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Top 10 Gambling Podcasts That You Should Follow in 2021

Sports betting enthusiasts are always searching for new market opportunities that they can leverage and make more profitable wagers. It has become increasingly challenging in our technology-driven world to filter out the relevant information from the useless one.

Our solution to the abundance of information is listening to gambling podcasts. This way, you will expand your knowledge and access insider information, which will improve your prediction abilities in the long-run.

In essence, a  gambling podcast is an internet-based radio talk show. One or more hosts discuss various gambling topics with their guests, who are generally professionals in that particular area or have some expertise.

But how do you know which podcast is worth listening to? Well, the answer to that question is entirely subjective. Based on our analysis, there is one thing that all the relevant gambling podcasts have in common – transparency.

Instead of offering poor recommendations or unfounded betting strategies, they strive to deliver accurate gambling information.  Generally, podcast creators use an advanced platform analysis tool, which gives them insights into the most up-to-date gambling strategies and new market opportunities. This way, all the advice provided in a top-rated gambling podcast is actionable, and even beginners can understand it once they’ve learned the slang.

We love podcasts that combine in-depth analysis with a casual discussion about the best picks or strategies that can be used to improve the winning odds. For that reason, we have created a list of the top 10 gambling podcasts of all time. 

Check it out!

1. Sports Gambling Podcast Network

The Sports Gambling Podcast Network consists of ten various shows covering different betting topics, including college sports, golf, NBA, soccer, UFC and MMA, dog racing, and many others. Since its release in 2011, the network has consistently delivered valuable insights from different sports markets, like betting against the spread or wagering on fantasy sports.

The hosts Sean Green and Ryan Kramer have combined over 50 years of professional betting experience, so you can expect to receive a high quality analysis of all the sports they discussed. The Sports Gambling Podcast is an ideal resource for any aspiring sports bettor. From free picks and betting advice to the latest news from the sports market and the occasional humor, you can listen to the podcast for free on Spotify and Apple Podcast. 

2. Gambling with an edge

“Gambling with an edge” is a weekly podcast that is broadcasted live from Las Vegas every Tuesday at 10 am PST. During the show, the hosts Bob Dancer and Richard Munchkin always have insightful interviews with professional gamblers, statisticians, or casino insiders.

If you’re looking for a gambling podcast covering various topics, including betting strategies, mathematical analysis, and recent trends, then Gambling with an Edge is definitely for you. You will learn how to make more informed gambling decisions and improve your skills with the help of real professionals.

3. You can bet on that

This podcast is dedicated to casual gamblers who want to know the casino industry’s ins and outs. From poker and craps to sports betting and blackjack, hosts Mark DeVol and Dr.Mike are masters at explaining actionable concepts and strategies that will help you get the hang of the most popular casino games.

Even though the hosts themselves say that they can be annoying sometimes, “You can bet on that” is a high-quality source of information that you can use in your gambling journey. On top of that, Mark and Mike constantly travel between Las Vegas and Atlantic City, offering a complete overview of gambling in various United States regions. 

4. Betting dork

Gill Alexander is a professional bettor and mathematician dedicated to teaching advanced Sabermetic analysis to his listeners, including value bets and free picks.

 In addition to the impressive statistical knowledge that you can get from the “Betting dork,” you will also learn more about the best stores in Vegas and get a professional overview of different online sportsbooks, which will help you choose better gambling platforms.

5. Behind the bets

The “Behind the bets” podcast is hosted by Doug Kezirian, the legendary ESPN gambling analyst. The host’s expertise in the sports industry offers the audience valuable insider information into the world of Las Vegas gambling. 

Many gamblers consider this podcast one of the best ones available online since Doug Keizirian is a very insightful individual. His guests are usually top-rated analysts or professional gamblers. Listening to this podcast will take you on an adventure inside Vegas. The host explores all the casino games available.

6. Against all odds

Hosted by Cousin Sal, the Against all odds podcast a Jimmy Kimmel Live vibe, where listeners can access information regarding the gambling world. From classic sports like NBA or NFL to more unconventional ones like wrestling or hot dog eating, every episode of the podcast offers thorough odds analysis and the best betting opportunities of the week.

In addition to valuable insights that will help you hone your skills, Cousin Sal’s podcast will also remind you that gambling is all about entertainment. He has a wide range of guests, including Las Vegas experts and his eccentric friends, who transparently talk about their latest casino wins and losses.

7. Bang the book

For more serious listeners, we recommend “Bang the book,” a former radio show that specializes in the in-depth analysis of the strategies used by the most profitable handicappers and the most renowned statisticians. 

Adam Burke hosts the daily podcast guiding the discussion by offering a fresh overview of the betting markets of NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and UFC and covering the most profitable free picks for the day.

8. Bet the process

The hosts Jeff Ma and Rufus Peabody are two betting geeks who love running advanced analysis on various wagers. While more advanced bettors could find the podcast’s discussions quite compelling, newbies will have a hard time understanding what they’re talking about.

“Bet the process” is a valuable source of information for betting enthusiasts. Still, you will have to watch a few episodes before getting used to the quirky humor and inside jokes that can seem quite alarming if you never listened to the show before. Other than that, Jeff and Rufus offer transparent betting strategies. They aren’t feeding the audience with useless tactics that they wouldn’t use

9. Bet the board

This podcast is hosted by betting insider Payne and Fox Sports’ Lock It In Todd Fuhrman. They are two excellent analysts that make highly accurate predictions of upcoming events. Their goal with “Bet the board” is to breakdown matches from a gambling perspective, helping the audience learn more about the best wagering decisions.

Even though many listeners claim that Todd’s voice can be annoying at times, most of them agree that the two hosts deliver the highest quality content in terms of sports betting analysis and picks. 

10. Dream preview

Want to learn more about the winning sports picks from Las Vegas? Then RJ Bell’s “Dream Preview” podcast is the right choice for you. The goal of the podcast is to deliver professional sports betting analysis to casual bettors for free. 

Professional bettors Brad Powers and Steve Fezzik are always invited to the podcast, alongside other industry legends. Their discussions might get technical sometimes, but make sure you take notes since you could use that information in your future betting decisions.

The bottom line

Gambling podcasts are a valuable resource for getting the latest information regarding sports betting or casino games. Be advised that listening to these shows won’t necessarily mean that you will become rich overnight. 

Instead, try to accumulate as much information regarding your topic of interest and then apply the concepts in your betting strategy. This way, you will know that the podcast you’re following is actually worth your time, and who knows, maybe you will start your own gambling talk show one day!


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