2021 Fantasy Football Rankings August 12 Update

2021 Fantasy Football Rankings August 12 Update
2021 Fantasy Football Rankings August 12 Update

The NFL preseason has already begun as the calendar starts its march into the regular season. That means it’s time for another SGPN 2021 Fantasy Football Rankings August 12 Update. Now is the perfect time to begin your research for your upcoming fantasy drafts. Being able to get an edge on your friends is important every season. A key sleeper or an overlooked veteran can be the difference between winning your league or finishing at the bottom. Whether you play for cash, a trophy, or just bragging rights, rankings can always help you figure out who to draft. Thankfully, the SGPN Fantasy Football staff has put in the research time so you don’t have to.


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It’s easy to access our collective staff rankings which we’ve done with the help of the FantasyPros expert platform. These are updated each week to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of NFL training camps and preseason activities. Among the staff rankers are Dan Titus, Nick Dant, Scott Reichel, Ryan Kramer, Sean Green, Rod Villagomez, Jeremy Popielarz, and Adam Pelletier.


This week’s update will focus on a few of the more telling differences found on our big board.

2021 Fantasy Football Rankings August 12 Update

Jalen Hurts (QB) Philadelphia Eagles

It’s probably safe to go ahead and immediately chalk Sean Green’s QB1 ranking here to his overwhelming love for the Eagles. With that out of the way, as you take a look up and down the board, there are still some discrepancies. Ryan Kramer and Dan Titus both have him at QB9, while most everyone else has him outside of the Top 10. He is ranked as low as QB17 in our rankings as well. In my rankings, I have placed guys like Matthew Stafford and even Baker Mayfield ahead of Philadelphia’s young signal-caller. On the other hand, Dan Titus has Hurts perched above heavy hitters like Ryan Tannehill and Tom Brady.

This can be attributed to Hurt’s understandably wide range of outcomes heading into his first season as the clear starter. He could be the quarterback that throws for over 300 yards and a touchdown like he did against Arizona. Or, he could end up completing only 17 passes for 167 yards and a single touchdown like he did against New Orleans. Yes, his rushing potential should give him a higher floor. That said, he’s still on an Eagles team that struggled last season causing Hurts to go 1-3 in his four starts. In this case, the differences in opinions in our rankings really do reflect the reality of the situation.

David Montgomery (RB) Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears are arguably one of the most polarizing teams as it pertains to Fantasy Football Rankings. Each position carries with it a host of arguments as to where a player falls within the range of talent. This is clearly on display with David Montgomery. Here though, there is one loudly dissenting voice and that is Adam Pelletier. While most of our rankers have Montgomery somewhere in the late teens, Adam has him pushing RB30. Among the backs, he values more than the Bears return 1,000-yard rusher are Melvin Gordon, Zack Moss, and Damien Harris.

Montgomery finished the 2021 season with 1,070 yards and 8 touchdowns on the ground. He added 54 receptions for 438 yards to his total as well. All told, it saw him right around RB5 for fantasy purposes. The fact that Adam has seen fit to drop him even outside of the second running back tier has to be in large part due to the Bear’s quarterback situation. Fields could take carries away from Montgomery given his mobility. Even still, the talented running back should still find a way to end the season higher than the Top 25. Especially in a half PPR format.

Tee Higgins (WR) Cincinnati Bengals

Once again we find ourselves with a rather large gap in value and once again Adam is in the middle of the storm. Almost all of our rankers have Tee Higgins hovering around the WR30 position. For Adam, the Bengals’ potential lead wide receiver is just that coming in at the 11th spot in his rankings. Jeremy Popielarz is by far the lowest on Higgins, grading him as the 30th best wideout heading into fantasy draft season.

Higgins put together an impressive rookie outing last season. He was less than 100 yards shy of a 1,000-yard season and caught six touchdowns. All this considering he missed game one of 2020 and only saw one target in the final game of the season which he did not catch. Add those two games along with a full season of Joe Burrows and Adam’s ranking has a solid chance of being the more accurate of the bunch.



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