Fantasy Football Mock Draft 1.0 (Ep. 835)

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The guys host a live streamed Fantasy Football Mock Draft going through putting together their fantasy football sleepers, risers and fallers. What homer plays will Sean make? Will he get to draft Carson Wentz? Will Kramer get his number one tight end Hunter Henry?

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Speaker 1 (1m 7s): welcome

Speaker 0 (1m 41s): Everyone to the sports gambling podcast. I’m Sean stacking the money green with my partner in pigs, Ryan, real money Kramer. What’s happening, cram dog. What’s up, dude. We’re doing something a little bit different, huh? Sorry to mix things up. We’re doing a live stream, a live mock draft fantasy football 1.0, cause we’re going to give ourselves a chance to do it again. And again, bell season gets closer and again, talk football when we’re done with the rankings.

Yes, it becomes mock draft Mondays, right? Not, not an original concept. I don’t want anyone to assume. I’m trying to steal that thought, but I like the way it has a ring to it. Alright. And if you’re listening live right now, we just tweeted out a link at Gamblin podcast. Or if you’re already in the Slack channel, Slack dot sports gambling chance to hop in and draft with us live here. Kramer, Kramer, any sort of a we’ve already revealed. We’ve done two episodes of far previewing, who we like in fantasy football.

We did the quarterback’s issue and we’ve done the tight ends issue. Your favorite you’ve quit every year. You’re fed Sean’s. I like we got to do the tight tight end. I say, Sean, we can’t do tight. End first, the tight. Titan’s a great starting point. And if you have a great team, you need a great tight end. They can block. They can catch, they can do it all. We did quarterbacks. I shunned as the starting place would be a chapter in the biography, right? College years, maybe Josh Allen. I shocked the world making cash out and predicting.

Josh Allen would shock the world by making him my number one fantasy football quarterback. You then shocked the world by making a Hunter, Henry, your number one fantasy football, tight end people accusing us of being hot ticky. Sean, really, I did not see that I was going through the Reddit post and these fucking loser ass charger fans are like, I highly doubt. He’ll be top five cried. You’re shaking the monitor. It’s all right. I get it. Your passion. We’re we’re we’re talking football.

We’re getting fired up and a perfect reason to be subscribed slash sports gambling podcasts. So you don’t miss live random moments like this. And of course this week, we got a big slate of Sims Thursday night. We’re going to be simulating some more mad and action. And then Saturday and Sunday, there are no Madden Sims on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, we’re going to be doing the final for the college football tournament.

The final four games are on Saturday, then the championship game Sunday night. But before that, of course, army Navy a K a third place game. So which by the way, I came out to the, to the lab, to the studio to check on like the stadium availability, because I thought it would be important for us to do authenticity here. Not only can you play any possible ball game army, Navy it by default, it knows you’re playing the army Navy game and it plays it at the link.

So wow, Lincoln financial field, home of the Philadelphia Eagles. I had nothing to do with that. It’s just going to happen. Dean Hoag in the chat already calling for army to beat Navy Kramer of course is back, has presented by my Pookie dot a G where you can use that promo code S GP. I’m getting dramatic. It’s big time. It’s fine. I like it. You’re doing live. Read you. Weren’t sure you’re going to remember. I wasn’t seeing people in the chat. I’m reminding people that you can participate in this episode.

I’m sure. Big time. Corporate mainstream media. They’re not giving you opportunities to, to draft with Tim and Matt Hassleback are that we gotta get our platinum gold package to hang out with the guys, join, you know, for a five 99, join their Patriot. And then you get exclusive access to do live mock drafts with Kramer and green. Like no, come on. We’re all DJs. We’re all in this together. But again, getting back to my bookie, daddy G use that promo crushy P get that sweet deposit bonus player props are already up and yeah, it’s good.

It’s going to be fun. Ben Roethlisberger,

Speaker 2 (5m 58s): Mr. Taters checking in. He said, it’s the only stream he can live draft with Ben Roethlisberger. Of course, that’s Ryan Kramer. Breathless burger recently came out and at a Christian conference and admitted that he had his addiction. So will that affect where he’s drafted in this mock draft? We’re about to find out Kramer. Should we give a well real quick? I wanted to explain to people we removed kickers because who gives a shit? We removed defense because who gives a shit quarterback two running backs, two wide receivers, a tight end five bench spots.

That’s 11 rounds. 30 seconds max per pick. Yep. All alright. So 11 rounds, the maximum around could take is six minutes. It’s not going to take six minutes. So I predict this draft will be done in less than 30 minutes. If you want to join, I’m just, it’s a selling point. We’re not going to be here all night, Sean and I both have things to do. We sat down and we said, how can we make this go as quickly as possible? Well, shoot the kicker in the head. Shoot the

Speaker 0 (6m 60s): Well that’s interesting you say that we have things to do. And yet here we are doing a early edition mock draft because when I’ve tried to explain to my wife what a mock draft is, I can’t get halfway through explaining it before she starts mocking me. Like, wait. So you’re doing a practice for your pretend league where you pretend to draft players.

Speaker 2 (7m 19s): Well, it’s funny because I was actually, one of the things I was going to pitch to you is that we do a mock mock draft episode. Anyway, let’s see. What, what did we, what else we got to get to before we start? You already touched on the college football tournament, of course, which I didn’t hear you mention anything about the heater I’m on

Speaker 0 (7m 35s): Kramer was down 11 units now only down three units.

Speaker 2 (7m 40s): And if you really want the inside skinny on whatever’s going on in the land of the SIM gods, I strongly suggest you head over to Twitter. You follow at Kramer centric, and then you hop over to that profile page where you would see down three units to Sean Green, hashtag SIM God parentheses on an eight unit heater. So for those keeping track at home, I may know the last eight units wagered against Sean. I feel really good about this upcoming weekend, Sean. I believe there’s a chance that as we record this, as we go live across the interwebs, that the lines are already up, I’m going to go verify that they should be in and there’s even some future action over at my Pookie dot H G promo code S G P, where you of course can play when you get paid

Speaker 0 (8m 27s): Kramer. Yeah. Hit up those futures, hit up those games, live in game wagering for the Sims, which is always, always super fun. Walk people through the mechanics real quick on the mock draft.

Speaker 2 (8m 40s): Did you, did you, I think we’ve hit on everything, right? The position, the 30 seconds. If you’re watching this, you can see, I have the settings up. It’s 30 seconds PPR. So standard scoring four points for touchdown point per reception, nothing fancy like one and a half points for your tight. And then

Speaker 0 (8m 56s): Just simple quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, tight end five bench. Should we include no, no. I left the flux out on purpose. No flex, nothing, no flex. Any last words Kramer, before we start this, do you have any, are you coming in, are you going to do the zero RB strategy? I know we’re both fans of waiting on quarterback entitle. I think part of the reason I I’m remembering why I left the flex out. Part of the reason I like know flex is it forces us to talk about all the position groups and you can’t go with a three or four receiver set yet.

So I like to run 12 personnel. I feel like this. I like to have the flex. I can do two tight ends, get as much tight in action as I can. This guarantees, we’re going to be talking about the top, you know, probably 60 running backs and wide receivers. So what also, what else? That’s it? Well, it reminds me of my, one of my biggest all time Homer draft of all time was I think it was the 2015 or 16 Eagles where, you know, it was chip Kelly led. It was the year they got DeMarco Murray and I drafted DeMarco Murray and Ryan Matthews on my fantasy team.

So I was starting to Eagle’s running backs. It was, it was the year where Sam Bradford notoriously went five for five and a meaningless preseason game of gardens green Bay. And I was buying into hype. Although I still stood by and said, Sam Bradford suck. I thought chip Kelly and his system could be a fantasy gods, but no, they’re not. And, and, you know, showing you, I think you’re selling yourself short because I feel like we were in a league together probably over 10 years ago where you went, you went Eagles like four out of the first five rounds. I was, I was a stringent opponent of only drafting Eagles and being in st.

Homer. I’ve moved slightly off that where I still lean Homer and I still stay by my steadfast rule that I will never have a Dallas cowboy on any of my fantasy football teams or in my DFS lineups. Okay. Have you ever seen a Shaunty green, a fantasy lineup out there that has a member of the Dallas Cowboys in it? You know, I’ve been kidnapped or I’ve been hacked and someone is drafting for me. Alright, let me get your fucking shine box. Alright. We got a, we got a couple of fans in here, a couple of contributors to the podcast.

It’s ready to go. Let’s do this Kramer. We ready to start? Let’s get this mock draft start a baby. Alright, randomizing. The draft order. We got a Joe, wait, we got a couple of laps. I’m going to, I’m going to give everyone a second. Cause people were just flowing in all of a sudden they know we’re serious. All right, I’m going to do one last chat. Seriously, last call. So we got Jake Paquin in there. Clutterbucks Tyler lens, Aiden two, two, nine dash 47. Will the wagering Wiz. Of course, you know, we’ll contribute to this sports gambling podcast, Tyler as well.

Tyler, awesome enough to do the, help us out with all the brackets. And Jacob did helped out with some of the graphics. So, you know, it takes, it takes a village to raise a child and it takes a village to out how to help out with our site. Who’s the child in this scenario, I think the child is the draft itself. You know, everyone’s coming together, doing their part to help make this mock draft. Oh, reality. We’re we’re we’re vamping here a little bit, but again, the juices are flowing Kramer. The football juices are flowing.

We’re talking about real teams that are going to have real games coming up in the fall. I just checked. I feel like you’re jinxing it, Sean. That was a picked on D level jinx. Okay. We’re ready to go. No one else is joining three, two, one. Let’s start the draft. I assume I have the ability to pause. This is going to be an absolute shit show. I got like 15 things going on. What just happened? Well, you got to hit star track Kramer and then I think we’ll be good to go. All right. All right. We’re in the draft.

We have eight participants, couple, you know, I’m sure we have a couple of, I don’t know what we should call them. Robots bots in there. Cause we got teams with no names. It’s it’s a, you know, it’s part of the game. All right. We got 11 seconds until we’re going to start Sean. I have no idea how I pause or do anything. So we’re gonna, we’re gonna figure this out on the fly. Wow. I have the, I have the 12 pig to kick things off. Kramer has the seventh. The robot has the first pick Christian McCaffrey. No surprise off the board with the pick in the draft.

Next up we got Aiden on the clock. Number two spot. I think he probably goes a say Kwon here, maybe Alvin Kamara. What would you do? Kramer? You just go in Barkley there. And he did say Kwan Barkley. I see no reason to not take, say Quam Barkley. Michael Thomas just got drafted. And then Jake pack when took Alvin Kamara, Josh on the clock at number five. Well, Sean, you’re doing a really good job with the play by play. I’m going to let you keep doing that. He goes Z. That’s a disgusting act. He does have COVID-19 Dalvin cook right after him.

Am I you’re on the clock? Pause Eric. You’re you’re the commish. You got to figure that out. I figured. Are we going to be talking about stuff? I’ll pause for a second. Yes. Anything you want to recap here, Sean? I got too many things in my face. Feels like everyone’s going chalky. Not surprising. Of course that first round. You don’t want to go crazy. You don’t want to go so contrary and save your contrarian plays for later. Just kind of go best available. I’m surprised we haven’t seen another receiver and team three higher on Michael Thomas than I am.

I would not take Michael Thomas in the three spot. And, and this is a part, I mean, this is honestly the part of the draft where it seems, it seems like you just do what you want to do. Yes. And if I’m sitting here, I’m going to do the things that I typically do, which is I’m going to go after a wide receiver. So let me re resume the draft so I can actually make a pic. The pick is in for Kramer. Oh, is it? Oh, I thought you said I make a plaque. How do I, how do I frickin? Oh, Jesus Kramer.

You’re to be the computer with what’s going on. Well, I’m logged in and I, it doesn’t appear to want to maybe I’ll do it over here. Do you have to hit resume on the draft?

Speaker 4 (15m 3s): I don’t know. I don’t know.

Speaker 0 (15m 6s): It says mock draft starts in one second. Oh, it’s not even started yet. That’s why. Cause I paused it. Yes, exactly. There you go. I’ll make your pit crammy the debate here is because between some of the past catchers and I’m going to go back to the well with a guy who I think under, you know, Devontae Adams. All right. I just, I can’t get enough of this guy at this point in the PA you know, Derek Henry is just, I can’t do it. I can’t go to Starbucks. Did go Derrick Henry. I’m worried if I’m taking Derrick Henry this early and clearly as a first round draft pick in the fantasy world, I’m worried about that volume.

That volume is just going to catch up to him. We see it every year and full point PPR. What really is the ceiling? Tyler grad school, Leo Jones, number nine. That makes sense. But again, how many years left is, does Julio have of high production, but maybe, maybe this is, I mean, there he’s in a dome. He’s had some load touchdown years, but still pretty high fantasy output. I think the thing with Julio and Davante Adams, they’re going to give you this tremendously high floor. Okay. And we have to get rid of will Mormon. He drafted miles Sanders, number 10.

That was my pick that was not available at 10, at 12. And then right after him, Joe Mixon, his drafted Kramer. If he could pause it for a second while I make my selection, God damn it. Are you kidding? And like, I’ve been telling you, Sean, I think for the running back episode, you were about to come in with hot Taiki miles Sanders. He’s gaining steam, the people have they been listening to me if I’m drafting. And if you look at my, I mean, I don’t want to tease the running back episode, but hard for me to discern between miles Sam, like after say Kwan, Alvin Kamara, Christian McCaffrey, and probably Zeke Elliot miles.

I probably go miles Sanders first after that. So I think he’s going to go super high here, Sean. I apologize. The, the, the, the it’s out. It’s out on pause. The draft. I’ve made my decision Kramer. Yeah. You got to wait now though. We’ve got to do the resume thing. Yeah. Well that’s what I’m saying. Resume the draft so I can, I can make my decision. I’ll give it to you even before I actually make the selection. And that is give me the Arizona Cardinal Deandre Hopkins.

They brought him in for a reason.

Speaker 4 (17m 28s): Mmm.

Speaker 0 (17m 29s): He’s an order batch. A bunch of a bunch of passes. Yeah. He put up huge numbers. We’re like Brock Osweiler you forget how bad some of these, some of those texts and teams were, especially at the quarterback position. So the fact that he’s going to, you know, kind of a, an offense that maybe has a little bit momentum. I get two picks here, Sean. I do. That’s a great point. So I’m going to make my first one Deandre Hopkins. Now it’s a snake draft. It’s coming right back to me. A lot of options here could do, do I go running back?

Do I go receiver again? Do I just, do I take an early bite at a tight end? See right here. I think you, you have, I love picking 11. I love picking 12. Cause I think you can walk away with a couple of elite receivers. And if I were you, I think there’s a no brainer decision here. I’m going to take Tyree. Kill the Kansas city chiefs. You just walked away with two of the top five receivers in the draft and probably I was six maybe, but I think all of those guys have tremendously high floors, tremendously high ceilings, Leonard Fournette. Interesting. That’s a nice, that’s a nice a hive.

That’s a robot pick. If I ever saw a new shaken Leonard for Nick in a PPR high, he would keep it pretty well high. They hate Leonard Fernet and Jack think about they’re going to be playing from behind. He’s going to be on the field a lot. Catching passes, Joe Mixon and letter for now. This is the highest ceiling lowest floor combination. You can take Leonard for net in the second round. I agree. I’m not taking him in the second round after him. Like Evans goes, interesting. Evans goes before God take Godwin and God would write that right after him at Tyler Lentz, walking away with God, wouldn’t Julio.

He, I know he’s still, he’s a big time. God, when guys, the only thing that scares me off about these taken these Tampa Bay pass catches this high is because there’s just a lot of guys, you know, a lot of mouths to feed in that Tampa Bay offense, including my boy, Robert grin, Koski coming back, you has the chemistry with Brady. He already has that going on. So that’s one thing I would be scared about Clutterbuck Kelsey off the board, Kelsey, he’s gone Kramer. It’s up to you. And you know, let’s see, this is great. I love where I’m at right now because I have an opportunity to grab one of the running backs.

I’m a little, you know, I’m smitten frost and Eckler, I’m just so worried. He’s going to be able to get it done. But God he’s he’s I, I think for me and I’m going to take Eckler here to keep the draft going. Nick Chubb is the guy it’s between those two guys. So right after you, Nick Chubb goes, here’s why I’m not taking Chubb. I, every Kareem hunt every day is that Kareem hunt is going to be that same guy. Who’s taking a lot of touches away, Austin Eckler I don’t know how much competition Justin Jackson or whoever else they bring in is going to give here.

I’m on the same page. Kareem hunt, I think could be a steal. There’s a third guy. I was looking at it. Wasn’t Kenyan Drake, but there’s another guy in that tier for me. The conventional wisdom will tell you Nick Chubb, Kenyan, Drake now off the board. And yeah, I I’m, I may even go, I feel like one of these next two picks. I probably have to get a running back, but I, I may just wait. He’s running backs are jumping out at me after Kenny and Drake, Aaron Jones gone, Josh Jacobs gone. And that’s the end of the tier for me. Aaron Jones and Nick Chubb are like the more conventional wisdom guys who are going earlier on most mocks, Josh

Speaker 2 (20m 48s): Jacobs and Austin Eckler to me are the guys who are going to have a ton of opportunity to Excel in a three down system and Kenyan. Drake’s the guy. I think he busted out. He just got paid. Be careful. Wow,

Speaker 0 (20m 59s): Edwards, Hilaire. It goes off the board at the end of the second round. That’s insane.

Speaker 2 (21m 3s): If you look at that team, like no bullshit, you cut. You’re not angry. If you’re walking away with Christian McCaffrey, the potential starting running back for the Kansas city chiefs and Lamar Jackson.

Speaker 0 (21m 13s): No. And, and Lamar goes number one overall in the third round, but Everett’s Hilaire going at the end of the second round is that where he’s normally being drafted, that feels super high,

Speaker 2 (21m 24s): Early season cheat like Damien Williams was going end of first round last year, Jerrick McKinnon for the 40 Niners. Couple of years of back was going super high. It’s at this point in the summer, you’re drafting early for, for, for equity and shares and running back. Like that’s what you’re going

Speaker 0 (21m 40s): Gala day off the board. Now my home’s off the board. So seeing a little bit of a run on quarterbacks, Juju off the board as well, Alan Robinson who wow, we’ll get to the receiver podcast, but certainly you can make a great case, especially if they get rid of Mitch Dubiski Robinson is a guy that Nick folds would love throwing the ball to then Robert Woods, who I want no share of this, a Rams offense this year, but Kramer, you’re up. You’re up right now? What do you do here in the third round?

Speaker 2 (22m 8s): Well, I think there’s an opportunity here for me to maybe, maybe draft a little bit with the old heart, but someone’s got some humble pie. Oh, Dell, you’re welcome back on this squad. A third round. Are you kidding me? The upside is there at this point in the summer, unless there’s a reason that comes up for me to not take him

Speaker 0 (22m 28s): Last year was the worst year yet by a mile period. Certainly you would expect them to figure out does have a ton of athleticism. You know, who does an Adam Thielen who just got drafted next, but certainly with no digs there that that’s a, that’s a volume play. Maybe he’s competing with Jefferson, but he would be, he seems like the clear number one pass.

Speaker 2 (22m 49s): And at this point, Clutterbuck, we gotta, we gotta maybe wonder, are there a lot enough opportunities being given in this organization? If you know what I mean, two white guys in the first three rounds of a fantasy football come on

Speaker 0 (23m 2s): And Tyler goes running back here late third, Melvin Gordon, Todd Gurley off the board. Again, one, nothing to do with him. DJ more next to go. And now it’s up to me Kramer,

Speaker 2 (23m 14s): By the way, I love the DJ more pic. I know you have plenty of time. You want me to pause?

Speaker 0 (23m 18s): I’ll pause it for a second because I know one of your picks.

Speaker 2 (23m 23s): I know, I know for a fact who you’re taking with one of your pets.

Speaker 0 (23m 26s): Well, and I normally wouldn’t go. I wouldn’t normally go tight end this high, but Zachary it’s just fell into my lap. I have Tyrique. I have the Andre Hopkins. I gotta go. I gotta go Zachary it’s with one of these, but then what do I do for the next one? Do I, I’m going to resume. We have a 32nd buffer. That’s fine, Zach Zachary it’s for the first one. I think,

Speaker 2 (23m 51s): I think there’s plenty of guys. Like this is the part where as per usual, I L I love me, Keenan Allen, maybe not as high on them this year because of that Hunter Henry situation. But there, there are a lot of opportunities,

Speaker 0 (24m 4s): You know, I think I found him Kramer at this age, in the draft. Go ahead. I think I’m going to go Courtland Sutton with my, with my fourth round pick. I love that. Not too early. I love that collection of, I mean, so, okay. We got IRTs who again, I would probably advise waiting on tight end, but when Zack hurts falls into your lap, you gotta grab him and now no running backs yet. This is you gotta strike, right? You gotta, you gotta maybe reach for one here. No, I’m going to, I’m going Courtland. Sutton. I’ll figure it out. The running backs like gimme Courtland Sutton.

I like the chances of Denver’s offense and figuring things out, getting in the wind with the format. I like that. Well, wait. Oh, because, Oh, flux. It’s all right, Sean. This is why it’s way too early. It’s way too early. But again, I know I want to play match ups with my receivers for the, for the real season. So Amari Cooper goes off the board. AIG Brown goes off the board. Wow. I dunno about EGA Brown. I really liked him, but can that Tennessee Titans offense do that again?

You’re just relying a lot on a guy

Speaker 5 (25m 12s): Who,

Speaker 2 (25m 13s): You know, his first name is Ryan, which makes him pretty awesome, but he’s also never done anything of substance now. Yes, you could say Adam Gates was the problem, but, and boom, one of the guys I was targeting Chris Carson. That’s a good pick there. I mean, when he’s healthy, he’s going to be a high output per game guy. I think the problem with him is he seems to struggle to stay healthy,

Speaker 0 (25m 36s): But it’s an absolute volume play Kyler Murray. We talked about it. We’re going to see the guys that there’s going to be some Kyla Marie hype talk. I mean, you’re already getting some Kyler Murray, dark horse MVP candidate, and certainly you can easily talk yourself into a Kyler Murray. You know, the Kyla Marie goes off and has a great season, gets you the rushing yards rookie of the year. I think my next couple of rounds, I gotta go back to back running back Kramer. You’re on the clock. What do you do here?

Speaker 2 (26m 3s): I mean, this is a volume play. I know there’s nothing sexy about levy on bell. Yeah. And the, maybe there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of time between now and when they play football, his coach does hate him, but this offense could be really good this year. I think the jets are a team that if you’re looking at fantasy football, you got to circle because there’s opportunity. Now the debate for me internally there at that point is between a couple of guys who have not been taken yet. So I’m going to wait because I might swing one on the way back for some depth, but you know, yes, I’m remembering what levy on bell once was, but he’s still a really exceptional pass catcher.

And Sam Darnold showed last year. What people are excited about, they have

Speaker 0 (26m 44s): A little bit of talent on that field. I think the jets are going to be a high output offense this year. So after you drafted levy on Cooper cup off the board, Calvin Ridley off the board digs Stefan Diggs off the board, David Johnson. Again, that’s a great, that’s a classic robot pick. No one has taken David Johnson in the forthright and you’re a, you’re a maniac James Conner off the board, Mark Andrews. Again, it’s a classic robot pick feels like a reach there this high for a tight end, considering where Kelsey and Kittle went.

I don’t think so. I don’t think so. Keenan Allen is off the board as well. So mr. Mr. Tater is also pointing out that Sam Donald showed us how to get mano as an adult last year as well. Great point already ahead of the game already beating the COVID-19 crisis by getting they get into disease and missing a few weeks Devante Parker. Now, if the board Terry McLaurin, who really could have himself a year and especially if you’re in a league that rewards big plays bonuses, he certainly could be, could be a fun start in draft Kings Tyler Lockett.

Now, if the board Sean, one of the, the guy I was looking at was James Conner on that Pittsburgh team. Cause you know, a lot of injuries, a lot of weird things where you can kind of just throw out the season last year, James Conner was a first two round pick going into last year. So if the opportunity’s there, I think to me, him and lovey on bell are very similar in that. They’re kind of a post type guy. They were, they went really high last year. Things didn’t go so well. They fell too far. Now the pendulum swung to the point where there’s value who’s up, Josh, Josh is on the clock. He goes, Darren Walker, dash rain.

Rain is he signed yet. He signed his franchise, tack Darren Waller went and then Dakota, Prescott, the rain man just got picked up before you, you picked here at Kramer. What are you doing? You’re on the clock. Give me some more depth there with Devin Singletary. You know, we saw, we saw what the hype was about last year, Sean, and you want to talk about a guy? I want some shares of this year. I want, you know, I’m high on the bills. We both are high on Josh Allen. I think this team, I mean, I love the D the digs pic.

I think Singletary is going to be a big part of that offense. I know they drafted Zach Moss. That’s fine. I still like him here at this point, the guy. So that’s the guy. I was debating. Jonathan Taylor, you got Marlon Mack competing for caries in Indianapolis. Can you bring in a veteran quarterback, Phillip rivers to throw the ball? So exactly. And the other guys in this range to me are a bit like there there’s inherent risk with them. I already got, I got a running back in my sites. I’m not going to tip my hand. AIG green just went, Oh my God.

That’s an interesting dice for all. Tyler might be winning the draft so far bus candidate, but certainly at the, at the end of the fifth here, I feel like that’s a pretty good snag. DK Metcalf. Now gone of Russell Wilson gone. I’m on the clock. Give me marking or Ooh, the Ravens love running the ball. This again, this is a volume play. And to keep things going with my volume strategy. Why not give me Raheem? Moster Oh, he’s just him and Ingram. I feel like our two guys they’re in or offenses that love running the ball that have quarterbacks that rely on the play action.

Why did they rely on the play action? Cause it works. Why does it work? Cause they run the ball and they run the ball. Well. So give me, give me a exposure to those guys. And you know, I’m, you know, Tyler, Tyler’s employed a really awesome strategy, which is just, just go value. But, but get those running backs before they run up dry and the AGA green thing’s interesting this year because you know, he’s getting a quarterback that I think most of us are pretty excited about and their defense still sucks. And their defense still sucks there. This could be, this could be a year because AIG green is not done playing football.

T Y Hilton goes after MOSART Evan Ingram off the board. First a I Oh, no second giant drafted David Montgomery. Interesting. So it’s interesting. Cause what’s, what’s the, what’s the carry what’s the share is to cone, going to get all the past catching out of the backfield. Honestly, he didn’t pass the eye test last year. I didn’t see a guy that was exciting. DJ Chark. Oh, he’s a guy with, I would like to have on there cause he, yeah, he seems to have legit chemistry with Gardner Minshew out in Jacksonville. Who’s perfect.

This is perfect for me. I let him slip long enough. My number one, Titan Hunter Henry. I get him as the six seventh tight end. Sean Kramer. You probably could. I mean, you could probably, you could even let him go a little bit longer, I think. But here’s the thing though, Sean, I didn’t want to get stuck with Jared cook. He’s good at video games, you know, I didn’t want to get stuck with Rob Gronkowski. I just Tyler Higbee. That’s not exciting. Now. Now he got a, we got Brown on the Ravens off the board, Jarvis Landry off the board right after your right after your pick.

I don’t have a quarterback yet. I don’t have a, and then you don’t have a quarterback cause you’re smart. There you go. Kramer. Appreciate that. Josh Allen is off the board. There goes my number one, quarterback Debo, Samuel off the board to Sean Watson off the board. Tyler Boyd off the board. Michael Gallup. Gallup’s an interesting one. There’s a lot of mouths to feed there, but who’s going to cover a gal who’s game planning for Gallup. In that offense, you have CD lamb. You have a Mari Cooper. You have Zeke Elliott.

You have Dakota rain, Prescott, and you have Blake jar. One who everyone is going to be very excited about by the time the season starts, no one is going to be looking at Michael Gallup. I kind of like him. I like him, especially in a basketball league where like talking about CD lamb coming in. But again, these rookies will probably be slow, slow to get things going. Gallop could just be a PPR machine. No, no Cole Beasley past couple of years there. So Edelman off the board. He’s always, he’s always just like a PPR workhorse and who knows what they’re going to be doing at quarterback in new England safe play.

There will fuller off the board again. Boom bust. Definitely a best ball guy. Cam Akers off the board. Oh wow. Arvin Jones off the board. What do you think?

Speaker 2 (32m 51s): Cam Akers. Pic. I mean the Rams they’ve they’ve done it before with running backs, but they have other guy.

Speaker 0 (32m 57s): Yeah. It’s it’s it’s scary. Brandon cooks off the board. Deandre. Swift’s still on the board. He’s he’s a rookie running back for the lines. That’s kind of an interesting point. Cause you know, you know, am I on the clock? You are on the clock. What are you doing here?

Speaker 2 (33m 12s): I’m sorry. I’m too busy doing a lot of other things. Well, if you look at my squad, I’m balanced. Right? I got two. I got two running backs, like a two wide receivers. I got my tight end. So now for me it’s all about depth. And I think what, what really tells the story for me and I’m obviously I’m going to grab one more. I think the smart move here, the pertinent. It is the grab. Another running back. There are plenty, more receivers in my opinion, not enough guys who kind of pop off the tier, like the running backs too. So for me now, if I want to have some fun right now, I strongly am intrigued by a guy like Derrius Guice but I’m going to fall.

I’m going to go off the reservation a little bit. Cause I feel like my man’s being disrespected. Let me re restart the draft real quick because I think there’s a couple guys down here that are in timeshare situations, but have shown they can perform. And unlike the guy I’m not going to take, we’ve seen Phillip Lindsay do it before. And I just don’t like, I understand that Melvin Gordon might get more of the caries, but Austin, I don’t think you should get five rounds. Four rounds later, more carries and opportunities.

Phillip Lindsay is going to be involved at a minimum in the passing game and he’s shown that this guy’s a baller. So for me to be able to grab him in the seventh round, as my fourth running back, I love the depth I’ve created. Phillip Lindsay, baby. Isn’t that crazy? How lady? Like I sometimes I don’t get the, the weekend we adjust so much these rookies.

Speaker 0 (34m 46s): Jeez, where it’s like this dude. Yeah. And he’s not a huge threat catching the ball out of the backfield. I think people probably scared of Melvin Gordon coming in there and vulturing some touchdowns or vulturing some, some, some targets there Geist now off the board. And now we just Kareem hunt, who was a guy I was kind of iodine to possibly take there. And then we lost Jerry, Judy and Henry rugs, Alabama rookies go off the board, back to back Kramer, I’m up? What do I do here?

Do I go running back? Do I go receiver? I don’t really need anything. I got anger, most stirred. And I got Tyree kill Deandre Hopkins and Zachary. So I feel like I’m in a pretty good spot here. I kind of can do anything that I want to do. I guess I should probably draft another running back. But is it crazy to go to the Andre Swift here? Kramer? I paused before you got auto drafted.

Speaker 2 (35m 42s): I see. For me, I would have, I would. I’m hoping he comes back, but yeah. I mean it’s the last of a guy you can get a full, full blown car share from. I mean, I know carry on Johnson there, but Swift’s going to be involved. They didn’t draft them to not play them.

Speaker 0 (35m 56s): Yeah. And it just feels like a classic Patricia move, right? Like try, you know, draft a stud running back pound the rock ball control.

Speaker 2 (36m 3s): I mean, honestly, if I’m you, I would take, I would use this opportunity to take two more running backs because you waited on them. You want to get more of them. So I would probably look at whatever your rankings have for the next couple running backs and maybe, maybe go with a volume guy and maybe a PPR guy, you know like this is the time to do that.

Speaker 0 (36m 20s): Well, I did, I it’s official. I took Deandre Swift and you mentioned PPR guy. He’s the next guy that they recommend kind of fell in my lap, but makes a lot of sense. Give me James White. He could be mad if you have a crappy quarterback, what do you do? You call a bunch of screens. You throw it to the running back. You create plays that way. And who knows Sony. Michelle’s still seems kind of like in the doghouse, over in new England, I’ll take James White all day in the eighth round. Are you kidding me? Right after I, I got drafted Tyler Higbee off the board, Sony Michelle.

So going about the same time as James White and, and just to point that out, like I think, I think

Speaker 2 (36m 57s): James White is someone I like even more in the best ball format because when he he’s going to have some big games, you might not want to have to deal with knowing when, but also shit, man. When’s the last time new England had a quarterback that wasn’t like super willing to throw it down field. I guess we’ll wait and see. But men, cause on the flip side it was a trust thing, right? Brady just trusted James White. He really had to lie on the clock again. And

Speaker 0 (37m 20s): After Sony Michel, no, a fan goes, Christian Kirk goes and Kramer you’re back on the clock. Yeah,

Speaker 2 (37m 27s): For me, I’m going to stab at one more, one more running back. It’s a little early, but I’m going to, I’m going to take away your handcuff and give me J K Dobbins again. I think, I think this is a kid who’s going to get involved. Mark. Ingram’s getting up there in age. They’re going to run the ball a lot. So I think two running backs can definitely be productive. And again, I’m trying to get some depth here. You can see now I’ve I’ve really loaded up some nice, nice depth, Austin Eckler levy on Belle Devin, Devin Singletary to go with Philip Linsey and J K Dobbins. So I wanted to have some rookie love. I got at Jared cook cook cook comes off the board next.

Speaker 0 (38m 2s): Do you do you start considering quarterback here at Kramer? We’re at the end of the eighth round, looking into the ninth round. When are you starting to circle some quarterbacks and God damn it. Josh 47. He took Carson Wentz. Let’s see. I, I shouldn’t avoid it.

Speaker 2 (38m 18s): Oh, the audio is broke. I don’t know what people are talking about.

Speaker 0 (38m 28s): Well, hopefully the audio kicks back in for the live stream. It’s long it’s there. Cohen is now off the board. After, after Gronk is off the board as well. Interesting to see people kind of fill in holes right now, looking for looking for all too. When you’re trying to fill a hole. Gronk is the guy you draft on your team to fill a hole. Wow. The bot in the first spot carry on Johnson. Keyshawn Vaughn. Do I like both? Those picks carry on Johnson. Again. We talked about this, these timeshare guys, someone’s going to have value.

And an engine, all it takes is an injury and they shoot up three or four or five rounds. I mean, I don’t want to grab them early. Obviously put eight, nine around. That makes sense. Sterling Shepard off the porch, Jordan Howard, he could be sneaky in Miami injury. Risks are always a concern with Jordan Howard, but rookie quarterback coming in. And I think he carries a decent chunk of load. It could be a goal line guy. So not, not a bad pull there in the ninth round. Congratulations robot Jake pack. One takes my number one tight end, Mike, a Secchi who clearly I went off my own rankings by taking Zachary it’s ahead of him.

But I had to get an Eagle on the team and it’s just kind of fell into my lap, but getting a Secchi in the ninth round again. And maybe that’s what I factored in by making him my quote, unquote, number one, Ronald Jones off the board. Not sure what? I don’t know. Maybe I’m just so mad at CNM and Madden Nettie annoys me. Marlon McNamee off the board. Kramer. What are you doing here now? Hold on. You’re on the clock. Screwed up the streams God. So much to do here. I actually don’t mind the Marlon Mack or Oh 10 seconds left.

Let me get my guy. I don’t mind either pick Ronald Jones or Marlon Mack, because as we pointed out, they could be full time. Guys. I’m going Derrius lane and this is ridiculous. Ninth round. Danny dimes loves this guy. I don’t know if there is a, you know yes, golden Tate is there. Yes. Sterling Shepard there. But when we saw when, when, when the, he needed to make a play and last year, who did he throw it to? There is slate areas. Then of course the defense is horrible. They’re behind a lot by the way. Oh, rookie last year. Not a lot of talk about that. Just saying people don’t mention David Jones as a rookie.

You don’t often see wide receiver step in and, and have that kind of impact early on. I’m just pointing that out as an undrafted guy, Damien Williams. I mean take me and Williams. Love it. What are your three touchdowns in the Superbowl or, or maybe it was two and almost had that third and you’re getting them in the late nine, three. And sure they drafted that running back. But who knows before he takes over the caries, John, a Brown taken out of Buffalo will Mormon takes Alisha and Jeffrey. I don’t know what you’re seeing there. He’s not going to be playing the first six games.

And after that it’s going to be a crapshoot Kramer. If you don’t mind pausing real quick, I’m on the clock. Rashard penny just got drafted. What do I do here? I have a, I have a decent film. Pretty good about my roster. Marking them or hemo, sir. Tyree killed the Andrew Hopkins. Zackers nice little bench going with Courtland. Sutton, Deandre, James White, Sean Rashad. Penny just went to this. Talk about a post post post hype guy who at some point he’s got to do something right?

We loved him in college at San Diego state. I’ve been waiting for him to blow up. This is going to be the year. I’m confident. This is going to be the year. You know, you don’t want me to take and maybe it’s concerning because a lot of mouths to feed in new Orleans, but give me a, give me a manual Sanders, right? I mean this late, late ninth round Emmanuel Sanders, that feels like a, a pretty good value Kramer. Right? Ah, I mean I love it. Yeah. Oh, should I? I didn’t hit resume. I’m sorry. We can talk more about Emmanuel Sanders.

We saw what he was doing in a, you know, in, in Matt and man, but I think, I think that’s a great option for drew Brees. He he’s good with yards after the catch. I think he’ll get you some touchdowns. Honestly, my take on Emmanuel Sanders is that he’s a very professional wide receiver. And you saw how quickly he was able to make an impact. I think with the withdrew breeze, like that’s, that’s the exact kind of guy he needs someone who’s going to be exactly where he returns veteran. And I think, you know, all this talk of Tre Kwan Smith, Trey Kwan Smith.

Well, Emmanuel Sanders is going to be that guy. And I think he could have a massive year. Yeah. Love Emmanuel Sanders there. I’m basing that on the fact that James is going to take over the job left. Sean. All right. You got quarterbacks coming. Quarterbacks coming. I’ll take a quick look at the quarterback. Cause I have a, what do I do here? Do I take a quarterback? All right, fuck it. Do you know I’m going to give me, give me a 32nd delay real quick Kramer.

Oh my God. I’m going back and forth here to talk shit about Sean right now. He’s that guy. He had a snake back to back here. I only, I only plan for the one pick. Alright, I’m ready to go. Kramer, are you? Yes. Okay. I’m going to take a guy that everyone is. Everyone’s probably going to give me a bunch of shit, but this is, this is the time in the draft where you can take some shots where you, can you go out on a limb that maybe they’re gonna, you know, have a nice second half of the season or, Oh my God.

Maybe, maybe they’re gonna, you know, make some plays in the return game. You’re going to stall so much. You need another time out now. I know exactly who I’m going to draft. I got him loaded up. Jaylin rager. Give it to me. Oh God love the Lake crab there by myself to Deshaun Jackson. He would get taken yet. Oh, that’s a good point. I like the pick though that you’re a Homer. You can’t Josh 47. Apologize in the chat room for partaking a went breeze gone awfully late.

He was a quarterback who I was thinking of taking, but I’ve made fun of him so much. I just don’t think I can take, I mean, as someone who doesn’t as, as two people

Speaker 2 (44m 32s): Who don’t see color like ourselves, we don’t even hear color. No we, how could we possibly take drew Brees, Tyler lunch just now. He’s just flexing.

Speaker 0 (44m 41s): So drew Brees off the board. True lock coming in, who is a guy that we were both made a top 10 fantasy football quarterback. This is ridiculous. Austin Hooper off the board. How are you going to let me get Aaron Rogers in the 10th round. Okay. Aaron Rogers. Now I have the stack Davante Adams. Aaron, right? What? Come on. Like I get it. He’s on a running team. He’s still Aaron Rogers, right? He still likes his, he still, and his teammates still like to catch, hopefully what am I doing? Quarterback is the last a position open for me or someone?

A good quarterback. I a slot it’s treated me well any, because I have my pick of the litter here of like second raid quarterbacks. You could really go anyway. After Rogers, a Tevin Coleman goes, Justin Jefferson, the rookie out of Minnesota. He’s off the pump. Imagine taking Dakota, Prescott five, six rounds ahead of Aaron Rogers, Henderson for the Rams, the running back he’s off the board. Yeah, it’s crazy. I mean, Stafford’s on the board Danny times. Baker Mayfield, Ben Roethlisberger Tannahill even Joe burrow, even Kirk cousins like Philip Rivers.

Like you could, you could just stream these guys week after, week after week and put yourself in a pretty good position. And there’s Baker. I think he’s another guy like it’s going, like he went way too early last year. And now he’s back

Speaker 2 (45m 57s): To going probably too late. Yeah. Like I, I, I, I like drew lock as much as the next guy. I don’t know if I’m taking him in front of those two guys, but, but there is opportunity there. I like, I like it. Hayden Hearst. That’s a good one. Atlanta, Matt, Ryan likes the tight end. He’s a, he’s a download. That’s what they call it down there in Atlanta being on the down low. He likes,

Speaker 0 (46m 20s): He likes the Titan end a lot. Sammy. Walk-ins now the board Tony Pollard or boy TJ hock. Oh, I like the Tony Pollard Zeke is going to just have forever coronavirus and Tony Pollard looked really good in relief of, of Zeke last year. So interesting pick there and kind of a seal here. And I’m gonna, I’m going to finish up just with a second tight end, just so I can talk about it because this is a guy. If you’re not taking a tight end, right

Speaker 2 (46m 47s): Until late. I know we don’t have a flex. I know I wouldn’t want, wouldn’t recommend a backup tight end tort typically. But Jack Doyle is back to not having Eric Ebro in there. I know Burton’s there. Whatever, blah, blah, blah. Don’t care. Jack. Doyle’s the guy he’s perfect for Philip Rivers

Speaker 0 (47m 2s): And you’re in a dome, right? Matt Ryan. Now off the board. What I highlighted

Speaker 2 (47m 6s): There is I could have not taken Hunter Henry with my six round pick taken, taking a wide receiver, taken a running back. Been totally fine with Jack Doyle this late. Although I think Hunter Henry has top tight end potential.

Speaker 0 (47m 17s): Joe burrow goes Rashard Perriman. Who’s a, he could be a sneaky guy that just John Smith. Mr. Irrelevant. The last pick of the draft is you called it out. Mr. Give me mr. Irrelevant himself. Tom Brady. Wow. It’s a baby fucking wheel, man. Wow. I still am not sold. 77 out of a hundred and the whole world can see it. I, I got embarrassing. I got an 84. I got a B.

So I be, I be you Kramer. Can we do we, can we see the whole draft so we can, let me figure out how to do this. We can, we can show people who, who got the, the best rankings according to this completely arbitrary bullshit. Plus though Kramer, that’s not bad. W what do we want to see? We want to see the, a draft analysis. What can people see right now? I got to show a different window, I think. Alright, what are we projected? Standings?

People are telling me, hit projected savings Kramer while you’re getting that up. Perfect time. Shout out our partners, ACE per head. That’s right. You ever think about starting your own sports book? ACE per head can help you out. Pretty simple. All you gotta do is go to ACE for Use our link. You can get up to six weeks free. That’s right. Six weeks free to the best sports books, software around. You don’t need to know anything about running a sports book, even running a website. It’s turnkey.

It’s easy. Get over there, sign up. And you’ll be booking action in no time. Whose website is bullshit. Go to sports. Gambling Some you’ll never say about ACE forehead, a Six weeks free. If you use our promo code and also a cushy dreams, baby new player in these CBD world, cushy Use the promo code SGP. Get up to 15% off. You get those nice smokable CBD pre-rolls piece, creative.

They got it all over cushy, promo code S G P shout out to and two to nine into two nine. He, he was the winner. As far as their rankings. I came in fifth out of 12. I’ll take that. Yeah. To be clear. When I said the website is shit, that’s the website we’re looking at here. Come on. This is objective incorrect, scroll down Kramer. So you can just see. So Aiden was a winner team, won. The robot came in second classic. The CPU is enrolled in that processor. Josh 47 came in third Clutterbuck’s for Shawntee grain.

AK may five team six, six, Jake pack went peach, a cranberry seven Kramer, a eight team three came in nine Tyler Len’s 10th, Adrian beat her son, AKA well Mormon 11th. And then the robot team 11 com came in 12 grades. This shit, I demand a recount. Well, and it’s no surprise that one of their robots graded out super high. It’s like, yeah, if you have a robot, great new robot, it’s going to be very friendly criminal. We’re going to do some more of these.

Of course, stay tuned. Follow us on Twitter at Gamblin that went pretty well subscribed to our Twitch page, gambling, podcasts,, gambling podcasts, and hop in our Slack. So you can, you can get going in the hashtag Dejan, all only chat rooms. Make sure you stay tuned. We got a, we got another guest taping, a guest podcast, Thursday, big time name. And then of course, Thursday night doing the Madden Sims Saturday and Sunday, the college football tournament continues where we will crown our first ever champion of our own college football playoff, the C F T.

Boom. Thank you guys for tuning in as always. Thank you for participating in the spur scaling pockets and for the sports gaming podcast. I’m Sean stacking the money green and he is Ryan. Nice job show crap. Let it

Speaker 1 (51m 20s): .

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