Colorado Buffaloes To The Big 12 Conference | The College Football Experience (Ep. 1337)

Colorado Buffaloes To The Big 12 | The College Football Experience (Ep. 1337)

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Podcast Recap

The College Football Experience (@TCEonSGPN) on the Sports Gambling Podcast Network reacts to recent news of the Colorado Buffaloes leaving the Pac 12 for the Big 12 Conference. Pick Dundee aka (@TheColbyD) & Patty C (@PattyC831) break down what this moves mean for the Colorado Buffaloes, what this move means for the Big 12 as a conference moving forward and what it all means for the Pac 12. Are the Colorado Buffaloes back to putting football first and is their future as bright as it once was in the 1990s? Who will the Big 12 add next? Do we think the Oregon Ducks or Washington Huskies would be interested in joining the Big 12? What happens with Washington State and Oregon State if so?

How should the Big 12 approach expansion? Are the UConn Huskies really a good fit for the Big 12 and does that move make sense for the school? Could the Memphis Tigers or Boise State be a surprise player in all of this? Should the Pac 12 be adding schools like San Diego State, SMU, UNLV, Colorado State and Boise State as soon as possible? Why does the Pac 12 never try to be the aggressor? Will the Pac 12 exist in 10 years? Who should the Mountain West Conference turn to if the Pac 12 or Big 12 take schools from their conference? We talk it all and more on this emergency podcast for the Colorado Buffaloes going back to the Big 12 Conference.

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