Best and Worst NBA Drafting Teams | NBA Gambling Podcast (Ep. 96)

Best & Worst NBA Teams At Drafting Talent | NBA Gambling Podcast (Ep. 96)
2016 1st rounder Marquese Chriss (hood) and 2017 1st rounder Josh Jackson (towel) are prime examples of why Phoenix is one of the worst NBA drafting teams.

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Best and Worst NBA Drafting Teams Podcast Recap

SGPN writer Jeff Fox visits the NBA Gambling Podcast to discuss his latest article “Which NBA Teams Are Best & Worst at Drafting?” with host Ryan McKee. Both Jeff and Ryan grew up as Phoenix Suns fans, so it’s especially tough for them to go through the worst NBA drafting teams results from 2014-2018. Even casual fans should be able to guess which teams are the best NBA drafting teams last decade: San Antonio Spurs, Denver Nuggets, Miami Heat, Toronto Raptors, Houston Rockets, etc. However, Jeff’s analysis gives us tangible numbers to back up our eye tests.


He took a player’s draft spot and subtracted his WS from that number. If a player is the top WS producer in his class, but was picked 30th, he scores 29 points for the team who selected him. The team in this example got a player worth 29 places more than the spot where they drafted him. Ryan and Jeff debate whether that’s the best advanced statistic to use and agree that the WS rankings of average per pick per team are more accurate than total Win Shares. That’s because a team like the Philadelphia 76ers had so many draft picks during The Process.

2020 Draft

Ryan ends the podcast by asking Jeff which 2020 NBA Draft lottery teams are most likely to make the best picks. Despite not being a good team in terms of season-long records, the Minnesota Timberwolves do have a good record of drafting top talent recently. Also, the Golden State Warriors proved that they can find great value at any spot. Their late-round draft pick last year Eric Paschall outplayed everyone’s expectations.

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