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2019 NFL SuperContest Preview, Rules and Strategy


2019 NFL SuperContest Preview, Rules and Strategy

If you’re a true sports gambler, you’ve already heard of the famous Westgate SuperContest in Las Vegas.

Well, there is a new football contest this year that kicks off week one of the NFL season and it’s the first ever online SuperContest. Hosted by MyBookie, there will be a guaranteed pot of at least a $150,000 with every dollar collected going into the prize pool. Here’s some more info.

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How to Play and Contest Rules

The entry fee is $100 and all contestants must create a MyBookie account. Deposit the $100 entry fee into your account, sign up for the contest, and you’re eligible to win the cash prizes.

Each participant can have a maximum of three entries with the contest beginning Thursday, September 5, 2019 and concluding December 29, 2019, which is the final week of the regular season.

Every week, contestants pick five NFL games against the spread with the lines determined by the MyBookie sportsbook. Each winning selection is worth one point and if the game ties or pushes, then that game will count as a half point.

Contestants will be able to submit their picks at any point during the week and will be able to make changes to their plays up until kickoff. Once a game starts all selections will be final.

The SuperContest leaderboard will be updated in real-time after every game.

Prize Pool Information

1st Place: $100,000.00
2nd Place: $15,000.00
3rd Place: $7,500.00
4th Place: $5,000.00
5th Place: $4,500.00
6th Place: $4,000.00
7th Place: $3,500.00
8th Place: $2,500.00
9th Place: $1,750.00
10th Place: $1,250.00
11th to 15th Place: $1,000.00

These guaranteed cash prizes at the end of the season are based on 1,500 entries. However, if over 2,000 entries are submitted, four additional quarterly prizes will be added to the total prize pool at weeks 4, 8, 12, and 17.

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Things To Keep In Mind

Due to the manageable entry fee, I think this contest could end up with a massive number of participants. For an affordable price, a bettor can have action every week of the NFL season and challenge themselves against some of the elite handicappers in the business.

If the contest receives over 2,000 entries, each player will have extra chances to win a part of the prize pool as well. The major contests in Vegas have higher potential cash prizes, but the investment by the contestants is much higher with $1,000 or $1,500 entry fees. Also, if you live outside Vegas, these major contests will also require a proxy service that is another added cost.


The MyBookie lines won’t be stagnant, which is important to understand. When the odds are released, and if you like the number, you should lock it in as soon as possible because there will be some line movement throughout the week.

If you feel the initial line is going to change in your favor it may make sense to wait until later in the week to submit your pick for that matchup.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you make a pick and then decide to change it, you will lose the initial odds you selected and will need to then select from the updated odds on that specific game.

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