Best Quarterbacks From Last Season

best quarterbacks from last season

The quarterback is a position that has always been pivotal to a team’s success. In this article, we take a look back at the best quarterbacks for the last season. We judge a quarterback based on their consistency and their role for their respective teams. One of the best ways to watch a quarterback in action is by placing a bet. It is easy to bet on a number of teams, and there are many gambling websites that provide a fantastic experience. You can view the top NFL betting websites on These websites allow you to bet on the NFL with ease. You can access a range of markets which makes it easy to bet on outright wins and various spreads. The quarterback role is one that is crucial to a team’s success. All of the quarterbacks on our list played a huge role in their team’s in the last season.

5. Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson had another memorable season in which he proved that he remains one of the most consistent quarterbacks in the league. His elite attributes both in running and passing, ensured that he made significant contributions to the Seahawks. Additionally, his durability came in handy throughout the season. One stat that shows his remarkable consistency is that only Tom Brady has won a higher amount of games since 2012. He has also been highly reliable in reaching the playoffs. Last season, he managed to complete an impressive 65.6% of his passes.

4. Drew Brees

Bees would have been higher on our list if he had finished his season on a higher note. For much of the season, he was locked in a tight battle for MVP. However, his dip in form towards the latter part meant that he takes up the fourth position on our list. Even at the age of 40, he remains one of the best quarterbacks in the league. He is still hugely important to the Saints. His statistics last season included an impressive 32 touchdowns.

3. Tom Brady

No list would be complete without including the ever-present Tom Brady. At the age of 42, he might not be the absolute best quarterback; however, he still remains in the conversation. He had another memorable season in which he guided the Patriots to their second championship in only three years. He remains an integral part of that side, and it seems as though his age is not getting in the way. His impressive 29 touchdowns showed that he remains in the elite class of quarterbacks.

2. Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers makes it to second place for another impressive season. Even a serious injury could not prevent him from making 25 touchdowns and throwing for 4,442 yards. This is also impressive when you consider how the coach’s tactics have stifled the play of Rodgers. For the next season, Rodgers could claim first place. However, he may also fall down. It all depends on how he works in this new system and whether he manages to stay free from injury.

1. Patrick Mahomes

The top pick is a no brainer. Nearly every single expert and fans would agree that Patrick Mahomes was undoubtedly the best quarterback of last season. He became only the second quarterback in history to throw for at least 5000 yards, with at least 50 touchdowns scored in the process. His impressive form even allowed the Chiefs to have a season with 12 wins which are hugely impressive when considering their weak defense. We wait to see if anyone can dethrone Mahomes in the next season. However, this is a spot he will not give up lightly. Right now, he is miles ahead of the competition.

Closing Thoughts

All of these quarterbacks played a pivotal role for their teams. In terms of consistency, they all came through when it mattered most. We are looking forward to seeing which quarterbacks can continue this good form into the coming season.

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