Superflex Dynasty Quarterback Rankings

Superflex Dynasty Quarterback Rankings
KANSAS CITY, MO – OCTOBER 16: Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes (15) and Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (17) hug after an NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs on October 16, 2022 at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, MO. Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire) – Superflex Dynasty Quarterback Rankings

Quarterback dynasty rankings don’t have much meaning in single-quarterback dynasty leagues. The quarterback’s draft cost, trade value, and overall value on your roster are different. This is a plug for you to play in a Superflex league. This is the most important position in all of the sports, make them matter in your dynasty leagues. This is our Superflex Dynasty Quarterback Rankings List ranking the top 24 signal callers in the league.

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Superflex Dynasty Quarterback Rankings

  1. Josh Allen (Age 26)  – Buffalo Bills

    Josh Allen is the total package and has had one of the greatest progressions of development we have ever seen from a Quarterback. Allen went from a turnover-prone Quarterback to an absolutely dominant force on the field. His success isn’t just in fantasy football, Josh Allen is arguably the best Quarterback in football right now. His ability to rush on top of his ability to pass puts him atop the class.

  2. Patrick Mahomes (Age 27)  – Kansas City Chiefs

    A lot of people were concerned for Patrick Mahomes in his life without Tyreek Hill. Mahomes put that to bed with 5 touchdowns in Week One. Mahomes has looked great all season and is off to an even better start than last season. My confidence in him has grown and he also offers some rushing upside. Mahomes averaged 22.4 rushing yards per game in 2021 and over 27 in his past 4 games on top of being on pace for 48 passing touchdowns.

  3. Justin Herbert (Age 24) – Los Angles Chargers

    The Chargers fans are pretty blessed to go from Philip Rivers to Justin Herbert. Herbert is another Quarterback that offers a great combination of rushing and passing. Herbert threw for over 5,000 yards last season while rushing the ball for over 300. Herbert also had 41 total touchdowns in 2021. In 2022 he has been slowed down a little bit due to injuries and Keenan Allen being sidelined, but Herbert is still on pace for 4,576 yards passing yards. The age and situation are great, look for Herbert to get locked up here soon.

  4. Lamar Jackson (Age 25) – Baltimore Ravens

    Lamar Jackson is very interesting for dynasty because of his contract situation in Baltimore. As much as we love rushing Quarterbacks too, the fear is always that they will get hurt. That risk comes in with Lamar Jackson as he missed 5 games in 2021 and finished outside of the top 12 Quarterbacks. Jackson also has amazing upside on a week-to-week basis. Jackson is likely back with Baltimore and will continue to be one of the top 5 fantasy football Quarterbacks as he is only 25 years old. Jackson could end up going to the Kirk Cousins route if the Ravens’ decision is to franchise tag him, but we will see. They did offer him contract extensions this summer that he declined. His contract will be a big discussion this off-season.

  5. Joe Burrow (Age 25) – Cincinnati Bengals

    Burrow and Chase reminded us of their dominance this week as they got some of their swag back in their homecoming to the Bayou. Joe Burrow has lived up to the #1 overall pick and he has some of the best weapons in the league. Burrow has had a slow start and he is still the 5th overall fantasy football Quarterback in the league. Burrow’s age and situation make him a lock for dynasty managers. Look for the Bengals to give him a huge contract extension here soon placing him in the top 5 of this Superflex Dynasty Quarterback Rankings list.

  6. Deshaun Watson (Age 27) – Cleveland Browns

    Regardless of how you view Deshaun Watson, he is good at football. Watson’s suspension is half over and he will start playing again this season. There are plenty of concerns that he will not be ready after 2 years off and in a new system. However, for dynasty purposes, we have to look at the long-term approach and he is the same age as Patrick Mahomes. Watson was once the overall dynasty QB1. The last time he played he finished the season as the QB5 overall for fantasy football.

  7. Trevor Lawrence (Age 23) – Jacksonville Jaguars

    Doug Pederson and his staff have done a great job with Trevor Lawrence. Lawrence has shown massive improvements from last season and the team is definitely moving in a different direction. Lawrence is still young in his development, but we see a totally different player this season. Lawrence’s success on the field has definitely transferred to fantasy football, he is currently the QB11 in fantasy football.

  8. Jalen Hurts (Age 24) – Philadelphia Eagles

    Jalen Hurts is another player that deserves a ton of credit as he has shown great development since joining the league. Hurts was a 2nd round pick in the NFL draft and a lot of people didn’t expect him to develop into a full-time starter. They definitely didn’t expect him to be leading an undefeated team. Hurts still needs to show some growth in his passing and that lowers his upside for fantasy football. Last season he was a top-12 quarterback each week, but he ended up as the 8th overall Quarterback because of his 16 passing touchdowns. This season Hurts is on pace for 4,289 yards and 17 passing touchdowns. On the ground, Hurts is on pace for 830 yards. That would be a 5,000-yard season. Hurts’ contract situation is also interesting as Hurts is an unrestricted free agent in 2024.

  9. Kyler Murray (Age 25) – Arizona Cardinals

    Kyler Murray got a huge extension and the Cardinals’ brought in his college teammate Marquise Brown in a trade. Murray struggled at the end of last season and his struggles have continued. Kliff Kingsbury could be on the way out as the team is struggling and his offense continues to flounder. Unless the Cardinals see a huge turnaround, this team could see some changes this off-season. Murray has been fine for fantasy, having similar stats to Jalen Hurts. Murray only has 6 passing touchdowns on the season and is off to a slow start as the Cardinals are 2-4.

  10. Dak Prescott (Age 29) – Dallas Cowboys

    Dak Prescott has had a rough few seasons recently due to injury and is almost 30 years of age. Prescott is not old in any fashion, but much older and less productive than the previous players listed. Dak hasn’t run as much since his injury, but his passing production still offers upside. Dak threw for 4,449 yards and 37 touchdowns last season. Dak also has some good weapons with CeeDee Lamb and Michael Gallup.

  11. Tua Tagovailoa (Age 24) – Miami Dolphins

    Tua has looked absolutely great when healthy this season. This one might have to do with how comfortable you are with his health. That situation is hard to predict and we can only hope that Tua doesn’t have any issues. Mike McDaniel has been a game-changer for Tua, and Tyreek Hill certainly helps. This offense is really fun and really fantasy-friendly for a Quarterback. We saw Teddy Bridgewater and Skyler Thompson have some fantasy success in Tua’s absence. But, Tua has shown us some upsides that I think a lot of us didn’t think he possessed. The situation is great and Tua should be back this week.

  12. Trey Lance (Age 22) – San Francisco 49ers

    Trey Lance shows up at the 12 spot, as unfortunately, he is already done for the year. Lance is expected to make a full recovery and be the starting Quarterback for the 49ers next year. Lance will have the same situation with coaches and weapons that everyone drooled over him the last off-season. This season was a wash starting with a monsoon game in Week One and then Lance’s injury early in game 2. Lance is young, in a great situation, and the upside is undeniable.

  13. Derek Carr (Age 31) – Las Vegas Raiders

    Derek Carr is still just 31 and just signed a contract extension for 3 years. They also extended both Darren Waller and the newly acquired Davante Adams. The offense isn’t off to a blazing hot start, but Carr does offer you pretty steady mid to high-end QB2 numbers on a weekly basis with the occasional QB1 week. Carr has good weapons and a history of production that has him right outside of the top 12.

  14. Kirk Cousins (Age 33) – Minnesota Vikings

    Kirk Cousins is coming off back-to-back 4,000-yard seasons with 33 touchdowns in each. Cousins has been a top-12 Quarterback in both seasons and currently, and he is currently ranked 10th in fantasy points. Cousins has been a really good fantasy football Quarterback, but his lack of big games has made him a boring option. Cousins offers zero upside on the ground and has a tendency to ghost you at times. Cousins also recently just got an extension, so there is some stability that he offers.

  15. Russell Wilson (Age 33) – Denver Broncos

    Russell Wilson would have been higher on this list earlier in the season, but things are not looking good in Denver. Wilson’s struggles last year were excused a lot due to injury, but he has not looked the same this year either. He has a few injuries he is going throw as well as some growing pains with this new offense.  Wilson is also 33 years old and is starting to become one of the older Quarterbacks. Wilson signed a massive extension and the Broncos will have to ride it out for a few more years.

  16. Matthew Stafford (Age 34) – Los Angeles Rams

    The combination of the poor offensive line, the lack of a running game, and Stafford’s elbow injury have led to a terrible season. They beat up the Panthers this weekend, but this offense doesn’t look the same this year at all. Stafford’s struggles have included leading the league in pick-sixes and this offense has looked out of sorts as a result. Stafford is the fantasy football QB23 so far this year, which dropped him down the rankings. I didn’t drop him any further as he is still with Cooper Kupp as well as McVay for the foreseeable future. Stafford should have a few more good years in him, just can’t have him in the top 12 of this Superflex Dynasty Quarterback Rankings list.

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  17. Kenny Pickett (Age 24) – Pittsburgh Steelers

    Pickett has gotten mixed reviews and we haven’t seen enough to make a fair evaluation in my opinion. Pickett played half a game and was in comeback mode, throwing 3 interceptions. Pickett played a full game as well and then was injured with a concussion halfway into his 2nd full start. In those 8 quarters, we have seen some ups and downs, not unexpected with rookies. The positives are he was attacking the defense downfield and not playing scared. We saw some rushing, and a couple of rushing TDS, and the team has really rallied around his personality. The negatives are the turnovers and only 1 passing touchdown in roughly 8 quarters played.

  18. Justin Fields (Age 23) – Chicago Bears

    Fields is really tough because we don’t know what the Bears really think about him. The beginning of the season was really rough and their offseason plans didn’t seem to benefit him in many ways. This offseason we could see them build around him and put an offense together for him with more playmakers. We could also see him getting some competition or being a topic of trade. Fields have shown more in the most recent weeks and his rushing has been good for his fantasy performances.

  19. Zach Wilson (Age 23) – New York Jets

    Wilson’s return has come with a lot of changes to the offense. Joe Flacco was on pace for about 800 passing attempts and that volume has come way down since Wilson has returned. Wilson hasn’t been that great for fantasy, but his situation is much improved. The team has put together some really nice skill players and weapons for Wilson. Unfortunately, the team has had to place 3 of their best lineman on IR. This obviously hurts the downfield passing game. Breece Hall has been the focal point of this offense and that winning formula will continue.  This takes some pressure off of Wilson and hopefully will help him develop into a more efficient passer.

  20. Aaron Rodgers (Age 38) – Green Bay Packers

    Aaron Rodgers is very interesting for dynasty because every offseason feels like it could be his last. Rodgers is dealing with some young pass catchers and the growing pains are tough to watch. The team also has not been able to run like they used to. Rodgers has been a streaming Quarterback at best at this point and with his future murky, it is hard to put a lot of dynasty stock in him.

  21. Mac Jones (Age 24) – New England Patriots

    Mac Jones and the Patriots’ relationship has reportedly gone sideways and Bailey Zappe looks great. Do we have a QB controversy, we will see. But, we have to go off of what we know and we know that Mac Jones was the starter coming in. Jones should take back over when he returns. Jones should benefit as the offense has made some changes recently and has been passing the ball more. He, unfortunately, suffered an ankle injury that has him missing a lot of time.

  22. Jared Goff (Age 28) – Detroit Lions

    Jared Goff was off to a hot start and the Patriots put that fire out real quick. Goff got a bye week and he gets some needed weapons back. Jameson Williams is coming back soon as well. A lot of people want to move on from him, but he likely is the starter until 2024 unless the Lions really go downhill this season and end up in the top 3 picks. Goff is younger than a lot of the other starting Quarterbacks and this offense is pretty interesting. This is the most expensive offense in the league and it actually has some stars.

  23. Ryan Tannehill (Age 33) – Tennessee Titans

    Tannehill has been a top-12 Quarterback back to back seasons and was QB21 before his bye week. Tannehill is missing A.J. Brown and now Treylon Burks for sure. The offense is still built around Derrick Henry and is lacking pass weapons. Tannehill is a good candidate for restructuring or trade next year at 33 with his cap number. This could be a positive for his fantasy outlook and you could get a few more years out of him in both scenarios.

  24. Geno Smith (Age 32) – Seattle Seahawks

    I had to get Geno on this Superflex Dynasty Quarterback Rankings list, he has definitely played well enough to get a shot next year somewhere. He may be a bridge for Seattle or get a short deal somewhere else. Geno is 32 year years old and looks like a totally different Quarterback. He is a great buy low.


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