NBA Odds Pod Frauds Contest: Free Entry, $500 to First Place!

NBA Odds Pod Frauds Contest: Free Entry, $500 to First Place!

Which NBA teams are the real deal and which ones are pretenders? If you think you know, you need to entry our NBA Odds Pod Frauds Contest! Hell, it’s free to enter, so even if you don’t know, still give it a shot!

In honor of Sports Gambling Podcast Network’s newest podcast, NBA Odds Pod, we’re giving away $1000 to our basketball listeners. All you have to do is follow the rules below and submit your entry before February 14, 2020 at 12:0o am PST.

How To Play

1. Identify the FRAUDS

Pick the 2 teams from each of the following groups that you think will win the FEWEST games from All Star Break until the end of the regular season (February 20 – April 15, 2020). So, you’re picking the 2 WORST teams from each group. The groups are organized by their first half season records.

Milwaukee Bucks
Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angeles Clippers
Miami Heat
Boston Celtics
Philadelphia 76ers

Denver Nuggets
Utah Jazz
Houston Rockets
Dallas Mavericks
Toronto Raptors
Indiana Pacers

Oklahoma City Thunder
San Antonio Spurs
Memphis Grizzlies
Brooklyn Nets
Orlando Magic
Portland Trail Blazers

Phoenix Suns
New Orleans Pelicans
Minnesota Timberwolves
Detroit Pistons
Chicago Bulls
Charlotte Hornets

Sacramento Kings
Golden State Warriors
Washington Wizards
New York Knicks
Atlanta Hawks
Cleveland Cavaliers

2. Pick the Very Worst Team

In addition to picking the 10 Frauds (2 from each of the 5 groups), choose the team that will win the fewest games overall from All Star Break to regular season’s end. This will be used in the event of a tie to determine the winner.

If there’s a tie with the tiebreaker as well, the winner will be determined by who submitted first.

3. Email Your Picks

Once you have your picks (2 Frauds from each group, 10 total, plus the tiebreaker selection), email them to with the subject line “NBA Odds Pod Frauds Contest” before February 14, 2020 at 12:0o am PST aka Valentine’s Day.

4. Collect Your Winnings!

Winners will be announced on the NBA Odds Pod episode that drops April 19, 2020. First place will receive $500. Second place gets $300. Third place gets $200. Again, that’s FREE MONEY. There is no entry fee. FREEROLL, BABY! Subscribe to Sports Gambling Podcast Network on Apple, Spotify, or Google to hear the winners.


Only one entry per person. If we catch you with multiple entries, all your entries will be void.

You must pick 2 teams from each of the 5 groups listed above AND the tiebreaker (the team with the worst overall record from All-Star Break to end of regular season), otherwise your entry will be void.

There is no purchase necessary for entry. There is no entry fee.

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