Printable NFL Draft 2020 Party Props Sheet

Printable NFL Draft 2020 Party Props Sheet

I know what you’re thinking … “Fuck, dude, it’s social distancing time … we can’t have a party. Why are you teasing us like that?”

Stop whining. The NFL draft is going virtual, so that means you go virtual with your NFL Draft Watch Party too. Jump on Zoom or FaceTime or Google Hangouts with your buddies, crack open some beers, get your props ready (because there will be a lot of interesting ones this year), and all watch the draft together.

Printable NFL Draft 2020 Party Props Sheet for Round 1

Download the printer-friendly PDF version here:

Prop bets make everything more exciting. And with all the draftees learning their fates while video-conferencing from their homes, there’s no telling what weird shit is going to happen. Will a cat be sitting in their window sill? Will their pit bull be licking itself on the couch next to them? Who will be allowed in the room with them? And how many technically difficulties will there be? Anyone who’s been on a Zoom meeting while in quarantine, knows there are always a couple coworkers who can’t figure out their audio or where the camera is located.

How to Run a NFL Draft Round 1 Props Pool

  1. Send the PDF to all your friends.
  2. Set an entry fee per submission and collect the money via Venmo or Cash app or Paypal or Bitcoin or whatever.
  3. Make sure everyone understands they have to circle one choice for each answer, plus add the tiebreaker guess at the bottom.
  4. Cut off the submissions BEFORE Roger Goodell reads, “With the first pick of the NFL Draft, the Bengals select Joe Burrow.”
  5. Follow @GamblingPodcast on Twitter for live updates during the game for results. That way, you can get drunk and not worry about paying attention to every moment of the draft.
  6. After Round 1 ends, add up the correct answers and award the winners.

Shawn Burns 1.0
Sean Green 1.0
Ryan Kramer 1.0

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