XFL Draft Day One Recap Of Defensive Players

XFL Draft Day One Recap Of Defensive Players

The first steps of the XFL comeback started yesterday with quarterback announcements. The second was the first day of the XFL draft. As we saw names that had played in the NFL, USFL, CFL, TSL, AAF, and all the other leagues as well as names we didn’t know. Let’s take a look at the XFL draft day one recap of defensive players, which started in round 12.

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XFL Draft Day One Recap Of Defensive Players – Defensive Backs

Round 12

12 1 Orlando Guardians C.J. Holmes Jackson St Cornerback
12 2 San Antonio Brahmas Luq Barcoo San Diego St Cornerback
12 3 St. Louis Battlehawks Ben Deluca UNC-Charlotte Safety
12 4 D.C. Defenders Parnell Motley Oklahoma Cornerback
12 5 Houston Roughnecks Raleigh Texada Baylor Cornerback
12 6 Arlington Renegades DeVante Bausby Pittsburg St-KS Cornerback
12 7 Seattle Sea Dragons Chris Jones Nebraska Cornerback
12 8 Vegas Vipers Keylon Kennedy Garden City CC Cornerback

Round 12 Breakdown

The draft day one recap of defensive players starts in the 12th round. The first defensive player off the board was C.J. Holmes out of Jackson State. Holmes didn’t have a ton of college stats but did spend some time with the Saints. The next defensive player was Luq Barcoo out of San Diego State. Barcoo has spent time with the Jaguars, Cardinals, 49ers, Chiefs, and Jets. The first safety off the board taken with the third pick in the 12th round was Ben Deluca out of UNC-Charlotte. Deluca played for the Chargers in 2021. The Defenders’ first defensive player was Parnell Motley out of Oklahoma. Motley has played for the Bucs, 49ers, Broncos, Lions, Browns, and the CFL’s Calgary Stampeders.

The Roughnecks took Raleigh Texada out of Baylor. Texada started 14 games for Baylor last year and was a tackling machine. The Renegades took DeVante Bausby out of Pittsburg State. Bausby has played in the NFL, AAF, and USFL. He excelled in the USFL. The Sea Dragons took their first cornerback in Chris Jones out of Nebraska. His last full year in college prior to injury Jones had three interceptions and 10 pass breakups. The last player picked in round 12 was Keylon Kennedy out of Garden City CC. Coming from such a small school Kennedy will have a lot to prove.

Winner: The Renegades win this round, selecting Bausby, a cornerback who just came off of having success in the USFL.

Round 13

13 9 Vegas Vipers Jameson Houston Baylor Cornerback
13 10 Seattle Sea Dragons Antoine Brooks Maryland Cornerback
13 11 Arlington Renegades Josh Hawkins East Carolina Cornerback
13 12 Houston Roughnecks Ajene Harris USC Cornerback
13 13 D.C. Defenders DeJuan Neal Shepherd Cornerback
13 14 St. Louis Battlehawks Channing Stribling Michigan Cornerback
13 15 San Antonio Brahmas Kary Vincent Jr. Louisiana State Cornerback
13 16 Orlando Guardians Javaris Davis Auburn Cornerback

Round 13 Breakdown

The XFL draft day one recap of defensive players continues in round thirteen, the second round for defensive backs. The Vipers selected Jameson Houston out of Baylor. Houston was rock solid in the USFL for the Michigan Panthers. The next player taken was Antoine Brooks out of Maryland. Brooks spent time with the Steelers and the Rams. The third defensive player of the 13th round was Josh Hawkins out of East Carolina. This is Hawkins’ second stint in the XFL and he also has plenty of time on NFL camps as well. The Roughnecks grabbed Ajene Harris out of USC. Harris has experience in spring leagues already after playing in the USFL.

The Defenders selected DeJuan Neal out of Shepherd. Neal made a name for himself playing in the USFL for the Generals. As the USFL trend continued, Channing Stribling out of Michigan was selected. Stribling was one of the best cornerbacks in the USFL when he played for the Stars. The Brahmas took Kary Vincent Jr. out of Louisiana State. Vincent Jr. was a seventh-round draft pick by the Broncos who was later traded to the Eagles for a sixth-rounder. The last player in round 13 was Javaris Davis out of Auburn. Davis has spent time with the Chiefs, Dolphins, and Bengals.

Winner: The winner of this round is easily the Battlehawks. Stribling was the best cornerback in the league and had some of the most swagger as well.

Round 14

14 17 Orlando Guardians Dee Virgin West Alabama Cornerback
14 18 San Antonio Brahmas Bubba Bolden Miami-FL Cornerback
14 19 St. Louis Battlehawks Quenton Meeks Stanford Cornerback
14 20 D.C. Defenders Anthoula Kelly Fresno St Cornerback
14 21 Houston Roughnecks A.J. Hendy Maryland Cornerback
14 22 Arlington Renegades Will Hill Florida Safety
14 23 Seattle Sea Dragons Linden Stephens Cincinatti Cornerback
14 24 Vegas Vipers Maurice Smith Georgia Safety

Round 14 Breakdown

The XFL draft day one recap of defensive players continues into round 14 with Dee Virgin out of West Alabama. Virgin has bounced around the NFL and now will get his start to make an impact each week. The Brahmas took Bubba Bolden out of Miami. Bolden finished his college career with eight pass deflections, two interceptions, and 135 tackles. The Battlehawks took Quenton Meeks with their selection. Meeks played for the Bandits in the USFL last year. The Defenders selected Anthoula Kelly out of Fresno State. Kelly returns to the XFL after playing in 2020. He’s also played for the CFL.

The Roughnecks took A.J. Hendy out of Maryland. Hendy is another player that’s been in NFL, XFL, and the CFL. The Renegades selected Will Hill out of Florida. Hill is no stranger to professional football having been in NFL, AFL, XFL, and CFL. The Sea Dragons drafted Linden Stephens out of Cincinnati. Stephens had limited stats but still garnered NFL interest and bounced around a lot of different teams. The last player taken in round 14 was Maurice Smith out of Georgia. Smith had two interceptions at Georgia and played for a couple different NFL teams.

Winner: The Battlehawks win their second round in a row after taking another player from the USFL that just came off a productive season in spring football.

Round 15

15 25 Vegas Vipers Mister Harriel Cal St.-Sacramento Safety
15 26 Seattle Sea Dragons Shabari Davis Southeast Missouri St. Cornerback
15 27 Arlington Renegades Robert Nelson Arizona State Cornerback
15 28 Houston Roughnecks Devin Hafford Tarleton St Cornerback
15 29 D.C. Defenders Kentrell Brice Louisiana Tech Cornerback
15 30 St. Louis Battlehawks Brandon Sebastian Boston College Cornerback
15 31 San Antonio Brahmas Elijah Jones Oregon State Cornerback
15 32 Orlando Guardians Mike Lee Kansas Cornerback

Round 15 Breakdown

The XFL draft day one recap of defensive players continues right along as the Vipers selected Mister Harriel out of Cal St.-Sacramento. The 6-1 safety has some experience in the CFL. The Sea Dragons then selected Shabari Davis out of Southeast Missouri State. After having eight interceptions in college, Davis spent some time at the Jaguars camp. The Renegades selected Robert Nelson out of Arizona State. At 32, Nelson is one of the oldest players to be drafted but has experience in the NFL, AAF, XFL, and CFL. The Roughnecks then selected Devin Hafford out of Tarleton State. Even from a small school, Hafford gained NFL interest and was on and off the Patriots.

The Defenders continued their XFL draft by taking Kentrell Brice out of Louisiana Tech. Brice already has XFL experience from 2020 but also has spent time playing NFL games with the Packers and spent time in the CFL as well. The Battlehawks selected Brandon Sebastian out of Boston College. Sebastian spent some time with the Chargers after having 28 pass deflections and eight interceptions in college. The Brahmas took Elijah Jones out of Oregon State. Jones had 12 pass deflections and two interceptions last year at Boston College. The last player in round 15 was Mike Lee out of Kansas. Lee played safety at Kansas and has bounced around some NFL camps.

Winner: The title of winner for this round goes to the Defenders. The Defenders get an experienced cornerback in Brice and he’s a bit younger than the other experienced back in this round, Robert Nelson.

Round 16

16 33 Orlando Guardians Antwan Collier Florida A&M Cornerback
16 34 San Antonio Brahmas Abrae Booker-Currin Adams St Safety
16 35 St. Louis Battlehawks Evan Fields Arizona State Cornerback
16 36 D.C. Defenders Joshua Allen Miami-Oh Cornerback
16 37 Houston Roughnecks Alexander Myres Houston Cornerback
16 38 Arlington Renegades Shakur Brown Michigan St Cornerback
16 39 Seattle Sea Dragons Reggie Robinson Tulsa Cornerback
16 40 Vegas Vipers Nijuel Hill Delaware Cornerback

Round 16 Breakdown

Round 16 of our XFL draft day one recap of defenders started with Antwan Collier out of Florida A&M. A former Legacy Bowl defensive player of the game, Collier has a lot of potential to develop into a solid starter. The Brahmas took Abrae Booker-Currin out of Adams State. Booker-Curin doesn’t have a ton of experience but gets the opportunity to prove himself at the next level. The Battlehawks drafted Evan Fields out of Arizona State. Fields has had some workouts with NFL teams and now gets a shot to earn a contributing position. The Defenders then took Joshua Allen out of Miami-Ohio. Allen is an experienced cornerback who has also returned punts.

The Roughnecks took Alexander Myres out of Houston. Myres has spent some time with the Steelers, Lions, 49ers, and Colts. The Renegades selected Shakur Brown out of Michigan State. Brown has a lot of potential but has battled injuries in college and the professional level. If healthy he should be a nice addition. The Sea Dragons took Reggie Robinson out of Tulsa. Nelson hasn’t had a lot of opportunities but gets his chance at the next level. The last player in the 16th round was Nijuel Hill out of Delaware. Hill was cut from the Commanders to make room for the previously discussed Channing Stribling.

Winner: In a round full of players who haven’t had a lot of opportunities yet, the Vipers win this one with their selection of Nijuel Hill.

Round 17

17 41 Vegas Vipers Nick Pickett Oregon Safety
17 42 Seattle Sea Dragons Kareem Orr Tennessee-Chattanooga Cornerback
17 43 Arlington Renegades Cameron Lewis LSU Safety
17 44 Houston Roughnecks Kevin Toliver LSU Cornerback
17 45 D.C. Defenders Cortez Davis Hawaii Cornerback
17 46 St. Louis Battlehawks Elijah Hamilton Louisiana Tech Cornerback
17 47 San Antonio Brahmas Terrell Bonds Tennessee State Cornerback
17 48 Orlando Guardians Maurice Smitherman Mississippi State Cornerback

Round 17 Breakdown

The XFL draft day recap of defensive players moves to the 17th round, almost halfway through the defensive backfield selections, and starts with Nick Pickett out of Oregon. Pickett is a 6-1 safety who spent some time with the Lions. Next, the Sea Dragons took Kareem Orr out of Tennessee-Chattanooga. Orr spent some time with the Titans and the Rams. The Renegades selected Cameron Lewis out of LSU. Lewis is a versatile player with experience at cornerback, safety, and nickelback. Two LSU players in a row were taken as Kevin Toliver was taken next by the Roughnecks. Toliver has played NFL games for the Chicago Bears and gets another professional opportunity in the XFL.

The XFL draft continued with Cortez Davis out of Hawaii. Davis has spent some time in NFL camps after he had 18 pass deflections his senior year. The Battlehawks selected Elijah Hamilton out of Louisiana Tech. Hamilton spent some time with the Dolphins. The Brahmas took Terrell Bonds out of Tennessee State. Bonds was an impactful player for the Pittsburgh Maulers in the USFL last year. The last player selected in the 17th round was Maurice Smitherman out of Mississippi State. Smitherman was a four-year contributor in college.

Winner: As the pattern has gone, teams that have grabbed USFL players who succeeded last year normally get the nod. However, this round is an exception as the Roughnecks get a promising player in Kevin Toliver who should still be in the NFL.

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Round 18

18 49 Orlando Guardians Marcus Murphy Mississippi State Cornerback
18 50 San Antonio Brahmas Coney Durr Minnesota Cornerback
18 51 St. Louis Battlehawks Jonathan Alexander UNC-Charlotte Safety
18 52 D.C. Defenders Santos Ramirez Arkansas Safety
18 53 Houston Roughnecks Jordan Mosley Maryland Cornerback
18 54 Arlington Renegades Delonte Hood Peru St Cornerback
18 55 Seattle Sea Dragons Qwynnterrio Cole Louisville Cornerback
18 56 Vegas Vipers Antonio Phillips Ball St Cornerback

Round 18 Breakdown

With four rounds left of defensive backs, the XFL draft day one recap of defensive players moves to the 18th round. The first selection was Marcus Murphy out of Mississippi State. Murphy has bounced around the NFL and then the CFL. The next player taken was Coney Durr out of Minnesota. Durr is a speedy player who may slot into the nickelback position. The Battlehawks took Jonathan Alexander out of UNC-Charlotte. Alexander is a 6-2 safety with limited experience but lots of potential. The Defenders then took Santos Ramirez out of Arkansas. The safety spent some time with the Jets after college.

The Roughnecks continued their XFL draft with Jordan Mosley out of Maryland. Mosley spent some time with the New York Giants. The Renegades took Delonte Hood out of Peru State. Despite playing for such a small school in college, Hood garnered NFL interest and spent time with the Bengals. The Sea Dragons took Qwynnterrio Cole out of Louisville. Cole spent some time in the Raiders camp earlier this year. To close out round 18, the Vipers selected Antonio Phillips out of Ball State. Phillips has spent time in the NFL and CFL.

Winner: The Guardians win this round with their selection of Marcus Murphy who has some professional experience and could develop into a nice contributor.

Round 19

19 57 Vegas Vipers Will Adams Virginia St Cornerback
19 58 Seattle Sea Dragons Rojesterman Farris Hawaii Cornerback
19 59 Arlington Renegades Rahim Moore UCLA Cornerback
19 60 Houston Roughnecks Brandon Easterling Dayton Cornerback
19 61 D.C. Defenders Travon Fuller Tulsa Cornerback
19 62 St. Louis Battlehawks D’Angelo Ross New Mexico Cornerback
19 63 San Antonio Brahmas Ryan Lewis Pittsburgh Cornerback
19 64 Orlando Guardians Roman Tatum Southern Illinois Cornerback

Round 19 Breakdown

The XFL draft day one recap of defensive players continues into the 19th round with Will Adams out of Virginia State. Adams spent some time with the Commanders and now gets to refine his skill in the XFL. The Sea Dragons took Rojesterman Farris out of Hawaii next. Farris has bounced around the NFL, most recently with the Broncos. The next player taken was Rahim Moore out of UCLA. Moore has previous experience with the XFL and has also been in the AAF and the NFL. The Roughnecks then took Brandon Easterling out of Dayton. Easterling most recently spent some time with the Giants.

The Defenders then selected Travon Fuller out of Tulsa. Fuller spent some time with the Buffalo Bills in camp this year. The Battlehawks took D’Angelo Ross out of New Mexico. Ross was waived by the Dolphins due to an injury and gets a chance to show what he’s made of now that he’s healthy. The Brahmas took Ryan Lewis out of Pittsburgh. Lewis bounced around the NFL before being injured in 2020. He gets another shot at the professional level. To close out round 19 the Guardians took Roman Tatum out of Southern Illinois. Tatum has previous experience with the XFL and will look to make an impact with his return.

Winner: The guys that have experience in spring leagues and the XFL are used to the quick pace of their camps and need to learn playbooks quickly. The Renegades win this one for their selection of Rahim Moore given his experience in the NFL, AAF, and XFL.

Round 20

20 65 Orlando Guardians Najeem Hosein Ferris St Cornerback
20 66 San Antonio Brahmas Cedric Stone Liberty Cornerback
20 67 St. Louis Battlehawks Lukas Denis Boston College Cornerback
20 68 D.C. Defenders Junior Faulk Delta St Cornerback
20 69 Houston Roughnecks Michael Lawson Western Illinois Cornerback
20 70 Arlington Renegades Abu Daramy-Swaray Colgate Cornerback
20 71 Seattle Sea Dragons Kendall Karcz St. Norbert Cornerback
20 72 Vegas Vipers Deontay Anderson Houston Cornerback

Round 20 Breakdown

With just three rounds of cornerbacks left in the draft day one recap of defensive players, the Guardians selected Najeem Hosein out of Ferris State. Hosein has limited experience from a small school but has a lot of potential. The second player of round 20 was Cedric Stone out of Liberty. Stone has bounced around the professional leagues and gets another shot. Next was Lukas Denis out of Boston College. Denis was recently seen playing in the IFL and will look to take his game to the next level. The Defenders then took Junior Faulk out of Delta State. Faulk spent some time with the Browns in the NFL.

The Roughnecks selected Michael Lawson out of Western Illinois. Lawson was a team captain last year for Western Illinois and has good leadership skills. The next player taken was Abu Daramy-Swaray out of Colgate. Daramy-Swaray was most recently seen with the Bengals earlier this year. The Sea Dragons took Kendall Karcz out of St. Norbert. Karcz has a lot of raw talent and could develop nicely in the XFL. The last player in round 20 was Deontay Anderson out of Houston. Anderson is a versatile player who’s played both safety and linebacker.

Winner: The Winner of round 20 goes to the Vipers for grabbing a versatile player like Deontay Anderson who has the size to play linebacker but speed to play safety.

Round 21

21 73 Vegas Vipers Adam Sparks Louisiana-Monroe Cornerback
21 74 Seattle Sea Dragons Roger Cray Old Dominion Cornerback
21 75 Arlington Renegades T.J. Green Clemson Cornerback
21 76 Houston Roughnecks David Tolentino Grand View Cornerback
21 77 D.C. Defenders C.J. Anthony Garden City CC Cornerback
21 78 St. Louis Battlehawks Tareke Lewis Utah Cornerback
21 79 San Antonio Brahmas Tenny Adewusi Delaware Cornerback
21 80 Orlando Guardians Shaquille Wiggins Tennessee Cornerback

Round 21 Breakdown

Almost to the end of the defensive backfield in the XFL draft day one recap of defensive players and the first off the board in this round was Adam Sparks out of Louisiana-Monroe. Sparks hopes to make the most out of his professional opportunity in the XFL. Next went Roger Cray out of Old Dominion. Cray deflected12 passes last year for Old Dominion. The Renegades took T.J. Green out of Clemson. The 6-2 safety spent some time with the Falcons. The Roughnecks took David Tolentino out of Grand View. Tolentino is a raw talent who could develop nicely.

The next player off the board was C.J. Anthony out of Garden City CC. Anthony is 6-3 and has a ton of potential. The Battlehawks selected Tareke Lewis out of Utah. Lewis has limited exposure but a lot of potential. The Brahmas took Tenny Adewusi out of Delaware. Adewusi has a little experience in the CFL. The last player of round 21 was Shaquille Wiggins out of Tennessee. Wiggins has had some off-field issues but gets another chance to prove himself on the field.

Winner: this round goes to the Renegades who get a tall safety with some NFL camp time.

Round 22

22 81 Orlando Guardians Matt Elam Florida Cornerback
22 82 San Antonio Brahmas Jack Koerner Iowa Cornerback
22 83 St. Louis Battlehawks Mike Hampton South Florida Cornerback
22 84 D.C. Defenders Holton Hill Texas Cornerback
22 85 Houston Roughnecks John Brannon Western Carolina Cornerback
22 86 Arlington Renegades Donatello Brown Valdosta St Cornerback
22 87 Seattle Sea Dragons Mykael Wright Oregon Cornerback
22 88 Vegas Vipers Stephen Roberts Auburn Cornerback

Round 22 Breakdown

The last round of cornerbacks in the XFL draft day one recap of defensive players started with Matt Elam out of Florida. This will be Elam’s second go around in the XFL after playing for the Defenders in 2020. The Brahma stook Jack Koerner out of Iowa. Koerner had a great college career for a solid defense and spent some time with the Saints. The Battlehawks took Mike Hampton out of South Florida. Hampton is another low-exposure, big-potential type player. The Defenders took Holton Hill out of Texas. Hill has bounced around the NFL with the Vikings, Colts, Cowboys, and Bengals.

The next player taken was John Brannon out of Western Carolina. Brannon has bounced around NFL camps and gets another shot at the professional level. The Renegades took Donatello Brown out of Valdosta State. Brown has played in the NFL, AAF, and XFL. The Sea Dragons took Mykael Wright out of Oregon. Wright was on the Cardinals earlier this year. The last defensive back taken was Stephen Roberts out of Auburn. A former four-star recruit, Robert gets a shot to prove himself at the professional level.

Winner: The last round of defensive backs goes to the Brahmas. Jack Koener is a playmaker who came out of Iowa, and the one thing Iowa does well is play defense.

XFL Draft Day One Recap Of Defensive Players – Defensive Front Seven

Round 23

23 1 Vegas Vipers Vic Beasley Clemson
Outside Linebacker
23 2 Seattle Sea Dragons Elijah Ponder Cincinnati
Defensive Tackle
23 3 Arlington Renegades Otaro Alaka Texas A&M
Inside Linebacker
23 4 Houston Roughnecks Deandre Johnson Miami-FL
Inside Linebacker
23 5 D.C. Defenders Niles Scott Frostburg St Nose Tackle
23 6 St. Louis Battlehawks Lakiem Williams Syracuse
Inside Linebacker
23 7 San Antonio Brahmas Justin Alexander Incarnate Word Defensive End
23 8 Orlando Guardians Nick Coe Auburn Defensive End

Round 23 Breakdown

The XFL draft day one recap of defensive players went from defensive backs to the defensive front seven. The player taken was Vic Beasley out of Clemson. Beasley played for five years in the NFL until injuries set him back. Now he gets another shot at the professional level. The second player taken was Elijah Ponder from Cincinnati. Ponder was on the Bucs but moved to injured reserve. The Renegades’ first linebacker selection was Otaro Alaka out of Texas A&M. Alaka was in the NFL on the Ravens but a hamstring injury led to him getting cut. The Roughnecks took Deandre Johnson out of Miami. Johnson had 14.5 sacks in his collegiate career.

The next selected player was Niles Scott out of Frostburg State. Despite playing at such a small college school, Scott bounced around nine NFL teams. Former Syracuse inside linebacker Lakiem Williams was taken next. Williams had 110 tackles his senior year for the orange. Next was Justin Alexander from Incarnate Word. Alexander doesn’t have a lot of experience and will look to prove himself at the next level. The last player taken in the first round of linebackers and defensive lineman was Nick Coe out of Auburn. Coe spent some time with Patriots and Dolphins before playing in the CFL for the Roughriders.

Winner: This one is easy as the Vipers selected Vic Beasley, who has more NFL game time experience than most of the other players drafted.

Round 24

24 9 Orlando Guardians Gerald Williams Miami-FL
Defensive Tackle
24 10 San Antonio Brahmas Riko Jeffers Texas Tech
Inside Linebacker
24 11 St. Louis Battlehawks Emeke Egbule Houston
Inside Linebacker
24 12 D.C. Defenders Andre Mintze Vanderbilt
Inside Linebacker
24 13 Houston Roughnecks John Daka James Madison
Defensive Tackle
24 14 Arlington Renegades Josiah Coatney Mississippi
Defensive Tackle
24 15 Seattle Sea Dragons Niko Lalos Dartmouth Defensive End
24 16 Vegas Vipers Max Roberts Boston College
Outside Linebacker

Round 24 Breakdown

Continuing with the XFL draft day one recap of defensive players into round 24, Gerald Williams out of Miami was taken at the beginning of the round. Williams is a big defensive tackle that will help anchor the line. The Brahmas then selected Riko Jeffers out of Texas Tech. Jeffers was a five-year contributor for Texas Tech. The Battlehawks took Emeke Egbule out of Houston in the second defensive front seven rounds. Egbule was drafted in the sixth round of the NFL draft in 2019. The Defenders took inside linebacker Andre Mintze out of Vanderbilt. Mintze made the Broncos’ 53-man roster in 2021 but was set back by an injury.

The Roughnecks selected John Daka out of James Madison. Daka is a 240-pound defensive tackle who has spent some time with several NFL teams. The Rednecks took Josiah Coatney out of Mississippi. Coatney spent some time with the Steelers and 49ers. The Sea Dragons took defensive end Niko Lalos out of Dartmouth. Lalos is a versatile player who played for the Giants. The last player in round 24 was Max Roberts out of Boston College. Roberts spent some time with the Rams.

Winner: The winner of this round belongs to the Sea Dragons with their selection of Niko Lalos. Lalos is a disruptive lineman who is very good at getting his hand up to deflect passes.

Round 25

25 17 Vegas Vipers Robert Windsor Penn State
Defensive Tackle
25 18 Seattle Sea Dragons Curtis Weaver Boise State Defensive End
25 19 Arlington Renegades Will Clarke West Virginia
Defensive Tackle
25 20 Houston Roughnecks Tavante Beckett Marshall
Inside Linebacker
25 21 D.C. Defenders Jacub Panasiuk Michigan St
Defensive Tackle
25 22 St. Louis Battlehawks Willie Harvey Iowa State
Inside Linebacker
25 23 San Antonio Brahmas Denzel Chukwukelu UTEP Defensive Line
25 24 Orlando Guardians Stansly Maponga Texas Christian Defensive Line

Round 25 Breakdown

The XFL draft day one recap of defensive players continues in the 25th round. The first player of round 25 was Robert Windsor out of Penn State. The 6-4 defensive tackle had retired from the NFL due to injuries and delayed rehab but is back with another professional chance with the XFL. The second player in round 25 was Curtis Weaver out of Boise State. Weaver was drafted in the fifth round of the NFL draft, but injuries derailed his career. Next was Will Clarke out of West Virginia. Clarke is a 6-6, 275-pounder who is 31 years old and has played in both the NFL and the XFL. The Roughnecks then took Tavante Beckett out of Marshall. Beckett was Conference USA defensive player of the year his senior year.

Next Jacub Panasiuk out of Michigan State was drafted. The 220-pounder had 7 sacks his last year of college. Next Willie Harvey out of Iowa State was drafted. Harvey can play any of the linebacker positions and had 12.5 sacks with the Clones in college. The Brahmas took Denzel Chukwukelu out of UTEP. Chukwukelu has professional experience playing in the IFL. The last player of round 25 was Stansly Maponga out of TCU. Maponga was drafted in the fifth round and bounced around several NFL teams.

Winner: I’m going to give this round to the Battlehawks for selecting Willie Harvey due to Harvey’s versatility at all linebacker positions.

Round 26

26 25 Orlando Guardians Keonte Schad Oregon State Defensive Line
26 26 San Antonio Brahmas Youhanna Ghaifan Wyoming Defensive Line
26 27 St. Louis Battlehawks Lacale London Western Illinois
Defensive Tackle
26 28 D.C. Defenders Fadol Brown Mississippi
Defensive Tackle
26 29 Houston Roughnecks Elijah Qualls Washington
Defensive Tackle
26 30 Arlington Renegades Davonte Lambert Auburn
Defensive Tackle
26 31 Seattle Sea Dragons Austin Faoliu Oregon Defensive Line
26 32 Vegas Vipers Pita Taumoepenu Utah Linebacker

Round 26 Breakdown

The XFL draft day one recap of defensive players moves into the 26th round where Keonte Schad out of Oregon State was taken by the Guardians. Schad, a 295 defensive lineman spent some time most recently with the Cardinals. Next, Youhanna Ghaifan out of Wyoming was drafted. Ghaifan had some off-field issues but has a lot of potential and gets a second chance now. Battlehawks selected Lacale London out of Western Illinois. London spent some time in the NFL with the Bears after having a productive college career. He’s got a knack for forcing fumbles. Next up was Fadol Brown out of Mississippi. Brown has played in 16 NFL games and gets a chance to push for starting time.

The Roughnecks selected Elijah Qualls out of Washington. Qualls has experience with the NFL, XFL, and CFL. The Renegades took Davonte Lambert out of Auburn. This is Lambert’s second time in the XFL after he played was signed in 2020. The Sea Dragons took Austin Faoliu out of Oregon. Fauliu plays with a high motor and had a successful college career with Oregon. The last player in round 26 was Pita Taumoepenu out of Utah. Taumoepenu has been on the 49ers, Falcons, Cardinals, and Seahawks. He gets his second chance at the professional level.

Winner: The winner of the 26th round is the Defenders by selecting Fadol Brown, who has a lot of potential and has just needed more opportunity.

Round 27

27 33 Vegas Vipers Jah’Sheem Martin Pace Defensive Line
27 34 Seattle Sea Dragons Jordan Evans Oklahoma Linebacker
27 35 Arlington Renegades Jessie Lemonier Liberty Linebacker
27 36 Houston Roughnecks Austin Edwards Ferris St Defensive Line
27 37 D.C. Defenders Anthony Hines Texas A&M Linebacker
27 38 St. Louis Battlehawks Kevin Atkins Fresno St
Defensive Tackle
27 39 San Antonio Brahmas Owen Carney Illinois Linebacker
27 40 Orlando Guardians Emmanuel Olenga Tennessee State Defensive Line

Round 27 Breakdown

The XFL draft day one recap of defensive players started with Ja’Sheem Martin out of Pace in the 27th round. Martin doesn’t have a lot of experience but has a lot of potential. The Sea Dragons took Jordan Evans out of Oklahoma. Evans has 99 tackles in the NFL before injuries set his career back. Next was Jessie Lemonier out of Liberty. Lemonier played well enough in college to garner NFL attention and spent time with the Chargers, Lions, and Cardinals. The Roughnecks selected Austin Edwards out of Ferris State. Even though he went to such a small college, Edwards got NFL attention and spent time with the Falcons and the Chiefs.

The next selection was Anthony Hines out of Texas A&M. Hines spent time with the Chargers in the NFL. The Battlehawks selected Kevin Atkins out of Fresno State. Atkins had 17.5 sacks in college. The Brahmas selected Owen Carney out of Illinois. Carney is a versatile player who can play both linebacker and defensive lineman. The last player of round 27 was Emmanuel Olenga out of Tennessee State. One of the best things about leagues like the XFL is guys like Olenga, who had limited exposure, now gets a chance to prove themselves.

Winner: The Sea Dragons win this round with their selection of Jordan Evans. Getting a player that has in game NFL experience is valuable.

Round 28

28 41 Orlando Guardians Terrance Smith Florida State Linebacker
28 42 San Antonio Brahmas Omari Cobb Marshall Linebacker
28 43 St. Louis Battlehawks Drew Singleton Rutgers Linebacker
28 44 D.C. Defenders Dame Ndiaye Portland St Defensive Line
28 45 Houston Roughnecks Chauncey Rivers Mississippi State Defensive Line
28 46 Arlington Renegades Bruce Hector South Florida Defensive Line
28 47 Seattle Sea Dragons Tre Walker Idaho Linebacker
28 48 Vegas Vipers D.J. Calhoun Arizona State Linebacker

Round 28 Breakdown

The XFL draft day one recap of defensive players continues in round 28. The first player in round 28 was Terrance Smith out of Florida State. Smith has spent time in the NFL and the CFL. Next was Omari Cobb out of Marshall. Cobb has had limited time with the Chiefs and the Giants. The Battlehawks then selected Drew Singleton out of Rutgers. Singleton had 55 tackles his senior year and will now get a chance to prove himself on the next level. The Defenders selected Dame Ndiaye out of Portland State in round 28. Ndiaye is very athletic and has played both defensive end and tight end.

The Roughnecks selected Chauncey Rivers out of Mississippi State with their 28th-round selection. The “Last Chance U” star who had some brief time in the NFL gets another shot at the professional level. Bruce Hector out of South Florida went next. The 300-pound tackle gets another shot after bouncing around several NFL teams. Next was Tre Walker out of Idaho. Walker routinely leads his team in tackles. The last player taken in the 28th-round was D.J. Calhoun out of Arizona State. Calhoun is a hard-hitting linebacker who flies around the field.

Winner: This one is a bit of sleeper pick but I like the Defenders taking Ndiaye. Despite the small school he’s super athletic and will be able to create issues for offensive lineman.

Round 29

29 49 Vegas Vipers P.J. Dawson Texas Christian Linebacker
29 50 Seattle Sea Dragons Daniel Joseph North Carolina State Defensive Line
29 51 Arlington Renegades Ryan Mueller Kansas State Linebacker
29 52 Houston Roughnecks Tariqious Tisdale Mississippi Defensive Line
29 53 D.C. Defenders Jamal Brooks South Alabama Linebacker
29 54 St. Louis Battlehawks Elorm Lumor Towson Defensive Line
29 55 San Antonio Brahmas Prince Emili Penn Defensive Line
29 56 Orlando Guardians Terrance Plummer Central Florida Linebacker

Round 29 Breakdown

The XFL draft day one recap of defensive players continues into the 29th round with P.J. Dawson out of TCU. Dawson has spent time in the NFL and the CFL. Next was Daniel Joseph out of North Carolina State. Joseph was signed by the Bills after a rookie tryout but later cut. The Renegades selected Ryan Mueller out of Kansas State. Mueller is an extremely versatile player who’s played linebacker, defensive end, and fullback. The Roughnecks drafted Tariqious Tisdale out of Mississippi. Tisdale is a massive 6-5, 290-pound lineman that runs a 4.57 forty.

The Defenders took Jamal Brooks out of South Alabama. Brooks spent time at Missouri before transferring and finishing at South Alabama. The Battlehawks took Elorm Lumor out of Towson. Lumor skipped his senior year to enter the draft but didn’t get drafted by an NFL team. The Brahmas took Prince Emili out of Penn. The 300-pound defensive tackle spent some time with the Bills. The last player taken in the 29th round was Terrance Plummer out of Central Florida. Plummer has spent time in the NFL, AAF, and CFL.

Winner: The Roughnecks take this round by selecting the fast but big linemen Tisdale.

Round 30

30 57 Orlando Guardians Caeveon Patton Texas State Defensive Line
30 58 San Antonio Brahmas Andrzej Hughes-Murray Oregon State Linebacker
30 59 St. Louis Battlehawks Gelen Robinson Purdue Defensive Line
30 60 D.C. Defenders Joseph Wallace Sam Houston St”}”>Sam Houston St Defensive Line
30 61 Houston Roughnecks Ellis Brooks Penn State Linebacker
30 62 Arlington Renegades Doug Costin Miami-Oh Defensive Line
30 63 Seattle Sea Dragons Emmanuel Smith Vanderbilt Linebacker
30 64 Vegas Vipers C.J. Avery Louisville Linebacker

Round 30 Breakdown

The XFL draft day one recap of defensive players hits round 30 and starts with Caeveon Patton out of Texas State. Patton recently spent some time on the Colts. The next player drafted was Andrzej Hughes-Murray out of Oregon State. Hughes-Murray had six sacks his last year of college. Next was Gelen Robinson out of Purdue. Robinson had 146 tackles in college. The next player was Joseph Wallace out of Sam Houston State. Wallace has limited exposure but now gets his chance to compete at the professional level.

The Roughnecks took Ellis Brooks out of Penn State. Brooks had 226 collegiate tackles. The Renegades took Doug Costin out of Miami-Ohio. Costin has been in the NFL and the USFL. The Sea Dragons took Emmanuel Smith out of Vanderbilt. Smith has bounced around several NFL teams. The last player in the 30th round was C.J. Avery out of Louisville. Avery had 97 tackles his senior year of college.

Winner: This round goes to the Vipers who get a tackling machine in C.J. Avery.

Round 31

31 65 Vegas Vipers LaRon Stokes Oklahoma Defensive Line
31 66 Seattle Sea Dragons Antwuan Jackson Ohio State Defensive Line
31 67 Arlington Renegades Nick Temple Cincinnati Linebacker
31 68 Houston Roughnecks Diego Fagot Navy Linebacker
31 69 D.C. Defenders Aaron Sterling South Carolina Linebacker
31 70 St. Louis Battlehawks Mike Rose Iowa State Linebacker
31 71 San Antonio Brahmas Joel Dublanko Cincinnati Linebacker
31 72 Orlando Guardians Krisitian Tate Georgetown Defensive Line

Round 31 Breakdown

The XFL draft day one recap of defensive players started in the 31st round with Laron Stokes out of Oklahoma. Stokes spent some time with the Cardinals. Then Antwuan Jackson was drafted out of Ohio State. The 300-pound defensive tackle will look to anchor the defensive line. The Renegades took Nick Temple out of Cincinnati. Temple recently played in the CFL. The Roughnecks took Diego Fagot out of Navy. Fagot was a stud linebacker and is a very instinctual player.

The Defenders took Aaron Sterling out of South Carolina. Sterling is a defensive end with a lot of potential. Mike Rose out of Iowa State went next. Rose was named conference defensive player of the year his junior year. The next player drafted was Joel Dublanko out of Cincinnati. Dublanko spent some time with the Seahawks. The last player drafted in round 31 was Kristian Tate out of Georgetown. Tate has limited exposure and gets a chance at professional football in the XFL.

Winner: The Roughnecks won big with their selection of Diego Fagot. He may end up being the best linebacker in the league.

Round 32

32 73 Orlando Guardians Jacoby Jones Texas Defensive Line
32 74 San Antonio Brahmas Drew Beesley Michigan St Defensive Line
32 75 St. Louis Battlehawks Seth Walter Dartmouth Defensive Line
32 76 D.C. Defenders Jarrell Owens Oklahoma State Defensive Line
32 77 Houston Roughnecks C.J. Brewer Coastal Carolina Defensive Line
32 78 Arlington Renegades Josh Watson Colorado State Linebacker
32 79 Seattle Sea Dragons Tuzar Skipper Toledo Linebacker
32 80 Vegas Vipers Rod Henderson Alabama State Defensive Line

Round 32 Breakdown

Two rounds left of the XFL draft day one recap of defensive players and the first player of the 32nd round was Jacoby Jones out of Texas. Jones didn’t get a ton of starting time at Texas but has a lot of potential. After him Drew Beesley out of Michigan State was taken. Beesley had 5.5 sacks his senior year. Seth Walter out of Dartmouth was selected next. Walter doesn’t have a ton of experience outside of college but gets his shot to prove himself now. The Defenders took Jarrell Owens out of Oklahoma State. Owens was most recently in the CFL.

The Roughnecks took C.J. Brewer out of Coastal Carolina. Brewer spent some time with the Buffalo Bills. Next was Josh Watson out of Colorado State. Watson has bounced around the NFL on multiple teams and now gets a shot in the XFL. The Sea Dragons took Tuzar Skipper out of Toledo. Skipper was most recently with the Steelers. The last player taken in the 32nd round was Rod Henderson out of Alabama State. Henderson is a monstrous 352-pound defensive tackle.

Winner: The winner of the 32nd round is the Brahmas. Drew Beesley has a lot of untapped potential and should be able to get to the quarterback often.

Round 33

33 81 Vegas Vipers Jawuan Johnson Texas Christian Linebacker
33 82 Seattle Sea Dragons P.J. Hall Sam Houston St Defensive Line
33 83 Arlington Renegades Isaiah Graham Mobley Boston College Linebacker
33 84 Houston Roughnecks Jaquan Artis Lenoir-Rhyne Defensive Line
33 85 D.C. Defenders Jordan Williams Virginia Tech Defensive Line
33 86 St. Louis Battlehawks Phil Campbell Pittsburgh Linebacker
33 87 San Antonio Brahmas Mike Tverdov Rutgers Defensive Line
33 88 Orlando Guardians Decalon Brooks Florida State Linebacker

Round 33 Breakdown

The last round of the XFL draft day one recap of defensive players starts with Juwuan Johnson out of TCU. Johnson had 213 tackles in his college career. Next, the Dragons selected P.J. Hall out of Sam Houston State. Hall’s spent time with the Raiders and Texans. The Renegades took Isaiah Graham Mobley out of Boston College next. Graham Mobley played for Temple before transferring to Boston College. The next player was Jaquan Artis out of Lenoir-Rhyne. Artis had 25.5 sacks his last two years of college.

The Defenders selected Jordan Williams in Virginia Tech. Williams had limited time at Clemson and then Virginia Tech. Next was Phil Campbell out of Pittsburgh. Campbell had 64 tackles his last year of college. The Brahmas took Mike Tverdov out of Rutgers. Tverdov will get a shot to compete at the professional level. The last player selected among the defensive players was Decalon Brooks out of Florida State. Brooks is the son of former NFL player Derrick Brooks.

Winner: The Roughnecks selection of Jaquan Artis wins the last defensive round for them. If he can continue developing, he’ll make life difficult for opposing defenses.

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