The Top Gambling Podcasts

Although it might not seem like it, listening to gaming podcasts is a sure way to become a pro, online casino player. Podcasts give you exposure to professional gamers, allowing you to copy their mentality. In addition, there is a podcast for everyone, from the poker aficionados to the casual gamers. 

However, sifting through the extensive catalogue of podcasts available online can be challenging. This post aims to help you narrow the search by highlighting the top gambling podcasts available today.   

The Rise of Podcasts 

Podcasting has undergone significant growth in the last few years. It has become a multi-billion dollar industry with millions of monthly listeners and over 4.25 million podcasts worldwide.  

Besides music and audiobooks, podcasts are the most popular way people consume education and entertainment in audio form. Most people love podcasts because of the extensive bond they offer between the listeners and the podcasters. 

They are also easy to access using a smartphone or via the internet. Gamers of all sorts have also joined the podcast craze, and currently, numerous podcasters are providing top-tier gaming content.     

Top Gaming Podcasts to Listen 

Below are some of the best podcasts that savvy gamers should follow. 

The Football Academy 

Apart from being one of the most adored sports in the world, football is also one of the sports that most players love to wager on. There are also plenty of football podcasts that cover all major international leagues. ‘The Football Academy’ focuses on the English Premier League, whose games one can stake on via an online casino Canada

The Football Academy covers a wide range of football-related issues and offers informative content to wagerers and football lovers in general. The hosts engage in plenty of playful banter and offer slightly ridiculous gaming insights and tips to keep the audience entertained. 

Casino Combat

Casino Combat focuses on casino reviews and offers numerous gaming tips. Its uniqueness stems from the fact that it adds a personal touch to all the content presented. 

It is hosted by “The Rambling Gambler,” who frequently visits different casinos and offers detailed information about them. He also gives several tips on how players can make the most out of their wagers. 

The Gambling Files

Jon Bruford and Fintan Costello, two gaming gurus, are the hosts of ‘The Gambling Files’ podcast. Rather than providing listeners with tricks and tips, this podcast focuses on examining the staking industry itself. Thus, it is the perfect show to get information about gaming, even for those who don’t game. 

The Sports Gambling Podcast

As one of the oldest wagering podcasts, ‘The Sports Gambling Podcast’ has a wealth of content in this field. It was set up in 2011 to offer sports wagering advice and information. Throughout this time, the podcast has achieved and maintained high standards of accuracy and objectivity. 

Due to its high-value content, this podcast is very famous globally. It has a new episode each day, and players from various countries depend on it to sharpen their staking knowledge and emerge victorious in physical and online casinos. 

The After Gambling Podcast 

Podcasts emulated radio and continued the tradition of investigative journalism. ‘The After Gambling Podcast’ is one of the podcasts that discusses tough topics. It focuses on how things can go wrong when gaming becomes more than a hobby. 

This podcast is great for those players who have started to wonder whether they are still doing it for fun or have to gamble to survive. It is also ideal for those looking for resources and information on how to keep wagering a fun hobby.  

Are Gambling Podcasts Helpful? 

Gambling is a thrilling hobby. Coupled with the industry’s colourful history, it’s perhaps the reason it’s such a popular topic on podcasts. Below are some top reasons why all online casino gamers need to listen to wagering podcasts: 

1. Getting up-to-date information 

Listening to the best wagering podcasts keeps gamers updated on all relevant developments. The more knowledge one has, the more one can perfect their gaming strategies and better their chances of winning.

2. Gaining new staking tips and tricks 

The hosts of gaming podcasts tend to have immense knowledge in the field and frequently invite gaming gurus to their shows. These individuals can offer plenty of insight and give players new perspectives they have yet to consider.  

3. Discovering new wagering apps and websites 

Some top wagering podcasts can help players better understand their wagering options. This includes discovering websites or applications with the best bonuses, the largest or quickest payouts, and the variety of games offered. 

4. Getting professional guidance 

Podcasts are set with a conversational tone, which makes them highly relatable. They can offer plenty of guidance and help to newbies and addicted gamers. They can also help instil a positive attitude and a sense of awareness. 


Online casino players can use podcasts to sharpen their skills, improve their strategy, and gain information about various developments in the industry. There are wagering podcasts designed for all types of players, with varying levels of seriousness and depth. Choose a podcast of your choice today and start improving your wagering expertise. 

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