb go to the 13 spot with San Francisco.

But that’s over 12 and a half and I’m getting plus one 40. Sean. Well, perfect, perfect transition. I wish it went a little bit big on this one because I like it now in the, maybe not the smartest cause I do have some kind of sure bets later. But I went to a full hundred thousand 240,000 CD lamb over 12 and a half.

Speaker 0 (18m 51s): And so funny I’m thinking, cause I every, I think my wife saw these notes the one time where we were doing a similar thing. She’s like what? $25,000 you’re putting on this game and Mike, what’s the best part of these bits? A perfect transition. I’m on the opposite side. I’m going under CD lamb or I’m CD lame under 12 and a half. I don’t love the minus one 65 but uh, and I only and only put 50,000 on it. Here’s my thought. It’s a, it’s a great trade up spot and they put it at 12 and a half cause the Raiders are at 12.

If, if CD lamb is at, uh, 12 I think, I think either the 40 Niners trade-up forum. Interesting. Also look at that number 10 spot for the Browns, the Browns, Dino. Offensive tackle. The problem is there’s probably going to be two tackles off the board there. So the value at number 10 for an offensive tackle isn’t great there. I think whoever wants to tap receiver in the draft could trade up to that Brown spot. Uh, the Eagles have been rumored to take, uh, make a CD lamb trade there at number 10 for Cleveland.

So I think in that 10, 11, 12 range, even the Jacksonville Jaguars wouldn’t be shocked if they want receiver there. Maybe CD lamb. So minus one 65. Don’t love it. But that’s, that’s the case for the opposite side there. Yeah, I mean Judy, Judy’s right there, the similar number. Uh, I just think I, I

Speaker 4 (20m 16s): my sources close to the situation slash me trolling Twitter for all the information and find, I think Judy’s going to go to the, I think if the Raiders do take a receiver or do something stupid, I think it’s gonna. I think Judy’s going to go first. I do. I have a feeling well and lambs better there. Is it here first? But he’s not going to go for the prop bet is pretty even between Judy and I wouldn’t even be so that’s why. Sorry. Thank you. Because you, you’re not going to get plus one 40

Speaker 0 (20m 42s): I think even on the heads up match up. Yeah, and it does seem like it’s going to be Judy or lamb. So maybe there is some, maybe there’s some value there in the over and the Raiders are interesting because I could see them falling in love with the speed of rugs and taking rugs. But if CD lamb and Judy are available, do they take one of those guys or do they trade down? Yeah, I just think there’s so much buzz of how good the wide receiving class is deeper down the, the the board, it’s going to affect the quality receivers and I don’t think it affects them much, but I think it affects them enough for me to cash this 12 and a half over Sean for my second prop quarterbacks in the first round drafted.

Oh, are we on the same page or does this number’s wrong. I also have this Eastern going in the first round. I don’t see, I don’t see that at who’s going, who’s sneaking into the first round? What, what’s the, the fourth quarter back? Assuming love even goes in the first round. Well so yeah, and the prices for our, I mean when I bet it or when I post 100. Okay. Cause I got it at plus one 20 under four plus one 20 on the number of quarterbacks draft in the first round. It sounds like you’re also on the under both on this under yeah, because you have borough to uh, Herbert Jordan rough maybe Jordan Love and it’s probably the number is probably right.

But why not take a plus one 20 shot? I would be shocked if we see a fifth quarterback sneak into the first round. However, I’m hearing a ton of buzz about to a drop it. And if two are traps, I think that impacts Jordan loved dropping as well. I wouldn’t be surprised if, well I think, you know, after we recorded the mock draft with Walter football yeah. And he said, no, he’s not going. I was like, Oh I’m an asshole for mocking him. So early. I, I think loves just not going to go in the first round. I think he’s probably right. No. And, and I think if there is a fourth, it is love.

But here’s the fifth to lose though. I’ll push, push. Push is very much in play. You’re getting plus odds. I throw $100,000 on a, how big do you go? I went to hundred. I just don’t see how you lose and you know, ESM is, he’s the Oregon state kid, right? A Washington or,

Speaker 6 (22m 59s): right.

Speaker 0 (23m 0s): Uh, I’m, I’m blanking on a Jacob’s sons from Washington. Okay. Cause the quarterback from Oregon state, they’re talking about him, Jalen hurts. But all those guys are second round goes well and that, you know what, thank you for the transition. When will Jalen hurts be drafted? I love minus one 40 on the second round. Oh. And I almost, I almost picked that one. That was, uh, that was closer to a better odds before. Yeah. So that’s even moved a little bit.

Yeah. It just, I have to imagine like, are we going to see someone like Belichick snag them? I someone who’s someone who is crafty is going to take a stab on him in the second round because he could be good. Now. That could just be really good that that prop, and it’s also becoming a very hipster thought. To think Jalen hurts might be a good quarterback. And that prop bet that, correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s like you have the options either first round, second round, third round, fourth round, et cetera. Right? Yeah. So that one is, I’m taking second minus one 40.

You can take third plus one 31 plus 504 through seven plus 600. Um, Anthony Gordon, Washington state. We didn’t talk about him at all. He’s not a first rounder, but I mean, he was kind of fun to watch when we went and watched that game in Pullman. Everyone looks good in the air raid, bro. And you know, I, I know, I’m just saying going 77,000 to win 50. Okay. Yeah. Cause you gotta lay that minus one 20. Here’s, here’s this one 40 is what I got. Oh, sorry.

Uh, my next one, it’s plus three 50. So you’re going against the grain here. But again, I love a good dog. Clemson players drafted in the first round. What was this Clemson players drafted in the first round? It’s plus three 50. I’m going under one and a half. Here’s the case that in real life, how many units did I ended up down on? Degen madness uh, you’re down four units. Let’s put a unit on this. You’re to, you’re giving me plus three 50 plus three 50, because I’m prepared to lay minus 500, because we know he’s going the quarterback.

Taro. Taro. Okay. Isaiah Simmons, we can lose the great lock him up. T Higgins, he’s a second rounder. He’s not going in the first round. Uh, Aja Terrell, he’s right on the edge there. You know, all the Macs have him go into like, uh, you know, Baltimore late or some of these other teams late. I don’t know. I wouldn’t be surprised if he slips to the top of the second round. There’s, there’s teams that need them early there and I don’t think anyone’s going to trade up to get him.

It’s kind of a weak corner. Ah, I don’t know, maybe it’s not, but I like taking that plus three 50 I’ll take that bet from you and I actually will give out a better way to take this bet. If you don’t have a friend that’s willing to give you three to do the three 50 Clemson players versus, and this is the way I’m going to bet it, cause I don’t want to lay a minus 500. Yeah, I agree. That’s a silly price. But Clemson versus Oklahoma, Clemson plus a half is minus three 25.

That’s the angle I’m going to play here. Now. Who was getting drafted from Oklahoma? Well this is so funny cause I’m on the opposite side of that. I took Oklahoma plus a half against Clemson plus one 35 $50,000 and here’s Oklahoma’s minus a half most first round picks. Oklahoma’s getting plus and a half plus a half versus Clemson at plus one 35. Oh they moved. They’ve moved the number. Okay. Well what is it now plus a half minus three 20 Oklahoma minus a half plus two 15 Oh okay.

Oh that’s confusing. Um, you know what? I’ll scratch it. I’ll scratch that one from my list. I got plenty. All right, well I’ll still, I’ll, I, I will take you on a personal note. I will take that plus three the I’ll give you, plus I’ll still go over my case for Oklahoma versus Clemson. CD lamb. Yes. Uh, Kenneth Murray probably. And again, it just goes, not probably, he’s definitely in the first round. Right. Okay. So that’s two Oklahoma guys could Ching and if you have Higgins and TRL or, sorry, I don’t think Higgins, you just have Simmons and Tarell and you’re getting that plus app and plus ads.

Again, it looks like things have changed, but if you can find something similar. I, I like that for sure. All right. Can I throw something out there? Yup. And I have 50,000 on that one. Wait, so you’ve given out three. I’ve given out one, two, three, four. Oh, I don’t know how you got ahead of me. How’d you get ahead of me? Well, I dunno. Did you officially give out your no, I was just saying I’m on the other side of it. Maybe that’s why I’ve given out a CD. Lamb over 12 and a half Jalen hurts a second round pick and quarterbacks for under uh, I’m also gonna give you Jordan Love is the third quarterback taken at plus four 50 because there is that chance that two slips and there is that chance that Jordan Love goes third.

This isn’t saying he’s going to be in the first round. This just says he’ll be the third quarterback off the board and if the tour drop news is true because no one’s gotten their hands on them and get them and hasn’t sniffed him. I think it’s possible. Now I, I’m like this mostly because the price is fun plus four 50 okay. That’s going to be a nice little return. I put, I put 88 I put ADK on this one. Oh my God. Kramer, I’m going to run out of money.

I took your Jordan Love idea and I amped it up. I gave him one more notch or a better way to do this. Who will be the second quarterback traffic Jordan Love plus 2,800 I sprinkled a little I little 25 K. it’s a millionaire. It’s not that much to me. 25 K on Jordan Love plus 2,800 again, the case there is fairly simple. Yeah. I wouldn’t be surprised if either Miami chargers Raiders trading up like one of these teams falls in love with this kid and he’s been like, probably one of him in Mims, according to Mike Lombardi are like the two guys that have gotten the most zoom calls.

Couldn’t you imagine a guide like Jon Gruden, we gotta get our shit going now. Fallen in love with the quarterback. This, this guy’s heart is just, it gets broken with so many bad quarterbacks. He’s gonna fall in love with Jordan. Love. I just, it’s again, it’s 30 to one, but I think there’s a fun little, if anyone, I think if we’re shocked by anyone’s draft position, Jordan loves super high or higher than two, and Herbert I think is in the mix of possibilities. Well, like they always say shown, it only takes one, right?

Yeah. For my next one, and maybe this is more of an aspirational pick and maybe I’m just begging, but Seattle Seahawks first selection in any round offensive player because God help them if they don’t take a goddamn offensive lineman here, there’s some very good interior linemen they have to write. I know there’s a chance they take an edge rusher. I’m going off fence. It’s plus one 30 which seems silly because it is a glaring need once again for this team.

Do you agree with that angle, Sean? Yeah, I mean I think some of these, some of these words, clothes and you’re still getting plus ads where it’s probably closer to a coin toss, I think. Makes sense. It does sound like though Seattle likes them a defensive end. I mean I’m my 50 grand and not a lot. Just a couple, a couple stacks. You know any of these draft props that feel 50 50 that you’re getting plus adds on. I think just all day on that all day.

This one, it’s one of my big boys here. Eagles first player selected orphans minus 300 give me $200,000 on that. I just don’t see, I mean what position would it be if it was defense? Well be cornerback. Yeah, I could see if Henderson slips or something like that. Henderson slips. Um, maybe cause I don’t think they would take a shot at, well here’s what I guess the scenario for them taking a defensive player probably also involves them trading down because I think, I think Isaiah Simmons is going to be off the board.

So if they actually do go linebacker, which is again very ad of their characteristic or uh, you know, not something they do at all. Maybe they would take a linebacker late first or early second. If they traded down, maybe there’s a chance they go pass rusher. That is still kind of a need to some degree. Cornerback certainly in the mix. I wouldn’t be surprised if they took a cornerback in the second or third ramp, but I mean if you go on the Eagles message board, there’s legit chatter about storming the NovaCare complex. If they don’t select a receiver here for the Eagles.

I just don’t see with how many good receivers there are their position. Even as they trade down, like let’s say. I think that’s the thing though. Like the Eagles have been pretty smart about value. I feel like there’s so much value. Smart people are overthinking this wide receiver class. Well, and here’s the thing too, with the receivers, even if they trade down, they could still, their first player selected still could be, um, the receiver. It would just be let’s say the receiver, they like ma, maybe the top three receivers are off the board.

Right. And they don’t think Jefferson is maybe the fourth receiver there. They don’t think he’s a good fit. Maybe trade down, uh, into the early second, late first. And then you get a rager or maybe a Denzel Mims and IOC or whatever. So you would probably still get the first player selected off and not completely out of the realm of possibility that they’re in the mix for Ruiz, the center out of Michigan. So the chance of them going off offensive lineman is pretty small, but it’s still in there. Um, I think you would get screwed if an edge rusher, a cornerback that’s awesome.

Drops to them at 21 but I think at minus 300 this is a steal. Yeah. I’m a, I guess I’ll stay on brand with you for this one because this is just purely me just getting a little bit of guaranteed interest and that’s chase young under two-and-a-half. Yeah. This has been steadily climbing. It’s minus 500. Just uh, not, not, not, not, not sexy, but my two 50 is going to turn into 50 or turn into 300 just nicely here.

Well, and it sounds like they’re not even, I mean it doesn’t, is Washington and even entertaining trade aspects and I don’t think, I don’t think they’re even shopping the pic. And again, if you’re trading up to get a quarterback, you’re not trading up to get borrow eight Washington has made it clear. It seems like they’re not taking a quarterback. Meanwhile, Detroit and New York are both like actively saying we’re willing to trade down, which is bad news for Detroit and New York, especially probably in New York, if Detroit is saying we’re willing to shop the three pick that inherently creates new York’s number four pick way worth way less than the trade value.

Right? Yeah. So maybe I don’t know about that. I guess it will. Again, it only takes, if it takes just one, it only takes one a second time for someone to think it’s valuable, I guess. Yeah, that’s true. And say because you don’t know who they’re going to be coming up to get, but it’s, it’s weird though too, because you have the two teams that actually need a quarterback are behind the lions and giants who seemingly aren’t going to take a quarterback. So the chargers and dolphins, they’re sitting right behind him. They would only, maybe the chargers would move up to get past the dolphins and maybe that makes the number four pick.

Maybe they realize they don’t have to go up to three so maybe there is some value there for the giants and apologies, I made it accounting or a 125 to win 25 here and also, I don’t know what I said about the quarterback’s under four but that was a hundred to win a a hundred I might’ve said 200 all right. Now that we got that, got that accounting taking care of.

Speaker 3 (35m 19s): Yeah. You know, before we finish up, I mean we got a bunch left. I was going to say, do you have left Jesus have a, I have six left. Seven shout out to ACE per head. That’s right. Oh, I mean you don’t think there’s stuff to bed on. We’re doing a whole podcast on mock draft props ACE per head. They get you set up on running your own sports vote and your own online casino. I know it’s pretty easy to set up.

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We’re going to have, it feels like we’re slowly trending in the right direction. Don’t want to jinx it, but possibly a massive sports summer. You’re talking about getting the NBA going in July. Uh, baseball. Eventually be back golf. All their scheduled events looks like. There it goes. So it’s your sports books set up. Ready to go. Start recruiting some clients now and get those six weeks free as well. Sports gambling pack or sorry, ACE per G P a S.G.P.


Speaker 4 (36m 55s): All right, moving over. Here’s another clever play with prices. So you can do Georgia over one and a half minus 200 right? And you’re saying over one and a half meeting players drafted in the first round, you can also look at a Swift prop where he is the, he is scheduled to be there number one running back at minus two 25. Neither of those prices are very good. So what did I do? I went over to Georgia minus a half first round draft picks versus Auburn of course.

Sean, how many picks will Auburn have in the first round? Almost certainly one Derek Brown D tackle, probably a top 10. And they’re talking about Derek Brown. I’m seeing there’s some juice being shifted a lot to Derek Brown being the third pick. Uh, for the lines. I know everyone has them getting the corner back there, but I’m seeing more and more stuff that uh, Derek Brown could be the third pick and pop and maybe that’s a, it’s a trade situation regardless of all that. We agree. Auburn, anyone else sneaks into the first round.

It’d be a shock. So instead of laying that minus 200, I’m going to lay minus one Oh five to take Georgia minus a half. If Swift get pops in there, boom, I get paid. I’m paying a bad half the price, 105,000 a win a a hundred thousand. Ah, interesting. Just random node here. But uh, Peter King has to uh, going to new England at number 13, trading up for San Francisco. I had God help us.

I just do not see that I’ve spent $580,000 on half picks so far shown. I know it was keeping track. I don’t have an exact calculation of what I’ve spent, but I do know, um, yeah, I got what it adds up to 1,000,006 left. This is a fun little one. Isaiah Simmons under six and a half. Okay. It’s minus one 65, but it feels like he’s not going to get to seven.

Speaker 8 (38m 55s): Um,

Speaker 4 (38m 57s): yeah, I dunno. I just think one of these teams, whether it’s the giants, here’s the problem if he goes past, so there’s plenty of scenarios where if he, if, if it’s not three because the lions stick with their pic. Yeah. Take a cornerback and it’s not for cause the giant stick with their pick and take alignment and then two quarterbacks go, yeah, you have to rely on then Caroline, and to take the replacement for Kiki, which I I to imagine Matt rule is sitting there saying, well, do I take the D tackle?

Do I take the middle linebacker? But yeah, you know, I like the angle. I’m okay with it. You took the uh, uh, over, you know what I did? I took the under, but now that I’m, I’m looking at it. You know what? Fuck it. I’m going to switch it. I don’t have the number in front of me, but I’m going to go over, it’s probably like plus one 35. If the, if it was minus one 65, but you’re right, you make a good case there. It’s basically, if the giants then giants are going to go offensive line and you’re right, if Carolina takes them, that’s at seven.

So over six and a half trades. I mean, someone could come up and get them. I guess I’ll take the plus odds. There’s lots of people in giants, a blind fandom talking, talking themselves into a situation where the giants are able to trade down and somehow draft alignment. And Simmons, uh, I’m looking forward to that panning out. So we’ll see. Well my up Shawn. Yeah, you are a, I think this is all smoke lions. Take a Kuta number three under four and a half minus one 35. I even think there’s a scenario where the lions trade or pass on him and then that allows someone to trade up to the giants and take them.

I do think there is this idea that there aren’t, there’s no real talent at the quarterback position in this year’s draft, thus putting a premium on a Kuta and Oh by the way, where did mr Patricia learn how to coach football? Yeah, it’s a baby fucking wheel man. What has bill Belicheck repeatedly put on display as the most important part and the critical part of a great defense, a lock down corner. So I think anything you hear about the lions not taking this guy.

If he’s here, maybe they treated, try to trade down a couple of pics and take them at six or whatever that turns out to be. I’m going to take the under here minus one 35 for $135,000 total receivers drafted in the first round. I’m going under five and a half here, plus plus one 70 talk me through that $125,000 pet. I feel very good about this. Okay, so you got

Speaker 0 (41m 34s): Judy rugs, lamb. Those are locked. Those off demo confirmed, confirmed. I think Jefferson also gets in this totals at 21 and a half. That to me it would be more, it’d be quite surprising if he fell, right? Yeah. And then so that’s four and then throw in one more wild card. Either Mims, rager IUL. I just don’t, yeah, I don’t think we’re getting to six. Six is a stretch, especially when all the talk is how deep this classes, I don’t think we’re, I don’t think we’re getting to six.

Five is a lot. Four receivers in a first round. Um, see, I think they, I think a lot of them come off in those last couple of pics and I think people will be trading up because they’re seeing first round talent potentially available there at the end. Well, and then I’m sure that’s why the number is set at what it’s set at. But you look at San Francisco at 31 chiefs at 32 San Francisco more likely to take a receiver at the 13 spot, maybe green Bay. I think green Bay is probably the fifth receiver. Um, you know, and uh, but yeah, six seems like a lot.

I just love that. Plus one 70, so plus one 70, 125,000. I think they’ll realize they can hold off a little bit. What was the other side of that? Do you know now? Not in front of me. All right, well let’s, but it’s gotta be what, like minus 200, I would imagine. Let’s, let’s go to uh, one of the co collegiate team. Props total LSU players drafted in the first round over five and a half plus two 80 under is minus three 80.

This is nothing more than I, I kind of overspent early and I know for a fact LSU I’ll lock up. I’ll say lock LSU gets five. Does someone sneak in the backdoor? So do you often do your top of your head? Who are the, who are the five? So I got, I got borough, obviously I got chainsaw, however you pronounce that dude’s last name. Chase on Jason. Yeah, Jason Fulton.

Jefferson and the linebacker queen. Okay. Yeah. Who else we missing? Oh, who, who else is going to sneak in there? Who was going to sneak in there? Does anyone sneaking their well and, and, and I’ll say this overall, overall, and this is probably something to to like kind of factor in when you’re handicap in these things, you know, these, these gems are going to be freaking out. There’s already all these reports of like, Oh my internet went out cause my kid was on his iPad as we predicted.

They’re just losing their shit. They’re freaking out. They’re panicking. Aren’t you just going to default to a team that was in the national championship? Aren’t you going to default to the sec these big powerhouse programs where in other years maybe you maybe it take one of these mid-majors school guys out.

Speaker 4 (44m 32s): You get to know them, you smell them as Dave Gettleman likes and you really fall in love with the kid. And maybe that’s how he gets into the first round. But I think this year, especially because of the weird coronavirus shit, I think it favors these big traditional blue blood powerhouse college football program. Well, and that’s where I’m getting to my New York giants. I’ve seen them mocked grant Delpit, the safety from LSU a number of times in the first round, second round, third, fourth pick.

I think he could sneak in. He was a guy, had a down year, was extra productive two years ago for, for the price that you can get. And considering that, that, that these lines are, are quite shaved for plus two 80. I’m going to take a stab at that again, to your point, right? Programs matter when you can’t smell the kids. So I’m going to say they get to, they get to six plus two 80 LSU and I’m going to put $50,000 on that.

This one’s a fun, easy one. Shout out to our boy John Cruden. First player selected for Raiders offense or Raiders is the offense minus three 50. Uh, I only put $50,000 on it, but I just, they’ve done a lot on the defensive side of the ball and the off season. Maybe if a cornerback slips to them, but I don’t know, man. There he needs, he needs speed. He needs some weapons. He also needs him some Jordan. Love that. The scenarios are kind of endless. So I’m going, I’m going.

Uh, yeah, definitely. Raiders select offerance or select an offensive player minus three 50. You got to put, you gotta teach them all of it on that. You’ve got gotta put the whole, the whole fucking, you got to put it, what was it again? Minus three 50. I mean, you could make that minus 500. I’m still intrigued. 50 grand a win. 10 grand on this. Any chance J K Dobbins goes in the first round shown because I’m going to transition to my next book. I don’t know. Where’s he? Where’s he at right now?

Any chance that the chief shock the world? Nah, he’s projected to be elite second. We’re mid, mid second round pick maybe. Yeah. Uh, here’s another one. I’m kind of following your lead here, but let’s, let’s just take some more easy money. Ohio state under two and a half minus five 50. Yeah. I, I mean, I don’t have the Ohio state players in front of me, but that seems to make, they’re going to get to in the first three and then we’re going to be waiting for a while and that’s that and minus five 50 again, perhaps it’s a bit to lay a butt.

Yeah, no, I must have been minus 500 when I bet it cause my math was easier. But I also put 125,000 on this to win 25,000. Now Cramer, this could actually affect your New York giants first offensive lineman. Draft okay, now Tristan is kind of the Iowa guy. He made waves. I will uh, offensive lineman, factory shout up draft boards tested really well to combine worries me a little bit. Yeah. You always gotta be worried as the late risers.

What about the freak? No, don’t, don’t, don’t do it. Mikaila. No plus 500 flowers. That’s who that is right there. And it could be again, I don’t know, lock it up. Six, seven, three 68. Couldn’t you see someone falling in love with him? Yes, he had a drug test issue, but it sounded like weed. I don’t think it’s a huge issue. You know what the problem is? He has hobbies outside of football. Sean, I don’t know if you saw this story, apparently didn’t like that he cooked.

What is with this? It was the same problem with who was the guy he liked, liked to draw and they were like, Oh he’s a pussy. He’s not focused fucking pussy. Yeah. Why don’t you draw a picture of your pussy? Yeah. That was like great when they asked Dennis about his mom being a prostitute. Um, gimme a MCI Becton at plus 500. He has the size, I see what you’re doing there and fall in love with freaks. I’m putting $50,000 on it. Sometimes you wake up on draft day and you could easily talk yourself into a six, seven, three 78 guys.

Just like dude, just stand there. It’s like if you had a hockey goalie, he’s 400 pounds. Just put him there. I saw on another site that uh, Will’s would be the first pick minus one 20 for the giants. Oh really? Wharfs plus two 75 Simmons plus three 75 Bakhtin plus 1400 and then the field. Oh wow. Okay. Yeah. Cause I think, and especially for these, it seems like the number is crazy in it. And I think MCI Becton was like plus 300 earlier in the day when I was looking at these.

I just don’t see a scenario where he’s, it’s five to one if they trade back you have a shot. Cause I, I, I think there’s a legit, I think based on a couple beat reporters that seem to generally have a gist of what’s going on, that almost with certainty the giants we’ll trade back. And the intent is to trade back to a situation where you’re still going to get one of those top linemen. And I think there’s a scenario where backed in, I mean you could go as low as 15 and he might still be there.

I mean I would be surprised if an offensive lineman wasn’t drafted until 15 but no, no. I mean like back, like they, it’s not the first one, but because they traded back. Oh, okay. So maybe, maybe you look for that as a prospect into the giants if they’re trading down. And I bet you that I just think he’s a boss. I don’t want them on the team. I hate that you made that bet. You almost make me want to just throw out a garbage one about the Eagles just to attack this was, this is the first offensive lineman drafted. I said it could affect the giants and now and not necessarily has to.

No, no, you’re coming after me. Shot the biotech. Who’s your next one? Ah,

Speaker 0 (50m 28s): I mean,

Speaker 4 (50m 31s): alright, you got me flustered because I was, I was starting to scroll around and look for, uh, look for an angry

Speaker 0 (50m 36s): I hate, I hate bet, but what I, I’m going to come back to it because these last couple ones aren’t fun. They aren’t, they aren’t sexy. I didn’t have much money left Shawn. I only have $60,000 over my last two. So nothing fun here. But why not?

Speaker 4 (50m 54s): Let’s have some fun with a coin flip. Shawn, I am going to take, and I’m, I’m looking for it now cause I didn’t write it down, but I’m going to take the Mister irrelevant of course. Oh yeah. Gives you something to watch on day three or four, mr irrelevant or offense versus defense. Hmm. I’m gonna say it’s a kicker. Kickers are off offense, special teams, but they graded as an offense. I’m going to say a kickers off fence. A punter’s defense. Is that a fair grading? What’d you say?

If you had to split hairs, it’s arbitrary. Well, when does the kicker come on the field with the defense? Never. Never. But you could say, when does the punter come on with the defense? Well, he’s always punting away when the teams on defense. Oh, I guess you’re right. All right. Anyway, I’m going to say that it will be an offensive player minus one 20. I put twenty four thousand two hundred twenty thousand on that.

Speaker 0 (51m 46s): I like your, you went down to 24,000. Didn’t made it real. People are doing math in their car here. Okay. For quarterbacks. Justin Herbert drafted under five and a half minus one 15. Give me a a hundred K on that under. Yes. Hmm. Interesting. I know he’s going into the dolphins. That’s six. Five dolphins are five. Chargers are six. Um, do you think anyone trades up? Do you think if the, do you think, if you’re trading up, see, here’s what I, I think people are, here’s, here’s real quick, say it.

Here’s the thing. If someone trades up, they’re probably trained to three or four. If they get two or Herbert, you cash or if the dolphins stay put at five, you cash. Where you get screwed is on the last scenario. If the charger stay put at six and get him. But that to me seems the least likely. And I think, um, the, all the, all the coaches they have, uh, in Miami, Herbert just seems like the perfect fit there.

Speaker 4 (52m 49s): It does. The more that I read, the more that it’s like, Oh I did. We just don’t

Speaker 0 (52m 53s): chin chin. Gailey’s coming at came out of retirement to coach the offense. And I was reading all this stuff about how the type of offense, Chan Gailey wants to run as a perfect fit. Uh, Brian Flores, I could see him wanting to Herbert guy. It’s low.

Speaker 4 (53m 7s): So in a way it’s less sexy, right? Cause at this point Herbert Herbert is almost the boring pic. Yeah. But he would have been the, well now people are saying he would’ve graded out similarly to Daniel Jones. Did you?

Speaker 0 (53m 22s): They’re, they’re, they’re now Herbert’s now comp to

Speaker 4 (53m 26s): Daniel Jones. I saw in a couple places. But what I would say is if you’re the dolphins, Herbert makes a lot more sense than to a fraud. If you look at the lineage, like if you look at the coaching lineage, Herbert way closer to a Tom Brady then tour. So I think it’s also a safer pick where you have a much higher too. You have to run a certain kind of off offense. And for me, the dolphins, in a weird way, I think they’re kind of close to flipping the switch to up in need a lot of time. We don’t know that either.

I mean we all, he also just might be some sort of freak Oh two Oh yeah, yeah. Like to me there. There’s part of me that if like, all right, so Alabama quarterback, I know you’ve been draft, I know you’ve been dangling the idea that the giants have been researching Herbert, but if the giants drafted to her, I don’t know if I’d be angry. Yeah. I guess Kramer as a watch that goddamn national championship game his freshman year and that throat like that left, he just like just absolute right. Just Michael Vick. It just like that throw just reminded, doesn’t have that.

I know. It’s just I will, will blood flow, get into the hip. There’s too many questions. Not that I was touting that Russell Wilson was going to be special, but to, uh, like to, uh, has certain qualities that just are super intriguing. Here’s what I want to know. Craver though. Gun to your head. If the, if they drafted a quarterback at number three, it sounds like you would want to over Herbert. Sorry if I was ranking the quarterback, like to me for the giants, Herbert is just another Daniel Jones.

But what if he’s a good Daniel Jones? Well, Daniel Jones is good. Oh and on Daniel Jones. All right. But if they were going to take a guy, I mean Colt coins, Madden simulations are not in on Daniel Daniel Jones. Not very good in the simulation. I wonder where they’re getting their data from real life, real life. And by the way, circling back on my LSU pick, this is what I want to throw out a dope it the the, the safety who would be the deal, the deal maker plus one 65 for him to be a first round pick or you can take plus two 80 that LSU has six people.

Yeah and keep looking for that little, the math on those because a lot of times these over unders, like the two and a half Ohio state or whatever it is, it’s basically contingent on one player and like Kramer saying, you may find better odds just finding that guy to be a first round pick or vice versa depending on how the price in these things. I mean, I just think there’s so many different vectors. It’s hard for them to have the exact right price everywhere to not give up a little bit of value from time to time.

Wow. Great. Use of the word vectors there, Kramer. That’s what the audience loves. All right. How many of you have left? I have one left. I think we both have one, right? Yeah. Give us here. It gives your final one. Well Sean, let’s see. Uh, I have $36,000. Not a lot. You can do with $36,000, Sean. So what I did was I, I went, uh, I just another one of these, I dunno, maybe unfair to call it a coin flip and I’m just checking on the price.

Big 12 players drafted in the first round shown. Hmm. What do you got the numbers? Three and a half. So big 12 of course includes CD lamb. That’s one. We also have Marie as to same school, right? Yep. We have potentially Denzel Mims Mims. He’s on the edge of the first round though. What about gala? More the D linemen.

Mo. Oklahoma. Yeah. And so what do you need to get to three and a half? Well this was me a little bit hedging, hedging out. Uh, but I, I’m actually going to go over on the big 12 here.

Speaker 0 (57m 32s): So big 12 first round picks over three and a half. Over three and a half. Yeah, I think that makes sense. I have money

Speaker 4 (57m 38s): other way earlier, uh, on Oklahoma. So it’s okay. We’ll do it a little, a little both ways, but we’re going over three and a half minus one 20, 36,000 to win 30. No mat, no need to do math. I did it for you. Thank you.

Speaker 0 (57m 56s): Here’s my, here’s my last one. Total linebackers drafted in the first round. I dunno. If you looked at this proper, what would you guess current where off the top of your head, what would the number be at for the total? Did you say defensive backs are linebackers, linebackers. So you got Simmons. Yup. You got Marie, you got queen. That’s three. Am I missing a linebacker? So is it three and a half? It’s three and a half and I just can’t find that fourth line backer that kids in as the first round.

And it’s basically minus one 20. So I throw 150 grand on that. I really, I’ve looked at a shitload of mock drafts, none of which have four linebackers in the first round. Now maybe it gets crazy late, but Simmons definitely queen queen may even fall into the second round because he’s seen as kind of like a developmental guy. Are they counting, uh, chase on as a linebacker? No. Right. Well, again, I guess maybe that’s where it gets wonky, but to me, edge rushers should count as defensive ends.

And I should probably do a little bit more research before I lock in this $150,000. But then I’m thinking who else would be a linebacker under that regard would also the number bond and like, yeah, there’s, the number would skyrocket. It would be like six. A tricky, that’s a tricky props you gotta dive in and make sure you read the fine print ladies? Well, yeah, I mean like chase young. Does that count as a linebacker? No, he’s the defensive

Speaker 4 (59m 22s): end. Um, so in my mind, I’ll double check that. But you could all these, you know, defensive ends, you can put as like also outside linebackers. So, uh, but I love that. That’s, that’s kinda my favorite prop at minus sports. What team do you think just shocks us the most with what they do? Well, I would always say the Raiders because they, they have two first round picks. Yeah. Have some equity Gruden’s at the wheel may arc.

He’s there kind of really Gruden’s at the wheel, but in days, uh, who is that a Celine Dion guy or what was his name? Colin. Colin Farrell. Right? Yeah, he was, uh, no one had him that I asked for and they kind of shocked the world doing that. Jordan Love would be the answer, but that’s almost too obvious. Yeah, I was on Raiders selecting Jordan level while ago. I’ll say a team that really shakes things up is the dolphins. I think they get Herbert, but I also think they do something, they have three first round picks.

They have the most ammo. They seem to just be wheeling and dealing and all over the place. So I think they’re the team that’s most primed for like some crazy moves. I mean, I think if you’re a dolphins fan, I think it’s a very real situation that they can end up with a brand new left tackle, a brand new quarterback, a brand new, I mean starting safety and maybe even more, depending on how they play their cards, they might be able to trade down in the first round and get more.

What about a players on the trade block? I think, I think Al Shawn Jeffery, I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets moved. Did you see this nonsense about Evan Ingram? No. Oh no. Ryan, why are they getting rid of your boy of an Ingram? I mean, he’s got an a foot, I don’t know. But do you think it’s true that San Francisco is, uh, w was dangling a first round pick? They don’t have a second round pick for Evan England. Yeah. No SAS to be incorrect, right? No. They got a first round pick for deforest Buckner. Why would they then flip that for Evan Ingram, a guy who’s hurt all the time.

That’s gotta be, that’s insane. All right. For my lock prop, I’ll go a total cubies drafted in the first round under four minus one 20. And uh, if, I mean that kind of feels like it’ll probably be push at worst, but if you don’t, if you don’t, if that’s not juicy enough for you, then then try that. Linebacker’s a first round drafted under three and a half, assuming I’m not going to give out a minus 500 lock. Right? Yeah, that’s under the assumption then if you’re making me not do that, I’m going to, I’m going to go out there and say my lock, I really, I, I’m not buying, I think the lions take their quarterback under four and a half for a kudo minus one 35.

Lock it up. Do I a sound bite for that? Yes.

Speaker 0 (1h 2m 22s): And for a crazy long shot dog, of course. Uh, who will be the second QB drafted Jordan Love 30 to one. What’s your, what’s your long shed? Kramer.

Speaker 4 (1h 2m 32s): Ah, your biggest dog. Well, the love third quarterback drafted his phone. I had 80 to win three 60 on that, but uh, yeah. Should we just do that one? Yeah, that works. I’ll throw that one out there. Why not? I it seems it. It does seem like two things don’t make sense to me. One, why can’t NFL teams have to go to a doctor

Speaker 0 (1h 2m 57s): and the doctor tell him what’s up? Yeah, it really seems crazy because Trent Dilfer Trent Dilfer is allowed to let go and, and hang out with him. I mean, you look at that pro day he did the virtual pro day is like, dude, everyone’s, there’s like a guy hiking in the football. Like what, why couldn’t that guy be the doctor? Again, I, I’m not really clear on

Speaker 4 (1h 3m 17s): Matt one, but NFL teams also are, you know, think of it like this. Sean, would you invest millions of dollars in a thing that you didn’t touch, feel, smell

Speaker 0 (1h 3m 32s): and cattlemen quota? So kinda, yeah. I mean I kind of get that and I kinda to take it for a test. Draft I do get, if teams are worried about a guy that’s already had a catastrophic HIPAA jury, well, and he’s had a bunch of other minor injuries as well. And I certainly wouldn’t,

Speaker 4 (1h 3m 47s): I want to maybe see more than what’s on the surface if you’re, so I think this may be just materializes as a couple more teams just pass on him. Right? Like that’s the way we see this go teams just say there, this guy’s off my board and then he starts to fall. But you know, there’s always teams like the Cowboys, there’s always teams. Like th th there’s teams that we’ll just build, they’ll, they’ll catch and sometimes it pays off. Like one team just takes one team, Sean.

Speaker 0 (1h 4m 18s): All right. I feel bad if two it doesn’t give, that would be really shitty cause you know the Patriots are going to get them somehow then and he’s going to be awesome. It’d be uh, that would be crazy. I don’t see him slipping that far, but I Rob Stanton’s I guy stems, the guy said I’m a Patriots with a black quarterback. Good names. Stedham imagine if the Patriots quarterback, um, man, so much stuff going on. Of course Madden may hem kicks off with the preview game this Saturday, four o’clock East one o’clock Pacific with a $20 risk free bet.

Courtesy of MyBookie dad Agee. A free bet. Yeah, 20 hour risk-free bet. So I think you place a $20 bet. If you lose it, it doesn’t come out of your account if you win it and you got free 20 bucks. Um, and it’s Packers chiefs, so that’s going to be, should be a great game. Of course, check out our draft to a party props sheet. If you go to sports gambling click on this episode, I’ll link to it. And of course they live draft show Thursday five o’clock Pacific, eight o’clock East. Basically, whenever this draft starts, we’ll be starting our simulcasts as well.

Even a commentary, bunch of a fun guests zooming in. And again, if you’re one of the Degen madness winters, drop us a line to get your cash and your gear and Hey, why not throw us a five star review? We gave you all this free content for, uh, I mean Degen madness quite a run. Definitely earned a five star review in my mind. I’m bias, but yeah, throw us, sprinkle on some five star reviews. We’re giving you Madden simulations we’re going to be announcing shortly. You telling me there’s not been an influx of five-star avalanche of a Jesus Christ?

I mean, we’ve literally made a basketball tournament. All right, well, you know, I was reflecting on this, Sean. We created a basketball tournament. This would take a team of people. I mean, think about it. It took college football Doner years, 50 years. How long did it take for them to come up with the playoff? We came up with it in a, in a few days and it was awesome. Thank you guys. Again, thank you for participating in the spurs game and podcasts and for sports gaming podcasts. I’m Sean stacking them on a green and he is Ryan happy.

Draft Sean Kramer, let it ride.

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