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SGPN Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets: August 7 Update

SGPN Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets: August 7 Update

SGPN Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets: August 7 Update

Hey you! Yeah, you, the one who is thinking “Do I really need a cheat sheet for my fantasy football draft?” Sure I guess technically you don’t. If you’re okay with finishing in 10th again and watching your sister-in-law who auto-drafted beat you again that is. How does it feel to walk by Bill from accounting’s office and see your company’s fantasy trophy sitting in his office as you walk by? Do you really want to risk being the league loser forced to sit in a Waffle House for 24 hours? If you do not want to suffer through another season of mediocrity, you need the SGPN Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets.

Our team of experts goes deep into the weeds to research and create the best consensus rankings out there. From there, we go even further and break players down into tiers so you know what to do. When it is the end of Round 5 and D.J. Moore is still on the board, but your whole league is clamoring for you to take Cooper Kupp, you can block out the noise and know that Moore is two tiers above Kupp. This is the edge you have been looking for and will put you over the top to win your league.

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Whether you are a hardcore fantasy player or a more casual player, we have the references for you. Between an easily printable PDF format for all league types, downloadable spreadsheets that you can easily modify, and our regularly updated consensus rankings, SGPN has all the draft and fantasy football coverage you could possibly need.

SGPN Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets

Half-Point PPR Cheat Sheet

PPR Scoring Cheat Sheet

SuperFlex Cheat Sheet

Standard Scoring Cheat Sheet

SGPN Mega Reference (All Rankings for All Formats) Excel Format

No matter what format you play, SGPN has you covered. Be sure to check the site regularly, and subscribe to our Fantasy Football Podcast as well to stay up-to-date on all the latest news and analysis to help you dominate all your leagues and DFS contests.

How to use the Cheat Sheets

The SGPN Cheat Sheets are quick references that you can print out the PDF version of the cheat sheet for quick reference. Additionally, we have provided an excel version that you can easily edit and modify. Each cheat sheet contains the top 160 players split into tiers, excluding kickers and defenses. The SGPN cheat sheets are based on our SGPN Fantasy Football Rankings which are updated regularly and our cheat sheets will be updated weekly in the lead-up to the draft.

If you want a more in-depth tool that includes defenses and kickers, we recommend our SGPN Mega Reference Sheet. It is an excel sheet containing full rankings for each position, including defenses and kickers. Additionally, it is in a simple excel format that is easily editable for your own usage. Be sure to check back regularly as news breaks throughout training camp and we update our fantasy cheat sheets for Standard, PPR, Half-Point, and SuperFlex scoring formats.


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