Printable Super Bowl Party Props Sheet

Are you throwing a Super Bowl party and looking for ways to engage even the most casual fans? Well, our Printable Super Bowl 54 Squares Grid is a great start, but for even more fun, check out the Super Bowl Party Props Sheet!

Printable Super Bowl Party Props Sheet For SB 54

Download the printer-friendly PDF version here:

Prop bets have become everyone’s favorite way to gamble on the Super Bowl. That’s because you always have something to root for at every step in the game. Will Demi Lovato hold that last note in the National Anthem to go over two minutes? Will Jennifer Lopez and Shakira kiss during the Halftime Show? Will Deebo Samuel run a trick play that gains more yards than Tyreek Hill’s reverse? Bet enough of these and you’ll always have something to cheer (even though everyone will cheer the JLo and Shakira kiss, whether they bet it or not).

How to Run a Super Bowl Party Props Pool

  1. Print out enough copies for everyone at your party to play.
  2. Set an entry fee per submission and collect the money when you hand out the Props Sheet.
  3. Make sure everyone understands they have to circle one choice for each answer, plus add the tiebreaker guess at the bottom.
  4. Cut off the submissions BEFORE the National Anthem and collect all the sheets.
  5. Follow @GamblingPodcast on Twitter for live updates during the game for results. That way, you can get drunk and not worry about paying attention to every moment of the game.
  6. After the game ends, add up the correct answers and award the winners.

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