The Sports Gambling Podcast Patreon is Live: Get all the Betting Resources SGPN Uses

The Sports Gambling Podcast Patreon is Live: Get all the Betting Resources SGPN Uses
The Sports Gambling Podcast Patreon is Live: Get all the Betting Resources SGPN Uses

The Sports Gambling Podcast Network has been your home for all things betting and gambling for more than a decade. In our pursuit of that, we are excited to introduce the Sports Gambling Podcast Patreon! That means we are bringing the amazing resources and research materials that we generate to prepare for our weekly shows. The best part? All of our picks, articles, and gambling podcasts will remain completely free as we wage our war against Corporate Gambling.

That’s right. Despite the pressure from the Corporate Gambling Oligarchy, we will not put our picks behind a paywall. It is core to our mission to provide the best free picks to Degen Nation, and launching a Patreon will not change any of that. We want you, our loyal listeners, to have access to the amazing betting resources and research that we use behind the scenes every day at SGPN.

Sports Gambling Podcast Patreon is Live: Get all the Betting Resources SGPN Uses

What do you get with the SGPN Patreon?

The short answer. A ton of exclusive content, merch, access to contests, and some sweet access to our hosts. What do you not get? Picks and the rest of our content. All of our picks, podcasts, and written content will remain free. In the War against Corporate Gambling, why would we want to charge you for our picks and content? The little guy is who we are looking out for.

Our Patreon has three levels of support and each one provides you with some fun perks, but we do not want to limit your access to anything. To paraphrase a fan, “I was worried when I saw the Patreon… but then I saw that the content will remain free and what the Patreon gave me made the content better.”

Oh, and below we are going to talk about the various levels for our Patreon and mention the Exclusive Discord Access. That is a private channel reserved for the most hardcore fans, The rest of our Discord, where we talk picks, food, shoes, crypto, and everything else, is still and will remain FREE! Check it out today!

SGPN Patreon Level: DEGEN

SGPN Patreon Level: DEGEN
SGPN Patreon Level: DEGEN

At the DEGEN Level, for only $5 per month, you are supporting one of the last independent content companies fighting against the Corporate Gambling Oligarchy. For the support, we are going to peel back the curtain and give you access to the EXCLUSIVE Discord Patreon Channel. Also, you will get access to exclusive episodes of the “Sports Gambling Podcast Stories” series. These episodes will feature some of your favorite creators sharing the sweats, adventures, victories, and bad beats in an intimate and close-knit setting.

All of that for only $5 per month. That’s just one drink at Starbucks each month, and it goes a long way toward supporting the crew at SGPN.

SGPN Patreon Level: Extra Degen

SGPN Patreon Level: Extra Degen
SGPN Patreon Level: Extra Degen

The Degen Level on our Patreon is great. But, where you really start to get the juices going is at the Extra Degen Level. You not only get the SGPN Stories Podcasts AND the exclusive Discord access, but we’re gonna add some more too. You get access to FREE Weekly contests where you can win exclusive prizes and cold hard cash. Also, you get access to our “Picks Spreadsheets.” THESE ARE NOT OUR PICKS. No, our picks WILL REMAIN FREE as we all work together to take down Corporate Gambling.

The “Picks Spreadsheets” might be better called our “Research Cheat Sheers.” These are the notes and nuggets that our research team works tirelessly to assemble for shows. So rather than keep their hard work all to ourselves, we want to share it with you. There are trends, stats, factoids, and so much more on these sheets, and all are yours if you subscribe to the EXTRA DEGEN Patreon Level.

Oh, and did we mention the Patreon Exclusive Contests? We will run weekly contests for no extra cost. Just being a Degen who subscribes to Patreon will get you access. These weekly contests will be for cash and prizes. This week’s contest featured $50 cash AND a piece of mystery memorabilia to the winner.

So what are you waiting for? Join the EXTRA DEGEN Patreon crew and get access to our research notes, free contests, SGP Stories, and exclusive Discord Channel access for only $10 per month.

SGPN Patreon Level: Degens Only

SGPN Patreon Level: Degens Only
SGPN Patreon Level: Degens Only

Are you a hardcore degen? Do you love all the things we talked about before? Do you want to add some sick, exclusive merch to your perks? Then the DEGENS ONLY Patreon is for you. You get everything from the other tiers. The access to the Discord Channel, the SGP Stories, the exclusive contests, the research team’s notes, and add on top of the exclusive merch? This might be the best tier and bang for your buck in terms of resources for betting, stories, and general degeneracy.

If you have checked out the SGPN Merch Store, you know that we have some of the best merch in the game. We want to send you a few EXCLUSIVE DEGENS ONLY items a few times a year. That’s all in addition to the amazing content and resources we offer at every other level.

All of this, for only $20 per month.

We appreciate you, Degen Nation, and hope you’ll consider joining the Patreon and help us take down Corporate Gambling. Remember, the picks and core content will always remain free. We want to take money from Corporate Gambling with you, not from you. Big Gambling is the common enemy we can all unite in fighting, so join us and LET IT RIDE!

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