NFL>Love Life? New Study Says For Many Fans, Football Wins

NFL>Love Life? New Study Says For Many Fans, Football Wins

It’s often forgotten that the word ‘fan’ is just a shortened version of ‘fanatic’. When you consider that, it drastically reduces how many people can truly call themselves ‘fans’. However, when it comes to the NFL, there are many fans out there. And a new survey conducted by Time2play shines some light on how fanatical some people are when it comes to their favorite football team.


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The media company, which looks to “help users make informed choices”, surveyed “1,200 self-identified NFL fans in the United States” in regard to the intersection of love and football, and they revealed some interesting facts about how fanatical some NFL fans are and how it affects their love life.


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Firstly, 40% of surveyed fans reported they would cancel a date to watch an NFL game. This number is actually lower than I would have expected, especially among people who claim to be NFL fans. Maybe romance is still alive. Or maybe these fans are just smart enough – and plan far enough ahead – to not double book on game days.

Dallas Cowboys fans are the most fanatical in this regard. That checks out. Just look at that guy in the photo at the top of the article. They are followed by Green Bay Packers fans, and Philadelphia Eagles fans. Sounds right to me.

Next question – would you break up over football? More precisely, would you consider breaking up with someone who was a fan of another NFL team? Only one in five reported that they would do this. Most of us are smart enough to vet out potential romantic partners for such important things before we start dating them.

One in three fans said the outcome of NFL games has an impact on their sex life. It doesn’t clarify whether it has a positive or negative impact (perhaps both?), only that it has an impact. And one in five fans surveyed would consider having an NFL-themed wedding.

You can check out further survey results right here.



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