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At this point in the sports calendar, it’s easy to look toward the future for exciting sporting events. For those of us lame enough to love the game of baseball, pitchers and catchers reporting signals the start of a long and exciting journey. Unfortunately, meaningful games are still a month and a half away.

The NCAA Basketball schedule is still in the heart of conference play, with a few weeks until postseason tournaments begin.

The NBA is coming into All-Star Weekend which means we have a few months until we get to see Golden State hoist the Larry O’ Brien Trophy. All that remains to be seen in that league is which one of the few competitive Eastern Conference teams will be losing to the Warriors in June.

This is the perfect time of year to gather information on the upcoming events and fire on some futures.

***Update from last week’s article.***

The Houston Cougars could be found at 125/1 when I included them last week. They currently sit at 55/1 and were announced as a look ahead #3 seed if the NCAA Tourney began today. Holding the 125/1 ticket that we bought last week will be valuable when the brackets are revealed and buyers are seeking some Cougar action.

Colorado Rockies National League Champions +1800

In investing, the ugliest stocks offer some of the best value. The Colorado Rockies are without a doubt an ugly looking investment, but in order to buy low, sometimes the gross feelings are where we should place our money.

The National League is wide open.

The defending National League champion Dodgers come into 2019 as the favorite to win the NL yet again. There’s no disputing they deserve to be favored entering this season considering they strengthened their bullpen signing Joe Kelly and their offense with AJ Pollock. But the loss of Yasiel Puig may be an under rated transaction.

Puig ignited this team time after time during the last 2 postseason runs. Yes, he was a distraction that will not be missed, but his offensive spark was undeniable.

Nolan Arenado signing with the Rockies kept the core of their position players in tact for 2019. Charlie Blackmon and Trevor Story join Arenado as 3 perennial home run title contenders. The Coors Field effect obviously helps their offense and makes it more difficult on the Rockies pitchers, but this team has the potential to at least land a Wild Card spot.

Philadelphia 76ers To Win NBA Championship +1400

Ok, my 2-month-old son already knows that Golden State is by far and away the deserving favorite to win the NBA Title. Anyone who has heard of the NBA knows the Warriors are loaded and primed to win it year in and year out. We can’t forget though, they will have an opponent and this year it will not be a Lebron led Cavaliers team.

There are a few contenders of note battling for the East, but at 14/1, I believe the Sixers provide the best value. I honestly wouldn’t be opposed to buying the Bucks (10/1) and the Raptors (10/1) as well. One of these 3 are likely to represent the East and owning a double-digit ticket on each of them isn’t terrible for resale value.

I wouldn’t touch the Celtics with a 10 foot pole right now, but that’s just me. If you like the Boston vs California theme for World Championships, maybe get in on Boston now. I’ll eat my words if they reach the Finals.

Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, JJ Reddick, Jimmy Butler, and now Tobias Harris is a talented enough lineup to compete even with Golden State for a few games in the Finals and could be a nice ATS play if you’re making some NBA picks. The chemistry and maturity will be a huge factor for this team moving forward.

Wofford Terriers To Win NCAA Tournament 500/1

I wanted to add a true long shot to the column this week. I think 500/1 suffices. If you checked out the 3 NCAA Cinderella Teams Worth Watching Now article earlier this week, you saw my opinion on the Wofford Terriers.

Joe Lunardi has Wofford as a 10 seed in his current Bracketology rankings. The Terriers are rolling through the Southern Conference and look to be a sure thing to reach the NCAA Tourney. If they can land a favorable seeding, they could make some noise. Making the round of 32 alone should drop their futures odds considerably, leaving room for profit in the secondary market.

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