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Top Ten Fantasy Football RBs 2021 (Ep. 1047)


Top Ten Fantasy Football Running Backs

The guys (@GamblingPodcast) continue their top ten fantasy football preview series for the 2021 NFL season by breaking down their best fantasy football RBs. Sean and Ryan give out their top ten fantasy football running backs for 2021. They give the fantasy football outlook for Christian McCaffrey, Dalvin Cook, Saquon Barkley and more.

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Sean’s Top Ten Fantasy Football RBs

  1. Dalvin Cook
  2. Derek Henry
  3. Christian McCaffrey
  4. Alvin Kamara
  5. Aaron Jones
  6. Austin Ekeler
  7. Jonathan Taylor
  8. Chris Carson
  9. David Montgomery
  10. Javonte Williams

Ryan’s Top Ten Fantasy Football RBs

  1. Christian McCaffrey
  2. Dalvin Cook
  3. Saquon Barkley
  4. Austin Ekeler
  5. Alvin Kamara
  6. Derrick Henry
  7. Cam Akers
  8. Aaron Jones
  9. Jonathan Taylor
  10. Nick Chubb

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0:00:00 Prerolls
0:01:27 Intro/Welcome
0:03:22 Ryan’s #10 Running Back – Nick Chubb Fantasy Outlook
0:05:32 Sean’s #10 Running Back – Javonte Williams Fantasy Outlook
0:08:26 Ryan’s #9 Running Back – Jonathan Taylor Fantasy Outlook
0:10:27 Sean’s #9 Running Back – David Montgomery Fantasy Outlook
0:12:47 Ryan’s #8 Running Back – Aaron Jones Fantasy Outlook
0:14:14 Sean’s #8 Running Back – Chris Carson Fantasy Outlook
0:16:39 Ryan’s # 7 Running Back – Cam Akers Fantasy Outlook
0:19:30 Sean’s #7 Running Back – Jonathan Taylor Fantasy Outlook
0:22:04 Ryan’s #6 Running Back – Derrick Henry Fantasy Outlook
Sean’s #6 and Ryan’s #4 Running Back – Austin Ekeler Fantasy Outlook
0:27:57 Sean’s #5 Running Back – Aaron Jones Fantasy Outlook
Ryan’s #5 and Sean’s #4 Running Back – Alvin Kamara Fantasy Outlook
0:31:30 Ryan’s #3 Running Back – Saquon Barkley Fantasy Outlook
0:36:19 Sean’s #3 Running Back – Christian McCaffrey Fantasy Outlook
Ryan’s #2 and Sean’s #1 Running Back – Dalvin Cook Fantasy Outlook
0:44:08 Sean’s #2 Running Back – Derek Henry Fantasy Outlook
0:45:23 Ryan’s #1 Running Back – Christian McCaffrey Fantasy Outlook

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Speaker 2 (56s): welcome

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Speaker 2 (3m 15s): Cause we’re going

Speaker 0 (3m 16s): To be breaking down who we like, why we like them. Top 10 fantasy football running backs, Kramer kick things off. Who is number 10 for your 2021 fantasy football.

Speaker 4 (3m 27s): Number 10 in the world of fantasy football, probably number one, in terms of throwback old school football guys, does it wear the gloves? Does it where the rubber on the elbows, Nick Chubb is just a grown man. And you know, I think the first two guys, at least I’m going to call out. I think they’re just a little bit limited in the, in the fact that they don’t, they don’t necessarily have the past volume. And there are reasons for me to question that the overall volume potential, I obviously with Nick Chubb, Kareem hunt is in the building.

We love Kareem hunt kind of read back. And I realized that I would be silly to have up in the, the kind of higher echelons, the higher tiers of running backs to me, this is tier three with Nick Chubb here. And I think it’s because Kareem Hunt’s there, the offense looks good, right? Like they should be winning games, all of that jazz. But I think he’s just, I think what he averaged a catch per game or something like that, like yeah.

Speaker 0 (4m 28s): Positive game script for the brands. But again, he’s not there and that’s why he’s outside my top 10. I think currently I have Chubb at 13, which, you know, you could say is crazy. But again, to me, it’s more about my appreciation for Kareem hunt and what he’s done. So yeah, I think they’re just going to eat into each other and there was some injury concerns with Nick Chubb. So

Speaker 4 (4m 52s): Yeah. I just think when, when he’s out there, he’s, you know, when, when you watch him play football, you’re like, God damn, he doesn’t want to run out of bounds.

Speaker 0 (4m 59s): Yeah. Well he does want to run out of bounds when it’s costing you. Why did you bring that up? Ryan sore subject got Dan. The Browns screwed me out of a decent amount of money between that missed extra point. They came all the way back to cover the three and a half or about to how they need to do is kick the extra point to win by four and cover the three and a half. They fucking didn’t. And then the same thing with Chubb, totally thought the bet was completely cooked. And then he runs out of bounds at the one. God damn you, Nick Chubb. That’s another reason why he’s not in my Tuft costing me money.

This guy again, maybe I’m maybe I’m becoming part of the echo chamber here. I love the situation. I love the potential here. I think the Broncos are going to be in a decent game script for running backs. And I’m going to say Javante Williams is a top 10 fantasy running back. In fact, I think he comes in at number 10. I know Javante Williams. Didn’t have a ton of pass catching in his college career, but we’ve seen a lot of guys come to the league. And I got like Teddy Bridgewater loves the check it Dan.

I mean, you saw, you know, the number of targets that Christian McCaffrey got and even when he was out and sounds like Melvin Gordon has a decent chance of getting cut. So like higher than 25% chance, Melvin Gordon is cut and that’s even going to give Javante Williams more opportunities, more potential, but really it’s about you have a good defense, I mean, similar formula to the Browns, you have a good defense. You have a, a, Baker’s maybe an average quarterback in Denver. It’s definitely below average.

You’re gonna want to get Javante Williams involved. So yeah, if you

Speaker 4 (6m 36s): Want to get excited about Giovanni, if you weren’t a, you’re not a big ACC guy go put on the tape of Javante Williams. Like he’s a fun back. And, and he’s, he’s the kind of back, you know, the comps to D to Dalvin cook makes sense because he’s the kind of back that could look very electric in the right situation.

Speaker 0 (6m 54s): I think I, I don’t think you draft a guy 35th overall tab and sit behind Melvin Gordon. No, you,

Speaker 4 (6m 59s): You T again, like, it’s funny because I have him in a tier of guys, like after the, the, the Chubb mix in Sanders Carson tear for me, which gave you a teaser into some guys who are in the top 10. I ha I have the tier of guys. I’m wait, I’m irrationally high on. And it includes Mike Davis, Trey sermon, and Javante, which almost ensures that I’m going to take them because I’m willing to take those guys starting at the end of the third round, into the fourth round, and then, you know, market value on many of them, fifth round is probably more

Speaker 0 (7m 28s): Well. And Mike Davis, I love situation for Mike Davis and I love what we saw when he, when he filled in for a Christian McCaffrey. Another reason why, like Chuba Hubbard is Mike Davis. The only thing that scares me slightly away from Mike Davis is the Atlanta office overall, which I’m slightly lower on than you. However, the situation, the situation is so good for Mike Davis and he’s getting overlooked. He didn’t make my top 10, but I definitely make a good cares

Speaker 4 (7m 56s): Leave. Like I don’t care what your opinion about Mike Davis is. If you believe that Calvin Ridley should be a top wide receiver being drafted in the second round, if you believe that Kyle Pitts is the number four tight end being drafted quite high, you have to believe that Mike Davis should be going higher than his market. And you have to believe that Matt Ryan should be going higher than where he’s being drafted, because it, it points the offense being good. Anyway, back to the running backs. Number nine, kind of in the tier with Nick Chubb, to me too, I think maybe his ceiling’s a little higher, but Jonathan Taylor, you give the volume opportunity will be there for him to be the guy we saw close the season last year, I thought about maybe not putting him in the top 10 in lieu of some of those guys I’m irrationally high on, but I do think it’s silly because you know, if you’re sitting there at the end of the first round, even at the beginning of the second, and you’ve taken your elite pass catcher already a guy like Jonathan Taylor, it’s tough because I don’t know if I’m looking at him at six, you know, like, I don’t know if I’m looking at him even at eight or nine, but if he’s there on that turn, the volume is going to be there.

And while you could argue, he’s not gonna, he’s not gonna feature in the passing game, just like Nick Chubb. I think the offense should set up. And again, the, the concern will be Carson. Wentz is complete garbage. The offense is, is horrible. Even in those scenarios, I think he gets the volume. Now, does he find the end zone? That’s the part I, I don’t know, but you know, the fact that not a ton of, you know, there’s not many backs that I didn’t talk about that have the opportunity for 300 touches, like pretty, pretty easily. And I think this is one of them in the, in the offensive line is pretty good, Sean.

So it would be odd if Jonathan Taylor has a bad year, I think he’s a,

Speaker 0 (9m 41s): And I thought I was, I thought you were going to give me shit for being this low on Jonathan Taylor. I have him slightly higher than you. I haven’t met number seven. Well,

Speaker 4 (9m 49s): You’re going to find out why after I, after when we get into the guys who I put ahead of them, but I think it’s purely because he’s here and maybe I’m ranking him closer to his floor, but I just like some of the upside of some of the other backs, a little bit more. There’s

Speaker 0 (10m 4s): Nothing. Fantasy community loves them. Some love some Jonathan Taylor,

Speaker 4 (10m 10s): Ryan. So I love that he finished the season hot last year. Great. You’re not telling me the same. Think about David Montgomery. He looked just as good down the stretch last year. Why are we not having the same conversation?

Speaker 0 (10m 22s): We’re about two and number nine, give me David Montgomery again. I mean he finished number six and a lot of that was he ate in the second half of the season off of shitty defenses. But I think coming in there, you’re either going to have Andy Dalton or a rookie quarterback and Justin Fields. David Montgomery is still going to be the guy like, yeah, I don’t expect that second half season that kind of carried him to a number six overall, but number nine feels pretty reasonable and, and the bears defense is still be sent.

So I think they’re going to want to take the ball out of the hands of Andy Dalton or Justin Fields, give them easy stuff favorable down in distance. I mean, the, the bears coaching isn’t, you know, they’re not like a pass first organization. They are kind of pounding the rock and David Montgomery is a big part of that. I think again, predicting fantasy football, fine volume. How does David Montgomery ha not have a shit ton of volume? I know Terry Cohen’s coming back, but like he’s coming back off an ACL. I love the guy, but I don’t think he’s gonna really eat into David Montgomery’s work.

And David Montgomery had 54 catches last year. You can certainly tell me a world where his catch total even goes up a little bit. And I think he’s going to get, you know, a ton of volume,

Speaker 4 (11m 39s): Even at

Speaker 0 (11m 39s): Eight touchdowns and two receiving touchdowns. I think he could get a slight bump up on that even without being super high on the bears off fence. I just think he’s going to get a ton of looks and the same reason why I think Cole command is going to seal some of those Jimmy touchdowns. I think David Montgomery might get a couple of those Jimmy Graham touchdowns as well, even if you’re just projecting the bears often to be similar as they were last year. I do think having a guy like fields with the read option stuff, we’ve seen that a bunch that creates opportunity for the running backs because they’re looking to play the quarterback run,

Speaker 4 (12m 12s): Assuming he can play in that type of system. Right? Like that’s that’s.

Speaker 0 (12m 15s): Yeah. I mean, and there’s, there’s a decent amount of unknowns because we don’t know Andy Dalton or Justin Fields, but I think Justin Fields, a running quarterback, it opens things up for the running backs. And I think Dave Montgomery will benefit.

Speaker 4 (12m 27s): Yeah. I mean, look, I’m higher than market on home too, but I’m much lower than you are. I do have them ranked right around Javante Williams though. I think, I think there’s enough opportunity there for him, but there’s also enough risk in question that leaves me putting him out. Number eight for me is Aaron Jones. And again, you want to start having the conversation. Why do I like him better than Jonathan Taylor? Because I think, you know, I think either Aaron Rogers is, and he’s the second favorite to win the MVP. And this offense is, is moving the ball.

And Aaron Jones no longer has to worry about Jamal Williams coming in and stealing those, passing down. Maybe the goal line with ADJ Dylan. That’s one thing, but Jamal will passing down work from him and that’s not going to happen anymore. And frankly, again, you know, it’s hard even if, if it’s love right, if it’s love, they still have a pretty good offensive line. And I think Aaron Jones maybe even becomes even more valuable because his volume catch potential goes up.

And so I like Aaron Jones, whether Aaron Rogers is there or not. And I think at eight, once again, people are overthinking this one. If they’re there, they’re finding reasons to not take a guy who has produced because it’s sexier to pick the next guy. And, and again, maybe I’m low on him at the eighth spot, but I do think, you know, when I’m drafting at the tail end of the first round, I would much rather take that pass catcher in the first round instead of a Jonathan Taylor and then come back with a running back like Aaron Jones, who seems to be readily available in the second round up until the middle there.

Speaker 0 (14m 8s): Yep. My number eight and I have Aaron Jones a little higher, my number eight. And again, this is just kind of a narrative play completely. I’m a little higher on Seattle’s offense. And Pete Carroll seems to be committed

Speaker 4 (14m 22s): To Chris Carson. I

Speaker 0 (14m 25s): Don’t really understand it. He’s had issues with bumblebee, but clearly he’s Pete Carroll’s guy, Pete Carroll is still the guy making the calls in Seattle. You know, penny isn’t gonna do, I mean any isn’t going to eat into

Speaker 4 (14m 36s): It. He loved them in college, but he’s not finding his way onto the field. Yeah.

Speaker 0 (14m 40s): And obviously he was a little banged up last year, but you know, you look at his 2019 numbers, 1230 rushing yards, 37 catches two touchdowns. And then how many oh seven rushing touchdowns. So I think you can get some of those rushing touchdowns back a little bit. He only had five, but he had four receiving. So back-to-back nine a touchdown years from him. I think he’s going to it again. This is a volume play. Like I think they’re, they’re just going to get a ton of workload out of Chris Carson.

I don’t see a ton of competition at the running-back spot for, for Chris Carson. I mean, you know, maybe, maybe I’m wrong on this, but I,

Speaker 4 (15m 19s): I mean, I think you’re early. I mean, you have them definitely higher than most. I think it’s, I mean, I haven’t 13, so I’m not that far off. And I think again, it’s another one where the floor is fairly high. Yeah. And you know, who knows it could, it could be one of those years where if he, you see those, you can see the line, right. 22 carries 112 yards to touch them. It sounds like

Speaker 0 (15m 40s): That’s just the rest of the depth chart is penny behind him, Travis, Homer, DJ Dallas, who actually looked okay. A different guy for a little bit. Yeah. And

Speaker 4 (15m 50s): Chris Carson run, you watch a dude that he falls forward. Right. He initiates the contact. He comes from the school of beast mode. So I like it. Yeah.

Speaker 0 (16m 2s): No, and to me it was a little

Speaker 4 (16m 4s): Bit like a pocket passer B because he doesn’t, I don’t think he ha he just doesn’t seem like he has the past catching upside, but he does.

Speaker 0 (16m 14s): Yeah. That’s back years with exactly 37 catches. Now that’s not amazing. But if he gets the added volume, you sprinkle those catches on and I am, I am high on the Seattle bringing over or the new OSI that they brought from the ramps.

Speaker 4 (16m 30s): He can catch the ball. So who knows, maybe they’ll work them in a little bit more. Who’s your number seven Kramer. Number seven. Again, I can’t be high on Matt Stafford and the boy out being high on cam acres. We’ve seen what this offense can produce when they’re a well-oiled machine with Todd Gurley and cam Akers has every bit, the ability become a Todd Gurley. So the past catching the running, I think the caries maybe go down the past catches go up. The volume still puts them in the range to easily get 300 to 350 touches.

So he has to be a top 10 guy. And again, I think, I believe that Sean McVay can make a guy like this valuable, no Malcolm brown who seemed to seem to be a guy that coaches like he’s gone. Now, Henderson is a very cheap handcuff. If this is season long. I mean, when you see Darryl Henderson’s going in like the 13th, 14th round. So you can handcuff for cheap and again, running backs. You generally, when guys that are going to be on offense, as you can trust to produce, or they’re just going to get past volume that, that puts them out of range.

I think camera anchors could do both. And so a legit, you know, he could threaten 500 yards on the ground with 10 touchdowns and you know, 50 to 60 catches reasonable line. And that puts, puts the ceiling pretty high. Do you inside your top 10? Yeah. Okay. All right. I mean, not just out on, on the Rams.

Speaker 0 (17m 56s): No, I see close. At least he’s 12 again. It’s just like, I don’t know. I test these. I look good to

Speaker 4 (18m 3s): Me. You look good. I think that’s part of why I went

Speaker 0 (18m 6s): Back and watched him. He did look good in the playoffs, Darren. Yeah.

Speaker 4 (18m 9s): Go watch a couple of the games where he really, like, he got a lot of carries and he watched him in the fourth quarter.

Speaker 0 (18m 16s): I think they’re just going to be throwing the ball a ton. And I just don’t see cam Akers having that Todd Gurley type role. But there certainly is a world where he is, you know, certainly not the Todd Gurley in his prime athlete wise, but get, maybe hit some Todd Gurley type numbers. They offer that

Speaker 4 (18m 35s): Freakish. What was he that, I mean, oh, I think so, because I feel like a lot of what made him a freak was he was such a great pass catcher. And so he was a big guy in space. I think cam Akers can do some of that. So

Speaker 0 (18m 49s): Yeah. I mean the, the you being high and came acres. Yeah. I mean a lot of people are, I he’s just, I I’m just a little slightly down on him in the ribs go just Ram. It just, it just in general little little, the

Speaker 4 (19m 3s): Last time I was this excited about the Rams. They did surprise people and win the division. So a couple of years when they went in, you also

Speaker 0 (19m 10s): Superbowl run. You also were a super on the Rams for a number of years with your buddy, Sam Bradford, who, as we learned that a franchise quarterback

Speaker 4 (19m 19s): Teams just catch my eye.

Speaker 0 (19m 22s): Number seven for me, Jonathan Taylor, you already kind of hit on him again. I think we sound or both lower than market. I think he’s like a consensus number four running back really. I mean, you look at the, the default expert rankings. I think they have like number four or five that he finished strong in the second half. I think that makes sense. But again, I, I don’t know, man, maybe it’s just the when’s hater and me, but Carson Wentz did a really bad job throwing into the running backs last year.

And it really impacted their, their screen game. He’s really bad at throwing screens and people think I’m making that up, but he could fuck up a wet dream. He can certainly fuck up a screen pass or having 36 catches. I can predict him to have a bigger role in the passing game, especially with non-heme Hines. They’re taking a bunch of the passing down, work down. Maybe he ends up being this workhorse back and their off fence is a juggernaut. But I think the turnovers from whence the fumbling that kind of stuffs limits your possessions and limits your opportunity in the red zone for Jonathan Taylor to really put up points at score.

That’s why I don’t have him T you know, top five. I think the volume for me again, carries him to a number seven spot, but that’s why I’m slightly down. It’s

Speaker 4 (20m 36s): Hard to, it’s hard to put him too low, just cause he’s going to touch the ball. So yeah, much Ryan

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Speaker 0 (21m 39s): It’s like the stock market, but for sports betting stuff, you really care about just use promo code SGP on your first deposit. Again, receive up to $500 in bonus cash, go to prop or download the prop swap app today. Kramer, what do you got? Who’s your, who’s your, what are we up to six for you?

Speaker 4 (21m 58s): We’re up to six. All right. So perhaps a little hot Taiki cause I do still like Derrick Henry. Oh wow. Really again, I think there’s a certain ceiling that exists when you’re not necessarily a huge pass catching back. And I think, you know, Shawna, it realistic to think the Titans could take a step back in, in their usage of Derrick Henry. I think we both agree that they’re going to maybe be in some game scripts that have them passing a little bit more than running you’re high on Ryan Tannehill.

And I think when, when you see a guy who has an pass catching ceiling, that also could be on a team that maybe isn’t, isn’t quite pounding the rock quite as much. And there’s also the elephant in the room. Like I know he’s different. Like I know he’s like clearly got some Superman DNA, but at some point a workload like this breaks you down and we know this to be almost a fact. I mean, a couple of guys have busted through the barrier and maybe he’s just one of those guys, but you know, obviously if you’re sitting there, like this is where it gets interesting to me because I, I still think I want to end up with Derek Henry if I have one of the first six picks and maybe this means that my top six guys are all these running backs, but I just, there’s something, you know, I’m like, he’s done it twice in a row.

Like I’ve, I’ve hit the roulette spin twice. And

Speaker 0 (23m 27s): It’s like, I think there’s two, there’s two ways to look at Derrick Henry. He, is he ready for a slight decrease in a breakdown? Or is he just genetic

Speaker 4 (23m 37s): Freak 31 targets? Is that enough?

Speaker 0 (23m 40s): But again, I’m much higher on Derek Henry and I’ll, I’ll make the case for why. I think he’s a bit of a freak. I mean, just, just look back at that meme, Ryan of the tiny guy looking at Derrick Henry, he is the ultimate looks good off the bus guy. And just, and another guy mash

Speaker 4 (23m 57s): Devonta Smith would be holding Derek Henry’s bags as well. I look at it. I don’t feel like I intended to be disrespectful. I just, maybe I wanted to have a little, a little bit of a different opinion with some of these guys, but yeah, Derek Henry number six,

Speaker 0 (24m 14s): My number six, Austin Eckler I mean, again, the guy’s a PPR machine and it may even limit Herbert’s fantasy potential. Cause he does use that color a bunch. It has every chargers quarterback has. I mean, he’s still got 54 catches last year. And that was with missing a bunch of time dealing with a serious injury. He’s coming in a hundred percent healthy, you know, in 2019 he had a 92 catch season. So there is certainly a war. Even if you split the difference here, he gets maybe like 70 something catches. That’s a damn good year.

And I think that can really carry him. And again, you know, charges have brought in a couple of other guys, but they haven’t spent a ton of capital on him or on other guys. Again, Melvin Gordon is still not there. So opportunity is going to be their opportunity in the passing game. And number six loss, an echo. I could, I may even end up bumping them up, but number six feels right right now

Speaker 4 (25m 6s): He’s my number five. And I was almost going to go higher because I do think he’s one of the few guys on the board that has hundred catch potential. That’s true. And you know, the second you become a running, but I mean, again, what you called it out. But last year he averaged six and a half, which was good for third on a per game basis. But a few week 12, when he comes back from injury 16, 9, 9, 4, 3 7 targets. I mean over that last six games stretch, absolute fire.

I think that average is almost six and a half. I, he, it just seems like the way this offense is going, they’re, they’re coming out of the Anthony Lee Lin experience. They’re gonna utilize their strengths. And if I’m designing an offense for this team, the targets go to Keenan Allen and Austin Achler they got to touch the ball to win the game. So, you know, Austin Eckler to me a, I would say top five, for sure. Like the, the five running backs I’m taking are probably the top five picks I’m taking.

But if there’s one guy, like, I think Austin Eckler is the guy like, he’s the, he’s the take? He’s the guy who, you know, who is the one guy that could end up as a surprise. Number one, fantasy running back this year. It’s Austin Eckler, he’s got the offense. He’s got the style of play. He’s got the catch sealing. He’s got everything. He’s got the touchdown, potential and injury, a little worried. He has, you know, serious, pretty decent, serious injury, but just if he’s on the field, it’s hard to see like he’s the 20 point a week guy where it’s like it, may you see it?

And it’s like halftime, he’s already got 16, he’s got six catches for 60 yards. And that’s, I can’t say that about any of the guys we’ve talked about. So I,

Speaker 0 (26m 51s): I, I was doing a little more, more research on Joe Lombardi, the new offensive coordinator for the Los Angeles chargers on Payne’s former. Fuck boy. Yeah. And related to the great Vince Lombardi, you know, a guy cousin twice removed graduated the air force academy. This guy seems to me, has like some old school football in him. So I think we’re going to see a lot of, a lot of Eckler running the ball, play action, checking it down to him. I, I think it’s going to, it’s not gonna be your like air raid type offense.

I think it’s going to be a little bit more straightforward, which I think benefits a guy like that. You

Speaker 4 (27m 28s): Have two volume, like pass catchers and Austin Eckler and Keenan Allen. Like, it feels like that’s the offense. You take your shots. I’m like William Guyton, Palmer, whoever that is the tight end, maybe a little cook, a little par on one of those guys do best running down the seam. So again, everything to clear out for Eckler and Keenan Allen,

Speaker 0 (27m 47s): My number five, Aaron Jones, and you kind of hit on it, Ryan, they got rid of Jamal Williams, which should help him snake a couple.

Speaker 4 (27m 54s): I went back that it accounts for like two and a half targets. It’s going to juice up his, the amount of catches he gets. And I think that’s the biggest thing.

Speaker 0 (28m 2s): Yeah. The, the role in the passing game, the, the touchdowns as well, he’s been a pretty consistent pass catcher, 49 catches in 20, 19 47 in 2020. I think he could hit low sixties. And even if it isn’t, you know, even if it isn’t Aaron Rogers, I think Jordan Love. You’re not going to use Aaron Jones. Like, no, I think you use him more. And again, I, I think I wouldn’t be surprised in a world where green bay has a little bit less passing touchdowns at 48 feels like a bit of an outlier.

Maybe it comes down and maybe Aaron Jones gets some on the ground. So I think he has touchdown improvement potential. And again, just like you’re saying no, Jamal Williams, bigger role in the passing game. Yeah. I another guy. So yeah. Give me Aaron Jones number five.

Speaker 4 (28m 48s): All right. Breaking news. I just adjusted my rankings cause I couldn’t sit, sit with it. I’ve moved. My new number five is Alvin Kamara. Well, I bumped Austin. Eckler up to four Alvin Kamara. I love the, and I’ll give the, I’ll give the talk because I still like them. I still like the, the, the, the past catching a floor. I just think as I’ve gone through this process, I like Jamis. I think he’s going to be fun. I think he’s going to be, I just don’t think, and I know drew Brees was bad, all that good stuff, but I also think there’s more way more versions of this team that, that crater a little bit more and struggle on offense a little bit more.

Cause they don’t have drew Brees anymore. And the, whatever it is, what 87, 88 catches that Austin or Alvin Kamara has gotten his last four seasons. Maybe that’s in question because the stylistic forte of Jamis Winston and his not giving a fuck, throw it down the field style again, he’s still a top five guy.

Speaker 0 (29m 46s): Well, and the other thing, and because I’ve been here, I’ve Alvin Kamara is my number four. You know, I still love the PPR potential of him. I mean, you look at the overall fantasy. His overall fantasy rank is a PPR 2017, our B3 2018, our before 2019, RB 9, 20 20 . And that was with really poor quarterback play. But there’s poor quarterback play in Jamie’s Swinston where it’s not in the ball. But again, I think Sean Payton is smart enough to scheme up some easy wins for Jamis Winston, get him in a rhythm and maybe force James to use him in the screen game.

I mean, the guy also had a six touchdown game. Now you can use that as an outlier case against him, but still capable of a spike game that you would want to have on your roster. And number four, I’m on camera. I don’t think it’s too high. I mean, you’re making a good case with Austin Eckler versus Alvin Kamara. I do have some concerns about taste some hill eating up some, some touchdowns near the goal line, but I mean that day, some hit last year and he still had 16 touchdowns. So I, I mean, I, I like Alvin Kamara here.

Speaker 4 (30m 53s): Yeah. And that’s, I guess that’s the last point I would make. Like, he, he, it feels like a guy who’s regression, you know, the, the regression word could happen for a number of reasons. Like a number of ingredients have, have filtered into like, Hmm. Maybe not. So then mine for now for guy replaced him with Eckler. So yeah, we’re up to three then. Yep. Number three. Give me say Quam Barkley, go watch him run on the sand. You can follow me on Twitter at Kramer centric.

Speaker 5 (31m 25s): Again, the

Speaker 4 (31m 26s): Usage here could be through the roof. I mean there, so one version of this team, they, they, they remain Jason Garrett’s office and Jason Garrett’s office

Speaker 0 (31m 35s): Is going to look at is he’s Jake Barkley.

Speaker 4 (31m 38s): The other version of this offense is they go to a little bit more shotgun, three wide, maybe even four wide with say Kwan in the backfield. And he’s catching passes like he did a couple of years ago. And he has that tremendous ability to churn out 20 point games because of the catch volume. And I think, you know, you want to talk about kumara. You want to talk about Eckler Barkley it’s they all give you many versions of their offense that see them catching four or five, six balls a game.

And I think once you start doing that, you generate double digit points without even talking about the caries. And then it becomes 20 points easy. So I’m putting Barkley third, obviously I’m a little higher on the all rise, Joe judge culture, that’s mounting, and I’ve watched endless workout videos of Saquon. He’s healthy. Sean. I’m declaring it right now. I should’ve made him the number one and he’s healthy

Speaker 0 (32m 31s): Until he, until he gets hit. Your negative energy is, oh, I’m not negative energy to me. I’m reading the room 165

Speaker 4 (32m 40s): Pound wide receiver.

Speaker 0 (32m 43s): And, and have you heard the Eagles come out and say, we’re not gonna give them a full workload. Have you? And has there been anything from the June and I’m optimistic

Speaker 4 (32m 52s): And you’re being a fucking pessimistic sour.

Speaker 0 (32m 55s): I know I’m not being pessimistic and sour. The giants are the ones being pessimistic and Sarah, the giants are managing the expectations. Why would they leak that out? Saying don’t expect a full sake, one workload he’s coming off Rocky music and they can show you running through the no, because he, they know he’s not going to be ready a week. One for a 20 touches. So they’re setting the bar, they’re letting the fans know,

Speaker 4 (33m 20s): Okay, fine. Let me get him at 7, 8, 9, and all these best ball drafts I’m going to do between now. And when people see him actually working out with the pads on and they’re gonna be like, God damn, look at those legs.

Speaker 0 (33m 33s): It’s funny. How much Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham having

Speaker 4 (33m 36s): Call? No, do not come on

Speaker 0 (33m 38s): Tons of athletic potential, but just don’t help you win. Now. You’re

Speaker 4 (33m 44s): Just, you’re stepping out of bounds. I mean, you’re just making a horrible take. No horrible

Speaker 6 (33m 48s): Take. And what do you mean horrible take, what

Speaker 0 (33m 51s): Is one was it was all about him. No, I mean, not about the off season. I mean, big 10 guy sludging through the mud working hard.

Speaker 4 (34m 2s): O’Dell’s over kissing kicking nets. All right. Get, get that look

Speaker 0 (34m 6s): At him. No, no nine his hair blonde, not attitude wise. I’m just saying the fact amazing athletic potential. You could make a case best athlete at their position, but have struggled to actually help the team win games. Talking

Speaker 4 (34m 20s): About fantasy football, bro. You’re right. Four and 13 Eagles have a lot of people who’ve littered on your top 10 list. Fantasy football. I think, because again, if the giant suck like you think they will. Yeah. He’s going to be catching a lot of balls if they’re good. It’s because he’s featured in this office. So I think, again, there’s not many guys in this list that can, could talk well enough in the passing game to beat, to have the ceiling that Saquon Barkley does all fucking ride.

Speaker 0 (34m 47s): Sean, just listening to what the giants have been telling us. And they said, he’s there telling you he’s not an RV one. I mean, pretty. They may as well put out a press release that says Saquon Barkley is not an RV one. That’s what they’re telling you. I

Speaker 4 (35m 0s): Need it to right now, RB one Saquon Barkley. I’m sure they’ll be happy to tweet that out. You see the way he moved in the sand. Yeah.

Speaker 0 (35m 8s): Oh man. You liken this a fantasy talk. Of course you do. And it’s fantasy football season, AKA best ball draft season underdog fan is he given away a million dollars worth helping you basically giving your free entry? Cause if you head over to underdog,, use that promo code SGP and deposit. You get a free 25 bucks and you can use that free $25 to enter the best ball mania. Two contests we’ve been cranking out basketball drafts. I mean, there’s just honestly a ton of fun.

Don’t waste your time doing a mock draft. If you want to get ready for fantasy football, why not get ready with a free shot at $1 million? Are you kidding me? Underdog promo code SGPs platform is great. Easy to use. Couldn’t say enough about underdog fantasy again. Just great, great fantasy platform. Overall huge fan underdog, Promo code S G P N Kramer. Probably a hot take because everyone just has him RB one. I’m knocking down Christian McCaffrey RB three.

Ooh. And again, I just don’t think there’s a world where he’s out there for 17 games. He’s to me is a guy that gets nicked up enough. That’s not correct.

Speaker 4 (36m 21s): Right. What do you mean it’s free? He was hurt all last year. He’s

Speaker 0 (36m 24s): Yeah. And again, I think especially at the running back position, especially you’re running back with this much volume, the case against sake, one in his injury return is that it wasn’t one injury. It was, it was two, it was the meniscus and the ACL with Christian McCaffrey. It’s a combination of him having some injury issues and just an insane touch count. Like the, the amount of times he’s touched the ball. And I never thought he was a super durable back coming in, but I mean just his workload has been insane.

And I think I, so I still like him, but I just, I’m not buying a ton of shares a Christian McCaffrey because, because of how many, you know, how many times he’s touched the ball, like these touches in 2019, he had well over, he had 403 touches and then he gets hurt. Is that a shock? And you know, before that he had a, well over the high threes, like it’s just a lot to ask for a non-athletic freak.

Like Christian McCaffrey is a good running back. And I think when he’s out there, he’s going to get the volume, but I just don’t think he’s going to be out there for 17 games to get you to that number one spot. So I know it’s crazy to predict injuries, but this guy just has a ton of Redford, but

Speaker 4 (37m 41s): Just he did get hurt last year. You’re right. Yeah, totally. So maybe he, he didn’t have the workload last year for sure. The year before heavily worked, he outscored Dalvin cook, who was number two that year 29.5 to 20.9 in PPR points. So even if he regresses back 20, 30%, he’s still clearing the field by 20

Speaker 0 (38m 8s): Well, and that’s why I have him. Number three. I still think he’s even with some injuries with some slight regression from his 2019 season, I still think he’s going to be a good, a pick. I’m not going to probably have many shares of him. Cause if I don’t have them, number one, you’re probably not getting them in most tracks.

Speaker 4 (38m 24s): And I guess that begs the question, like, are you looking to get him at all just to have a decent share of him from that top spot? Or are you just going to leave load up on the guy that you like more?

Speaker 0 (38m 37s): Yeah. I mean, w most times in the number one spot, I’ll probably be, I’ll probably be taking Dalvin cook with some shares of Derrick Henry.

Speaker 4 (38m 44s): All right. I mean, I look, I, well, we’ll talk more about McCaffrey in a second, but who’s your number two, right? Dalvin cook. Okay. And again, I think you, you see he’s been healthy for a bit, which is always concerning, cause it just feels like Dalvin. Cook’s waiting to get hurt. I don’t know why. I don’t think I have any legit reasons for this, but I have this uncertainty about his ability to play every game. But if he plays in the, in the game, he’s an absolute star. He might even be, you know, I didn’t want to like have the same angle as you.

And maybe I just, I like, I like Coke ceiling too. I like this, the past catching ceiling. I like the offensive ceiling. And,

Speaker 0 (39m 25s): And, and I’ll just get to it. Cause I’ve dealt with my theory

Speaker 4 (39m 27s): This real quick. I know this is the last thing I’ll say is I don’t feel like you do all the way on Chris McCaffrey. So like, I’m kind of in a situation where I’m taking the opera. As I do all of these hundreds of drafts that I’m doing in the preseason, Sean in the ODA seasoned degenerate activities. I am absolutely like if I’m in the first spot, I’ll take my number one guy, which we’ll get to in a second. If I’m in the second spot, I’m going to take Dalvin cook. If I’m in the third spot, I’m probably going to take a Barkley.

And then after that I can kind of maneuver, like, I’ll take some Camara to, to have diversity because I there’s really not a guy at near the top that I’m avoiding side of fucking Zeke, who we obviously aren’t putting in

Speaker 0 (40m 11s): Our time now putting Zika, Zika has had career lows. Let’s talk about it. He said, most people, well, tier one. Yeah. They, you know, he gets banged up clearly out of shape. I mean, Pollard is going to steal some of his catches and that Cowboy’s offensive line is not the elite Cowboys offensive line that it

Speaker 4 (40m 31s): Once was. We’re acting like the championship super bowl, super bowl, winning Cowboys have gotten back together. Everyone’s

Speaker 0 (40m 39s): Home. Everyone’s excited about the Callaway, how

Speaker 4 (40m 43s): McCarthy was as his players said not prepared to coach last year. Yeah. Don’t worry. He hired this year.

Speaker 0 (40m 54s): It’s like two. And they said, oh, well you can throw last year out. Cause he didn’t know the playbook. Okay. So that’s not a red flag for him overall. Oh, he didn’t know yes. To know the playbook again.

Speaker 4 (41m 5s): And you can make fun of all rise, but yes. What do you hear coming out of the giants building

Speaker 0 (41m 12s): That shit culture is not going to

Speaker 4 (41m 15s): Positive things about culture, positive things about the type of people they’re signing. And,

Speaker 0 (41m 20s): And you look at like some of the just Google off season issue off the field issues and the Dallas Cowboys draft class. It’s like they would edit their way to get low character guys. And does that, that works. Sometimes you can get away with it. If you have a super strong head coach and you have a limited, like a very small, low character guys that have clearly turned a page, best case would be Mike Vick coming out of jail. But you have Andy Reed, you have an infrastructure. You have a strong coach. When you have a weak coach like McCarthy, who the players have no problem calling out saying he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

And you have all these guys with off the field issues, assault, DUI, like a bunch of stuff you Googling, but that’s a whore. That’s a recipe for disaster.

Speaker 4 (42m 9s): Culture is built one brick at a time. Sean, if you keep bringing in fucked up bricks, your wall’s going to fall over anyway. Yeah, no. I mean the Dalvin cook number two. I just, again, I think two things we need to look into further, Matt Ryan, Kirk cousins, way too much, often massive production expected out of their skill players for where they’re being dragged.

Speaker 0 (42m 34s): Well again, I, and unfortunately, as is it is I do have, I have some Kirk cousins shares in festival for this very reason.

Speaker 4 (42m 42s): Passing touchdowns are only four points. So it’s a little, you reminded me of that last, last episode.

Speaker 0 (42m 48s): Well, yeah, because you were giving me shit for having Patrick. My home’s lower, but again, I mean, where you can draft Kirk cousins probably worth having a couple shots on Devin cook, who I have number one, 800 yard plus games. And that’s the kind of like consistent spike weeks that I want out of a, a overall. And I think in previous years I’ve been a little bit lower on him for like no good reason. I just didn’t really like the Vikings and the situation, but you know, the Vikings they’re they learning the ball, Devin Cooke average 22.3 carries per game.

And the thing about their defense too, like if there’s a world where they’re even playing with the lead a little bit more than they were previously or not playing from behind, I mean, they ran the ball when they were from when they were behind, but you can imagine what they do like an old school guy like Zimmer. If they get a lead just a little bit better, Dalvin cook production and opportunity is going to go up. So I love Dalvin cook this year. Number one overall, and I’ll just roll into my number two, Derrick Henry.

I mean, again, you’re making a good analytic case. This is an eye test case for Derek Henry. I mean every year, his, his rush yards just look at his rush yards, which isn’t obviously the be all end all and fantasy, but rookie year 4 90, 20 17, 7 44, 20 18, 1050 9, 20 19, 15, 40, 20, 20 2027 Russia. It’s like, there was a great take to go against him last year. Cause he had 303 carries.

He had 1500 yards, 16 touchdowns, the regrets, it didn’t regress. He got 75 more carries, 500 more yards and another touchdown. So again, I, I think he’s just a beast and he might be, I think I’m realizing I’m just all in all the Titans offense this year, right?

Speaker 4 (44m 48s): I mean that

Speaker 0 (44m 49s): You kind of are right. And I didn’t, I didn’t mean to come into this at all, but I’ve just, I’ve backed myself into this. Tighten up all fence gonna cook.

Speaker 4 (44m 57s): I didn’t know. I couldn’t do it. I mean, look, it’s Derrick Henry again. He might just be like, one of those guys was different DNA. Yeah. My number one guy. Not, not hot take you at all. I do have McCaffrey. And I think the thing that I would call out about Christian McCaffrey, that’s a little bit different is he has, he has like go watch LSU when Joe Brady was the offensive coordinator with burrow and Jamar chase and turns Marshall who is on the Panthers, Robbie Anderson, DJ Moore, Sam Darnold.

This is a much better off offense than we’ve last seen with Christian McCaffrey and not to mention a creative play caller. So what does that tell me? Well, just like we talked about with the chargers, right? The tools that they have allow them to make space in the field. And of course, who are you going to make space for? Christian McCaffrey out in space, catching the ball? I think his catch ceiling is higher than anyone’s by a mile this year and maybe it’s him. And Eckler are the two guys who I think could legit end up with, they could floor with a hundred catches.

And I think if you

Speaker 0 (46m 5s): Walk in with a hundred is for whatever you do that before you’re, you’re already so far ahead of even Derek Henry rushing for 2000

Speaker 4 (46m 12s): Yards, that it allowed him to outscore the second best running back by nine points, a game, Sean, that is an absolute slaughtering. So it’s hard for me to number one. And I think, again, I think this why Sam Darnold is being drafted where he’s being drafted. Like you need shots on him in basketball. I would be completely fine walking out with like a Sam Darnold Kurt cousin, like two quarterback system. And season-long even because they’re going to have, match-ups where they put up serious points, whether it’s because they’re down their defenses and playing well that day.

And again, I think Joe Brady was all the rave when he got hired out of LSU for how creative that offense is now he’s at the NFL level with guys who can actually do it. I’m super excited to see what they’re going to do. Christian McCaffrey obviously is the cherry on top of that fucking Sunday.

Speaker 0 (47m 7s): Like Matt rule, like what? Yeah, no, I, and I like Christian McCaffrey. That’s what I have him. Number three solo. I just flaming hot take. I just, I mean, Shuba Hubbard will be the number one running back. I mean, I almost should go all in and just say Chuba Hubbard make him top 10 because when he replaces Christian McCaffrey, he’s going to get a lot of that. And I mean, do you think Mike Davis is bath fleet or it’s just a situation thing?

Speaker 4 (47m 32s): I do think we found out that Dave gentleman’s wife or Joe judge’s wife was the reason that the giant selected Chuba Hubbard in the fifth round. We’d be talking about how he was being brought there to keep Joe judge’s wife happy on the side. You know what I

Speaker 0 (47m 46s): Mean? Feel free to talk about it now. Well, I’m just

Speaker 4 (47m 49s): Saying just cause it’s Matt role. I mean, there’s a version here where Matt rule is not home enough to keep his wife happy. And the deal is you bring that fine. Running back from Oklahoma, stayed up here named Cuba.

Speaker 0 (48m 1s): Chuba hovered is not on the team plane this week. He’s dealing a he’s rehabbing, a groin injury at the team facility. If that, if that happens, oh, he’s a red flag. He’s

Speaker 4 (48m 10s): Not flying with the team because he’s flying with the coach on the private jet. Oh, okay. Keep, keep the wife happy. I mean, I don’t know. I, I like your angle, but when I heard him say that his wife really wanted Chubb

Speaker 0 (48m 22s): Wife, happy life, AK Chuba Hubbard’s going to see this.

Speaker 4 (48m 26s): Matt Mrs. Matt rural. She calls him chubba doesn’t throw that out there for the four-star review. You’re welcome. Come on,

Speaker 0 (48m 34s): Bump us up to five star. I hate, I fucking hate a four star

Speaker 4 (48m 37s): Review. Sean really hates four stars. It’s just it’s it’s Bushley

Speaker 0 (48m 41s): You’re better than that as a listener. All right, Ryan man, download that app. If you haven’t already SGP an app, you can listen to the pods. You can get all for all our free pigs contests, exclusively in the app and you know, like giving away cold, hard cash. Also given away merge every Monday, AKA merge Monday, giving away some SGPs just leave a, a leave, a review of the sup and app in the apple app store. Or if you do it in the Google play store, take a screenshot, send it over podcasts at sports gaming,

You will get entered. Thank

Speaker 3 (49m 16s): You for participating in the sports gambling podcast

Speaker 0 (49m 19s): Podcast. I’m Sean stacking the money green and he is Ryan. Definitely a top three running back and fantasy football Kramer.

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